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The ideal marriage enters a dark place.

On Monday she tied him to the bed again and removed the device. He brought her to climax twice with his tongue and she pretended to reward him by taking him inside her once again, but she pulled away when he was close, re-applied the ice and then the cruel metal contraption. This was only the second day, but Tom was already begging for release.

On Tuesday she told him they would play a game. She tied him naked and upright to the banister at the foot of the stairs with his legs apart and released his member which was erect within seconds. The game was called No Pain, No Gain. She took two small elastic bands and wound one around each of his testicles so that they both stood out proudly from his scrotum. She found a heavy chopstick in the kitchen and explained the rules. Tom was required to say "Please mistress, whip my balls so that I can be allowed to come". Jen would then apply strokes to each of his balls in turn, until she chose to stop. If he could manage this five times then he would be allowed his release. Of course there was no hope of succeeding in this game. On the fourth turn she whipped him mercilessly until he begged her to stop, whilst touching herself in front of him. After she came she threw the chopstick down, roughly pulled off the elastic bands and snapped the device back in place before gagging him again with her panties and tape. She whispered the single word "loser" into his ear as she went upstairs to collapse on the sofa, not to reappear for an hour or more.

The strange thing was that although the chastity device was an ever-present reminder of his predicament, Jen was capable of carrying on her everyday life entirely normally. On Wednesday he didn't see her at all as she was out of town at a concert, although he did receive a steady stream of provocative text messages. One said enjoying doing this 2 u so much. maybe never release u. touching myself now xxx He presumed she was joking, but the cold metal beneath his trousers was all too real.

On Thursday she was in a particularly playful mood. She knocked on his door early in the evening and immediately had him on all fours, licking her to climax in the hallway. He repeated this feat whilst she sat on the sofa watching TV. "You're doing well Tommy" she purred. "You know, tonight might be the night". After dinner she took him to the bedroom, kissing him passionately and feeling his crotch. She undressed him, tied his wrists gently to the bedposts with two silk scarves and released him from the restraint between his legs, using the little key that always disappeared as soon as the device was reattached. Snuggling up next to him she began to touch herself. "Darling, this turns me on so much". She took his cock in her mouth and knew that he was already almost at the point of explosion. Fondling his balls, she continued, "Tonight is when I planned to let you come". She ran her tongue around the tip of his penis again and he spasmed with pleasure and expectation. "You've been so good". She inserted the tip of her finger in his anus and he almost screamed with lust. "I know you want to come so badly..." She massaged his balls very gently and the finger slid further in "...but I'm afraid I just enjoy seeing you like this too much. you'll have to wait longer I'm afraid". Within seconds the ice was applied and the metal was back in place, whilst Tom whimpered, his eyes moist. "Don't be such a big baby" she laughed.

On Friday Tom saw a darker side to Jen.

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