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Bi girls descover each other in the showers.

You need to teach them everything. Put your mouth back." Janet took again so much cock to her mouth she could. Bob took a firm grip of her head and started to push his meat deeper. Janet panicked, but couldn't prevent his penis to invade her throat. Bob kept her like that for a while and then pulled out. Janet was gasping for air. Bob penetrated to her throat again. Janet tried to get air through her nose, but couldn't. She tried to open her mouth wider. This way she could get air when Bob's penis was out of her throat.

"See, bitch is learning." Bob increased the pace. Gargling sounds came out of her mouth. Her throat really hurt. Bob exploded to her mouth and then pulled out. "White man's cum is the best delicacy a nigger bitch can have. Enjoy the taste of every drop. Though Janet wanted to spit out his seed she found better to swallow it.

Bob pulled her pants back on. Janet got back to her feet.

"I don't hear any gratitude..." Bob started.

'I can't take this anymore,' Janet first thought, but said, "Thank you massa for letting me taste your sperm."

"You're welcome. You see, your life is much better like this. Your only job is to keep us happy. And can you call that as a job at all? It's your pleasure, am I right?"

"Yes, massa. You are making me happy," she gave a stupid lie.

"Good nigger, " Bob said and tapped her head. "Turn around." Janet turned her back to Bob and was now facing Hank. She felt Bob's fingers on the waistband of her panties. He pulled them down revealing her trimmed pussy to Hank. Bob caressed her buttocks. Hank was just staring at her beautiful naked body. Bob slapped her ass cheek. That woke up Janet.

"Massa, thank you for touching my ass."

Bob's fingers wandered between her ass cheeks. He put his poke finger against her asshole and started to stroke it. Janet broke.

She sobbed, "I can play your games, but you can't touch me there. I do anything but..."

"What makes you think this a game, nigger, " Bob said. He then took a strong grip of her hair and pushed her out of the house. Janet fell on the yard and heard the sound of the slamming door. The snow on her naked skin bite like bunch of needles. She got on her feet, but it didn't make her feel any better. She knew she would die there in less than half an hour. She had to go back to the door and knock it.

Bob opened it again. "What?"

"Please, massa. Let me in. I want you to touch my asshole, please."

"Okay, but you should understand this is not a game and that makes you?"

"Massa, I'm your nigger bitch. Please take care of me."

Bob still didn't let her in. "Go on."

"Please, I'm freezing...I will be happy, if you let me warm your beds. I will be happier, if you accept my nigger body. I promise to learn to be better. Please, let me in."

"Why do you want to do all this?" Bob kept on teasing her.

"Niggers should serve white folks."

"And that lawyer thing?"

"Massa, it was a mistake. I'm sorry."

"Come in then. Let's get back where we were." Janet exposed her perfect body to Hank again. This time she even spread her legs to show her pussy better. Hank's hands went to her breasts and started to molest them.

Bob's poke finger was against her puckered hole. Janet was shivering from fear. "Spread your ass. I want to see it better." Janet obediently grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them. She felt stronger pressure on her anus. Bob was pushing his finger through her sphincter. The pain was terrible, but Janet bit her lip. He pushed the whole finger in and then started to pump it in her hole.

Janet managed to say, "Massa, your finger feels good."

"I knew you would like it, but it's Hanks turn now. We come back to that later." Hank guided Janet to his bedroom. He pushed her on the bed on her back and got undressed. Janet waited on the bed silent. Hank slapped her thigh.

"I want to hear that nigger bitch talk." It was the first time Hank had said anything after they got in.

Janet spread her legs wider and started "Massa, put your cock to my nigger hole and make me happy.

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