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A gay story.

And worse, naked in the morning! What if the maid had come in? God, if I ever get such a lust for food again, I'll have to remember to dress lightly before bed.

Briefly, she wondered about her dreams involving Sarah. Certainly, they'd been friends for a long time, but the visions she had - frightening. Sarah, naked in her room and the two of them openly kissing and caressing like lovers in one of her Uncle's bawdy tales. Disgusting as it should have seemed, Victoria couldn't help but shiver with excitement, remembering the touch of her friend's lips upon hers. She shook her head and rubbed her temple. Only a dream, she thought to herself...only a dream.

"Victoria, my dear. Doing well this morning, I trust?" Victoria snapped out of her thoughts and saw Sir Ceril. He hugged and bussed Victoria gently. The foreman, Tony, was with him.

Victoria stared hard at Tony, who smiled gracefully back at her. "I'm fine now, Sir Winth..."

Winthrop raised his eyebrows.

Victoria looked to Winthrop. "I'm fine now, Sir Ceril. Sorry, I forgot about that. Just a little sleepy is all."

"Good, good, so glad to hear it. Do you remember Tony, our crew leader, who met you at the station yesterday?" Winthrop patted the swarthy man on the back.

Victoria reached a hand out in greeting. "Yes, of course. How could I forget?"

Tony bent at the waist and kissed Victoria's hand, all the while staring at her breasts. A look not lost on her. She smiled and dug the heel of her boot into the top of his foot. The foreman jumped back quickly, clenching his fist. She smiled even more.

Winthrop missed it all, of course. "Michael, are you still going on your little tour this morning?"

"With your permission, we are departing immediately after breakfast," Michael chimed in happily. "Would you care to join us?"

"Had mine hours ago, my good man. Early bird gets the worm, you know. I am afraid I will have to decline as I have a pressing engagement. I'm off to hear more from our friend, Mr. Carter. I sent a man down there to get a map of where he believes this little known pharaoh, Tutuan-what's-his-name might be located. If all goes well, we should be right on schedule for an early departure tomorrow morning."

Victoria straightened. "Will I be going with you then?"

Winthrop took her hand and patted it once. "Absolutely, my dear. If you are everything your young man boasts, you'll be essential to finding our ancient Egyptian."

Victoria looked very pleased and smiled broadly at Michael. "Wonderful." She looked up to Winthrop. "Sorry, that you're busy. Please feel welcome to join us at any time, Sir Ceril. We'd love to have you."

Winthrop looked down at the lovely young woman. "I'm sure you would, Miss Victoria, but dratted duty calls. Nevertheless, I'll hold you to that offer - and soon. You two have fun today!"

"See you later," Michael called as Winthrop and Tony left, but he had eyes only for Victoria. She looked different today, as though she had adapted Egypt as her home overnight somehow.

Victoria finished her breakfast and stood. "Shall we?"

Michael offered his arm and the two of them walked to the lobby. Sarah was questioning the Registrar at the front desk when they entered. Victoria crossed the vast room to her side as Michael spoke with the doorman. As Victoria arrived, Sarah stopped for a moment and quickly glanced at the smiling Victoria.

"And you are certain that no one has a key to my chamber? No one other than myself?"

The balding man at the front desk looked very calm. "No one, madam, I can assure you. The only other keys are with the hotel detective and they are not kept on the premises."

Victoria looked alarmed. "What is it, Sarah? What happened?"

Sarah's face blanched. "You - you don't know?"

"No, what is it?"

"Then it really must have been a dream then." Sarah looked as though she might cry.

Victoria took Sarah in her arms.

Sarah pushed her away.

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