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Routines Can be such Fun.

Moving around me she ran her hands against my ass then grabbed it roughly. She pushed me against the table abruptly and I flopped over the edge, face down. Wendy then reached around my midsection to my fly and unfastened my pants. With a hard yank, she pulled my pants and boxer shorts down around my ankles. "Now, don't you go anywhere, Sub."

She went into the other room and returned with two more belts. She fastened one around both my ankles and tied the end to the small table effectively preventing them from moving. Then she unfastened my wrists. My sexy lover warned me, "Don't try to escape or it'll just go worse for you. Also, as my slave for our little game, you are forbidden to speak unless I ask you a direct question."

She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off me leaving me naked except for my pants around my ankles. She then pulled my arms and stretched me across the table. It was relatively small, so my hips were against one edge, and my head hung down across the other side with my chest flat against the cold wood. I could feel my erect nipples pressing down. Wendy took each wrist, fastened a belt tightly around it and then pulled it down tying it to the legs of the table. I was now immobilized hanging off both sides of this little table in the middle of the room.

"I know what you're thinking, sweetie," Wendy said in a husky whisper into my ear that sent shivers down my spine. "But you are in for more than a simple spanking tonight. I believe I'm in the mood for some room service, let's order some up, shall we?" With this she picked up the hotel phone and ordered a dozen oysters and a bottle of wine.

"I wonder what our bellboy will look like and what he'll think of my little slave?" she wondered out loud. "I guess I need something to keep me busy until my snack gets here, so time to have a little fun."

She went into the bathroom and returned with her hairbrush. Going around my helpless body she reached back and swung hard. A resounding SMACK filled the round quickly followed by a cry that I was unable to keep inside. Wendy giggled at my plight as she slowly paddled my firm ass. After the first few swats I couldn't stop from lurching after each spank of her dreaded hairbrush. As much as I was dreading the room service, I began to pray for it as my ass turned a bright shade of crimson.

Just when I thought I couldn't take any more, there came a knock upon our door. "Oh goody, all this work has gotten me quite famished," said Wendy with a laugh. I'll be right back. Crossing the room I heard her high heels click on the tile to the door. I heard it open and a female voice announce, "room service." I let loose a big sigh of relief knowing that it was a women waiter. I heard Wendy reply, "oh, please bring it in and set it on my table in the living room if you'd be so kind. I set it up special."

I heard the trolley pushed down the hall then come to a stop as I heard a cry of surprise, "oh!"

"Do you like what I've done to fix up the place?" asked Wendy.

"Yes I do, it's just what I would have done. Where do you want your food?"

"Why don't you just set it on top? My dildo whore lost a bet and is all mine to play with tonight. First I paddled his ass for wasting our money, and now he's reduced to being my table. If he doesn't want to end up naked in the hallway, he better not move an inch and spill our snack. Say, would you like to join me, I have more than I can eat?"

"I sure would. My name is Sue, pleased to meet you." I felt her place the chilled platter across my ass and back, and set the wine next to me. "Say, his ass is really red, you were busy earlier."

Entwining her fingers in my hair, my lover replied, "Pleased to meet you Sue, I surely was. Now pet, be a good slave and say hello. You are to refer to our guest as 'Mistress Sue', understood?"

Wendy clenched her fingers into my hair pulled my head up and turned it to the right so I could see Sue.

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