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All that's left are sexy memories of Mom, Sis, and Kathleen.

Perhaps we should look specifically into the half of the race, that are not gay...those who have never been penetrated, are far more likely to be as tight as you are. The tighter they are, the better it feels for us."

I gulped, realizing what was probably going to happen in just a few minutes. She had started off with just two fingers but, I'd definitely seen that dildo not too long ago and I assumed, that would probably be going in my ass next. After that...I shuttered at the thought, that the dildo would probably be replaced with Allanah's dick. And damn, was that thing fucking huge!

My fears were confirmed, when I suddenly felt something very cold pressing against my backside. I immediately knew that it was the dildo looking, anal probe that I had seen before. I tensed up, as Allanah applied pressure and firmly pressed the tip of the probe against my hole. Then with one hand on the center of my back, she pushed harder and my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!" I cried out, as the probe slipped into my hole and she buried it, deep inside of me.

I couldn't see it from the position that I was in but, I could only imagine how big that damn thing must have been. It felt like it had filled me up completely! Allanah pulled it back some and then pushed it forward again, repeating this same action, over and over again. She was confirming every stereotypical belief that mankind had ever had, when it came to the possibility of alien abductions. I was being anally probed, by a fucking alien!

I closed my eyes, biting my lip and clenching my fists, as Allanah continued to drive the probe deeper into my ass. I felt pressure between my legs and realized that my dick had swollen up and was hard as a rock, fully erect. The deeper she shoved the probe into my ass, the better it seemed to feel; who would have guessed that I would actually enjoy something like this.

I could feel something wet and warm, leaking from the tip of my cock all over the table and I knew without even having to think about it, that it was pre-cum. Suddenly I was being pulled up from the table into a new position, on my hands and knees. As Allanah continued driving her alien dildo in and out of me, she reached around and grabbed hold of my dick.

"What is this strange fluid?" she asked, fascinated by my semen.

"I-It's...c-cum," I groaned, as my whole body shook.


"Cum...I'm c-cumming...fuck, I'm cumming!"

Unable to hold myself back, I cried out in pleasure as my dick began to pulse and spewed the biggest load I had ever seen, all over Allanah's hand and the table underneath of me. My body was trembling all over, and my forehead was covered in sweat.

"Very interesting," Allanah said, quite loudly this time.

"It's very similar to our own fluids, produced when we ejaculate. Does this have anything to do with the breeding process, on your planet?"

I sighed, my orgasm slowly fading, as I fell back onto the table and let out a low groan. My ass was still clenching around the probe, as Allanah slowly withdrew it and set it down on another table to the left of me. "Yes," I said, answering her question.

It had taken me a few moments, to collect my thoughts before I could form a reply.

"Women...can't get pregnant, any other way. The men ejaculate inside of them and..."

"I understand," Allanah interrupted. "This process is very similar to many other species, throughout the galaxy. We were not aware that the human race, was capable of such a thing."

Then, the table flipped back over and I was looking up at the strange ceiling, and Allanah's beautiful face once again. She really was quite attractive, I couldn't deny that if I wanted to.

"Everything has gone according to plan so far," Allanah began, after a few moments of silence. "The experiments are coming along perfectly; there is just one more test, to conduct."

I was going to ask what test she had to do next but, as she moved to the left of me, I noticed that her cock was now standing at full attention.

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