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Jenna finally takes up Rylan's challenge.

" Taking out a small badge in the shape of a penis, she pinned it to his chest. "Wear it with pride!"

"Uh, thanks..." Anon replied lamely as he peered down at the badge. The surrounding managers and department heads all clapped, unsure of what just happened, but it was the CEO so better safe then sorry.

"Now then," The Lilim continued, "I would like to meet with all the managers but, if I may, could I see you in private Angel?"

Shit! What just happened? Angel thought franticly as she trailed Druella to the office. Could she read my mind? Do Lilim's even have that ability?

"Now then," She began as she closed the door behind Angel in the office. "Tell me Angel, how long have you worked for me and my company?"

"9 years ma'am" she replied calmly as she thought of every single profanity she could think of in terror.

"9 years? That's quite a while for humans, and in these 9 years Angel, have you ever felt a certain desire for any of your co workers?" She purred

"Absolutely not! Ma'am! That would be unprofessional!" Holy fuck she knows! Is she reading my thoughts right now? Should I even be thinking this? Wait, shut up, stop thinking!

"Don't worry Angel," The Lilim laughed "You're not in trouble, in fact I'm concerned about you. And no, I can't read thoughts, but I can sense emotions..." She trailed as Angel gave her an astonished look.

"You like Anon... you desire him..."

"No ma'am I don't..."

"Don't lie to me child... the last human that did, I had fucked by a Ushi Oni until their pelvis shattered." Druella threatened

" I... I..." Angel stumbled, looking down, then in a very small voice said "I do..."

"Well then, why haven't you done anything about it?" Druella said triumphantly

"I'm his boss... and he's married..." She replied softly still looking down at the floor, wishing she could disappear, or just be anywhere but there.

"Oh my, well that is a problem isn't it..." She trailed off in thought.

They both sat in silence as the Lilim pondered. Angel had never been so embarrassed in her life, here was the very daughter of the Demon Lord herself pondering Angel's relationship or rather non relationship problem. Why does shit like this always seem to happen to her? It was like she was cursed... Wait, maybe that witch she threw out of the store for trying to solicit for the Black Sabbath those years ago decided to give her the proverbial middle finger and curse her?

"I have it!" Druella exclaimed as she interrupted Angel's musings. "Now I wouldn't be the amazing CEO I am if I let one of my valued associates continue to suffer like you are..."

"No really, ma'am, I'm really not suffering, I swear," Angel began.

"Shush" Druella said as she put a taloned finger over Angel's lips.

"Now this might be against company SOP," the Lilim began. "But as the CEO, I think I can overlook it just this once..."

With that Druella kissed Angel firmly on the lips, filling her with demonic energy, beginning the change. Tendrils of dark energy sprouted and enveloped her forming a cocoon of darkness.

"Well, my dear as far as kisses goes, I'd say that was one of the worst. But I can forgive you, oh and if ever you need anything, here's my card." Druella quipped as she put her business card down on the desk next to the cocoon. "Now if you'll excuse me I need to interrogate that damn Tanuki and cow as to why they are over this month's markdown dollars."


Anon was still staring down at the badge. Should he take it off? It was a freaking penis badge for crying out loud, but it came from the CEO who happens to be a Lilim, could he get in trouble for taking it off?

"Anon, report to the managers office at once!" came Angel's voice on the store overhead.

Did Angel's voice sound different? He didn't care, he was just happy she was ok.

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