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That day the boys were spending the night at various friends. I had been sick with that horrible Swine Flu for a week, so I felt pale and rather blah. So I was enjoying the break to relax by the pool. Thanks to a tummy tuck and breast augmentation at thirty-six my figure was even more impressive than it had been when I first met DeShawn.

Yes, I am vain; terribly vain. That is what hurt most about DeShawn's abandonment. Despite hours in the gym and turning more than one male head, I relied upon my husband's adoration and sexual prowess to re-affirm my own identity as a woman; a desirable one. So I was more than a little susceptible to Marcus' attention.

I still am not sure how he managed to get into our fenced in backyard, but I became aware of someone's presence when I felt a shadow blocking the hot Florida sun. I used my hands to shield my blue eyes as I looked up. Marcus towered above me. Of course, at less than six feet tall that term hardly applies, especially compared to DeShawn's six feet five inches that once allowed him to pick off passes that most others would have missed. But since I was laying on the lounge, Marcus seemed taller.

'Want some oil on your back?' was his deceptively innocent words.

But from this position I could see that the black cock in his shorts was at least half hard. I should have screamed or at least sent him packing at that point. But I did not. Instead I simply nodded my acceptance of his offer and turned over to offer him the view of my long tanned legs and firm ass.

In complete honesty, Marcus really is not my type. He is too thin, too light-skinned and too militant in his African-American heritage. But none of that registered at that moment. The only thing I felt was warm, firm hands caressing my body in ways that DeShawn had not in some time. I remember actually trying to think of when we had last made love. But in the end, I had given up trying to think when I felt those hands slip around to the front of my swim suit and cup my 38D breasts.

'The doctor did a nice job with these,' he pronounced a tad too coolly. But his fingers tweaking and playing with my erect nipples were sending another message to my muddled brain.

I felt his hot breath on my neck a moment before I felt his less than substantial weight press me further into the lounge. But it was his hard cock throbbing between the firm cheeks of my ass that registered most.

'You're a true black cock whore, ain't you, slut?' he demanded as he tugged at my long blonde tresses that he had wrapped around one of his fist as the other hand continued to knead and tweak my breasts.

DeShawn and the other black men that I had counted as lovers had never used such foul and disrespectful language with me. For a moment, I imagined with pleasure the beating that DeShawn would give Marcus' skinny black ass when I told him. But then I realized how this whole situation might look to my husband; after all I had allowed another man, if someone Marcus' age could be called that, to slather my body in oil.

So I tried to extricate myself from this mess. 'Marcus, perhaps you should go home,' I stammered.

He laughed then. 'What? And deny this hot, white cunt my black cock? I've been watching you. I know that DeShawn is never around. When was the last time that this greedy little hole was filled like it should be with a black cock?'

His words angered me then; mostly for their truthfulness. I tried to roll over and dislodge my intruder, but he merely captured my wrists in his hands and pressed firmer with his weight. 'Don't go getting puritanical on me, bitch. We both know that one black cock is as good as another with someone like you.'

I fought harder when I heard the disdain in his young voice.

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