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Jen & Ken Conner as 16 year old teenagers.

Eva pushed him down into a chair and said "You can look but you can't touch."

And with that, Eva pulled Kayla in for a long deep kiss, their two hot still sweating bodies crushed against each other.

Hands roamed over toned flesh as tongues dueled and nipples rubbed against nipples.

Eva and Kayla knew exactly what they were doing.

Tony got uncomfortable in a hurry.

They teased him about his erection.

Breaking her kiss with Kayla, Eva told Tony "Go get your clothes off and get into your bed and we'll be right there."


Tony never got any.

Oh, he got to watch.

But he never got any of that pussy.

That first Monday night Eva had Tony whack off in front of her and Kayla, laughing hysterically when Tony shot his wad in literally just a few seconds.

Eva nicknamed him "Shorty" because his cock was, well, not large.

Kayla called Tony "Minute Man" and she was being quite generous.

As the story unfolded at our lunch, Catherine and Janet loved it and wanted more.

Tony watched his boss and coworker get into each other: in the living room, on the couch, in the kitchen, in the bedroom and in the shower.

Poor Tony didn't even get a hand on a bare tit or a butt cheek.

Tony would get so worked up he'd whack off, sometimes several times a night.

Eva said she could hear him pulling on his dick all night long but Tony never admitted to that.

Then Eva changed gears and told us that "The next night, Tuesday, I pulled out the strap on and showed it to Tony. He was really interested in watching us get it on. He actually licked his lips when I showed him how it worked."

Catherine and Janet were mesmerized by Eva's story.

Eva took a sip of her sparking water and continued "I told Tony he had a choice. If he wanted to watch us, which we were happy to have him do, we both got to take his ass first. And we'd fuck his ass every night. Or, he could go downstairs to the bar and come back at midnight when we would let him in to sleep in his room."

Catherine and Janet burst out laughing.

When they stopped, Janet said "Please tell me he went to the bar."

I looked at Catherine and asked "What do you think Tony did?"

She smiled and said "I bet he went to the bar."

Eva laughed and continued "Oh he went to the bar alright. Right after Kayla and I both fucked his virgin ass."

Catherine and Janet were speechless.

Eva smiled and said to Janet, "The soon to be divorced Tony is now our sissy boy. The only lube he gets is when he gets the dildo wet with his mouth. He sure has a tight ass, but you knew that didn't you Janet?"


What Tony got out of these initial fucking sessions was a hand job, always from Kayla.

Kayla wore surgical gloves when she did this, making his male mess easy to clean up.

At the end of the first week of the assignment started, Kayla changed up her sexual relief efforts for Tony by applying a little tongue to his not so big erection but she never allowed him to nut in her mouth, only on her latex gloved hands, more or less the same feeling as a condom.

On Friday afternoon all three of them flew out for a quick trip home but they were back on Sunday night for the work week starting the next morning.

That night Eva told Tony that Kayla would stop using the gloves and would satisfy him with a little mouth and tongue action but when he climaxed Tony would be required to clean Kayla's hands by licking and swallowing his own cum.

Eva said that at first Tony resisted but within an hour, after being fucked in the ass by yet a bigger dildo by both women, he needed release (they would not allow him to masturbate) and he was soon begging for the opportunity to eat his own cum.

While Eva patiently recorded the whole episode on her iPhone, Kayla took her sweet time teasing Tony, because the girls wanted a very big load for Tony to chow down.

Eva said that Kayla was masterful at getting Tony worked up but she knew exactly what to do to cool him down and she was able to delay his orgasm for close to an hour, despite his begging.

Tony didn't disappoint the two person au

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