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College freshman finds upperclassmen know plenty.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!?" He growled.

Kay swallowed hard. What was she doing? Obviously screwing up her chances of being with the one guy she truly wanted to be with, that's what she was doing. Kay took a deep breath and said the one thing anyone would have said in her situation, the safety net of all responses.

"Nothing." She whispered.

David just exploded. "Oh nothing! NOTHING!" He crushed himself against her so that she was pushed into the locker even harder. He brought his face centimeters away from hers. Kay turned her head to the side, she couldn't look at him. "Really!?" David continued, "What do you call distracting that stupid jerk from messing with me today and all the other days before that. Is that nothing then?"

Kay's eyes widened. David knew that's what she'd been doing? She turned and looked at him, quirking her brow.

David nodded. "Oh yes Kay, I know. You think I didn't know?" His tone grew soft and serious. "Did you honestly think you could go on being so wonderful and sweet and nobody would notice? I noticed, from the first day I saw you, I knew you were the most amazing woman who had ever existed."

"Oh David...." Kay uttered quietly and smiled. But he brought her forward then and shoved her back into the locker even harder. Kay cried out in surprise and pain.

"But that doesn't give you the excuse to do what you did to me this morning Kay." David said angrily and ground his body against hers. "That doesn't give you the right to fucking taunt me and tease me like a little bitch."

Kay sucked in her breath at the feel of David's body pressing so hard against hers. "I'm sorry David," she whispered, "I can explain."

David's breath was hot on her ear and he nipped her lobe lightly. "Explain then."

"Well," Kay gasped as she felt David's hard-on jam into her thigh, "you were late this morning and I got all panicky you weren't going to be here today and I got all emotional. And then when you arrived I was so relieved and I was watching you and your belt buckle shined and you started looking at me and I got all hot and bothered and had to touch myself."

Kay knew she wasn't making an ounce of sense but it was difficult for her to concentrate with David's cock so near her cunt and yet not in it. David seemed to understand her perfectly. He shifted himself between her legs and began to rub against her crotch with his hard-on. Kay moaned softly and her breathing became labored.

David skimmed his tongue over Kay's ear. "Do you know why I was late this morning Kay?"

"Why?" Kay asked breathlessly and bit her lip to suppress a groan.

David began to rub against her harder. "Because I had a dream about you last night and even when my blasted alarm went off this morning, it wasn't enough to tear me from the haven of your arms. So when I finally did waken, I had barely enough time to make it to class. But even then, I couldn't go yet, I had to, you hear me, I had to jerk myself off while thinking of you. That's why I was late Kay, because of you."

Kay couldn't hold back her moan upon hearing that and her juices saturated her panties. The thought of David masturbating while he thought of her got her so hot.

"And then," David slid his tongue from Kay's right ear, all the way across her jaw line, to her left ear, which he sucked on gently, "and then after class this morning, after you touched yourself in front of me and got me so hard, you know what I had to do?"

"What David, what?" Kay asked anxiously. "Tell me."

"I had to go to the restroom and jerk myself off again." David released one of Kay's hands, reached down and pushed her skirt up over her hips, then he imprisoned her hand once more and thrust his hard-on against Kay's panty-clad cunt. "And do you know where I was right now Kay? Where I went after detention?"

"Oh where David, where?" Kay said, her voice raspy with desire.

David thrust against her again.

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