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Rubbed the right way.

k firmly and I begin to wank My wife says

"No get naked and watch us it will really make me horny"

Without taking my eyes of my wife and her lover I get undressed The woman has one nipple between her thump and forefinger and is squeezing it hard and the other hand has reached down to Jenny's panties. She slips one finger into them and rubs Jenny's clit this really get's Jenny going and she and pushes her panties down to her thighs so that her lover can work more easily.

Jenny leans' forward resting her hands on her thighs the women begins thrusting her fingers in to Jenny's wet cunt

"Yes harder faster fuck that pussy" Jenny calls out.

"Turn her round so I can see" I tell them With that my wife's wet cunt is now facing me I can see the two fingers are eagerly thrusting in an out of her with great speed

" No lick my cunt and taste my juices bitch "

My wife moans with eagerness in her voice My wife usually does not swear so this new use of the words cunt and bitch is a new departure for Jenny She moves to the bed opposite me and places her hands behind her knees and pulls them in to the air so her shaven pussy is now easily assessable by her female lover (I learn later she's called Helen) Helen moves over and start to tongue Jenny wet cunt, at first just her outer lips but Jenny Insists

"No bitch taste me stick your tongue in side my cunt now"

With that Helen parts my wife's lips and enters her cunt Jenny moaned with pleasure.

"Yes Yes slut lick me till I cum"

I move so I am standing over by them so I can get a better view of the action Helen needs no encouragement her tongue is deep inside Jenny. Helen then slowly works her way to Jenny's to her clit and licks and bites at Jenny's now swollen and throbbing clit. This sends Jenny wild with pleasure she moans out load Jenny pulls at Helen's hair pushing her head down on to her cunt her, hips push up to meet Helen's mouth Helen is now gently biting Jenny's clit and again inserting her finger in to her.

"Yeeesss Yeeess harder"

Jenny's legs are now firmly planted on the ground as her orgasm builds; she grasps Helen's head and rubs her swollen clit against the extended tongue of her partner. Her moans of pleasure are loud and her orgasm is long and intense.

After a moment when her pleasure is subsiding she raises Helen's head and passionately begins kiss her.

My hand is moving fast on my stiff cock, I watch as they kiss open mouthed and occasionally tonguing each other. I can wait no longer I take each of them by the hair on the back of their heads and force my cock in to their mouths, firstly Jenny's then Helen's The warm wetness of their mouths gives a great feeling of pleasure. Helen begins to lick the end of my cock Jenny mean while licks the shaft. I look down I force more of my cock in to Helen's mouth Her head gains more speed and takes more of my cock in to her mouth. She looks up at me with pleasure in her eyes is clearly visible as I fuck her mouth. Jenny's hand is now pulling my foreskin down in time with Helen. As I cum I shout

" Yessss take it deeper "

I make no effort to with draw from Helen's mouth my whole body stiffens as I shoot my load deep in the horny bitches mouth she swallow every drop of my cum only releasing my dick when the last squats have ended.

She turns to Jenny and they kiss deeply their tongue penetrating each other. As they part a sting of my cum hangs between their lips. Jenny pushes it with her finger it in to her own mouth

Helen now stands up and finally introduces her self to me

"Hi I'm Helen it time I had some of the attention don't you think"

We kiss; I can taste a mixture of my wife's cunt juices and my spunk on her lips.

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