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He had to touch all her exposed skin - shoulders, back, ribs, belly, hips, thighs, calves, and feet. And she let him. Damn! He must have planned this from the start.

She was relaxed and trusting - so trusting that while he massaged her feet, she stretched back on the couch and let her legs fall open. Her panties were soaked. He probably could smell her. Too bad for him, he couldn't see anything.

She was so relaxed - so aroused - that when he asked her for "one little bitty touch" she said nothing. She let him do what he wanted, or at least what she thought he wanted - cop a feel of her tit - but he wanted more.

Lying side-by-side, she was on her back. Her knees slightly spread, bent, and one knee rested on his thigh. His hand moved back and forth above her breasts and that's when she felt it. It was hot, hard and pressing against the back of her thigh. He was just as turned on as she was. The thought that he was erect and that his cock was just inches from her wet cunt thrilled her.

She heard herself say, "Oh, did I do that?" And he responded - boy, did he respond. He knew exactly what he was doing.

He rolled over between her legs. She felt 'it' press against her body. Still kneeling between her legs, he rose up, and she saw it - his magnificent cock. It jutted out from his boxers - long, thick, and glans flared. She instinctively reached out and touched it, wrapping her hand around its hard heat. Touching it. Stroking it. She moved closer and closer to it. She licked it. Tasted it. Sucked it - eager to get all of it into her mouth.

Damn him! She had let him cum in her mouth, something that was reserved for special boyfriends, one of which he most certainly was not. To make matters worse, she had even swallowed - which she never did! She swallowed. Damn him! She swallowed, and she knew for him she would swallow again. Not that there would be another chance - no way.

She smiled. He had been no better off. Her breasts swelled when she remembered his enthusiasm for her scent, her taste, her cum. Her biggest orgasm of the night came when he went down on her after he'd cum inside her. No guy had ever done that and she had certainly never dared to ask for it. But he had, willingly, enthusiastically and completely.

She looked at his backside as she scooted beneath the sheets. He had been so powerful during their, not lovemaking, this was sex. Fucking - that was the only way to describe that second time. He had rolled her onto all -fours and fucked her - hard, fast, and powerful. He was so much bigger than her, and the angle of his cock inside her had taken her to heights of unimagined pleasure.

That's all this was - a great fuck. Stacey repeated it over and over in her head. This was sex, just sex, nothing more - a romp, a mindless fling - no big deal. She could handle this as just a great fuck. She could. She had to.

Michael rolled over and pressed the front side of his body into Stacey's backside. Damn him! He was hard again! His magnificent cock pressed against Stacey's ass, and she shivered. No man as good-looking, as funny, as 'oh God he is so nice' as Michael, should come equipped with such a bad boy cock. Where had he been hiding that thing? She had expected Mike to have a normal size cock. Her past lovers were bigger or smaller, but for the most part average. There was nothing average about Mike's cock.

Stacey tried to reaffirm her strength, her will, her ability to resist, her need to... Damn! Michael's mouth was on her lower neck, toward her back. His hand moved slowly across her flat stomach and up to her breast. It was warm and deliberate. He shifted his hips, and his cock slid down the crack of Stacey's ass. Damn! Damn! Damn! Michael shifted again, and his cock pushed across her wet pussy lips. Fuck! Michael tried again and again but couldn't find the right angle, until Stacey tilted her hips, lifted her leg, and stuck her hand between her legs. She didn't want his cock missing the mark. It didn't. Damn!

An irresistible heat was emanating from Stacey's very

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