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The story's climax.

Jake placed his hand between my legs to feel the heat and wetness there. He pulled out of my mouth and walked around between my legs. I watched as he moved my knickers aside and stroked my wet pussy with his finger. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other. Then he took his cock and stroked my pussy with it. I arched my back wanting to feel him inside me.

"So little school girl do you know much about fucking?" He continued to stroke me with his cock.

"I know a little but I always like to learn more," The need to feel a cock inside me was growing with every stroke.

"Maybe I should show you then. You start like this," He put his cock partly inside my pussy, "and then you just move a little like this."

He did some slow shallow thrusts. I was moaning, craving his whole length.

"Do you like that then?"

"Oh yes sir. Can I please have the rest?" I was almost begging him.

Peter was watching intently and I put my hand on his cock. I could feel it throbbing, so I unzipped his jeans and put my hand inside to stroke him.

"You are a very naughty girl," Jake looked at me stroking Peter. "I am going to have to show you how a guy fucks naughty girls like you."

He thrust his whole length into me and I cried out in pleasure. I could feel my pussy clenching around him and streaming out wetness. Peter's hands were on my breasts teasing my nipples and I turned my head to take his cock into my mouth. Peter let out a moan of pleasure as his long shaft slid between my lips and down the back of my throat. I loved the feeling of having a cock in my mouth as my husband fucked me so hard. I closed my eyes, lost in the moment forgetting that we were in an open space of a crowed club.

I became aware of the sound of voices, and I realised that by now the promise of live sex action would have drawn some spectators. I loved the idea of people watching us fucking. It aroused me thinking about other people watching and getting so turned on that they started to fondle themselves or their own partners. I opened my eyes to look at the crowd gathering behind Peter and I noticed the man from downstairs still looking at me intently. He seemed to be by himself and I looked at his whole body including the visible erection in his jeans. He noticed me looking at him and walked over to me.

"God, you are so hot lying there getting fucked like that," he spoke softly into my ear. "I just want to put my hands on that beautiful body."

I guided his hands to my breasts where he cupped his hands and lowered his face onto my body nuzzling my neck. I felt as though I was covered with men, and it was divine. The stranger kissed my breasts and took each of my nipples into his mouth. I reached down and stroked his cock through his jeans. Jake had stopped thrusting and was watching as I was pleasured by this complete stranger. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other.

He pulled out of me and moved over to Peter, "I think she would like you to have a turn mate."

Peter looked down at me, "I think that you might need some more fucking lessons little girl."

"Yes please sir," I smiled at the thought of the fucking I was going to get.

"Well then we better get on with it. Lesson one; never leave a wet pussy unattended."

He moved between my legs and pushed his cock into my pussy. His length slid all the way into me.

"God, you are wet. Jake was right, you are way too naughty for a schoolgirl. What do you get up to behind that library?"

He thrust into me slowly taking his cock all the way out and then slowly sliding all the way in.

"I think this little Miss needs to learn a bit about taking it slow."

After Jake's hard thrusting this slow pace was driving me crazy. The stranger smiled at me,

"You really are a very naughty girl. I think you do need some lessons in waiting for it."

His hands moved over my body stroking my belly and then his finger teased ever so slightly near my clit. I was frantic now I wanted to wrap my legs around Peter and push him deeply into my pussy but the swing kept my legs apart. I was at his mercy.

"Little Miss

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