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Secrets are revealed.

I resumed my seat in the waiting room.

Mrs. Walton came out, smiled at me and thanked me for a nice session. She told me she would be sure and come see me again. Then she handed Patty her credit card, scribbled something on the invoice and left. I saw her step into a shiny red Corvette, and drive away.

"$100 tip!" Patty grinned, holding up the slip of paper.

Mrs. Walton was back the next week, and the week after that. A few of her friends started coming in, too. I got busier and busier. Patty was extremely happy, we started to show a profit. She hired another female therapist, that one lasted just two days and quit, but her replacement understood and stayed. Her name was Maria, she was short and Hispanic, and had a bubbly manner that fit right in. In no time she was booked solid, as busy as Karen which surprised me.

We were now into solid steady profits, the baths section was busy all the time, three of our massage rooms were booked almost full time. We had just one massage room left, and it was looking like we would need to hire one more person.

Patty wondered out loud to me one evening at home if we should hire another female or perhaps another male therapist.

"Maybe we should branch out into the gay market?" She asked me. I threw a bit of a fit about that, there was no way that I wanted to deal with that.

"Oh, don't be silly, it's just business and it's just touch."

"Patty, I have one male client, and he is a fisherman and he isn't gay."

She shrugged. "Well, maybe a waxing room then?"

"OK, if that is what you want to do." I had pretty much given up, Patty was tickled to be making money and she was now eager for even more.

A week later an older man walked in, Patty greeted him like a long lost friend. I looked at the 50ish balding guy and knew where she had found him. He was no doubt the one that worked at the other spa that Patty had gone to. He was solidly built and very good looking.

"It's just touch, I close my eyes and think of you." Had been Patty's comment when I asked about that, word for word.

Yea, I will just bet, I thought.

Then a couple of days later I came out of my office, having just finished a session with one of the nastiest older ladies I had ever seen. She had pulled off her blouse before I could even get the door open to leave, and was naked on her back on the table with her legs spread when I walked back in. I was shaking my head when I finished and left the room.

Maria sat at the front desk.

"Where is Patty?" I asked her.

"She is in room 4, with Judge Walton."

"Judge Walton? But...Patty isn't licensed, she can't..."

Maria just shrugged. I sat in my chair, picked up a magazine I had read a dozen times. It was nearly an hour later when Patty came out.

She smiled at me, went to the desk and filled out the paperwork. Judge Walton came out a few minutes later, grinned at me and handed Patty his card. He signed and then went out to his vehicle, a huge black Lincoln SUV.

"What the hell was that?" I asked her, after Maria had gotten up and went back to her room.

"Charles wanted me to work on him, is all."

"Patty, you aren't supposed to..."

"Oh, what's the difference? He doesn't care, and I wasn't exactly working on his bad back." She giggled.

"What the hell? You actually jacked off the fucking Judge?"

"Oh, be quiet, Danny. There are people around." She hissed at me.

I didn't give a fuck, I was mad. It was all becoming too much. I yelled at her, she yelled right back, accused me of being a failure except for her efforts. Why, without her I would still be working in the goddamn mill, getting nowhere.

I stormed out, climbed into my old pickup truck. Patty followed me out, yelling at me that I couldn't leave, I had three customers for the afternoon.

"Jack them off yourself!" I yelled at her as I spun the tires leaving. I saw her in my mirror, standing there in the doorway.

I drove to our house, packed some clothes, got back in my truck and went downtown to a ratty motel.

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