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Your training as a sub/slut continues.

Then I continued over to you.

I reached you and took your hand in mine. You look into my eyes, staring right into my soul and ask "Did you like it?"

"Did I like what?" I practically have to yell over the blaring music.

"That man pinching your butt baby, you know what I meant."

I flush red, but thankfully the darkness of the nightclub hides it. However you know me too well. You put your hand on my cheek and feel it burning with embarrassment. "I thought you did. Would you like to take him home? Would you like me to watch the two of you fuck baby?"

I don't know what to say, so I just stare into the crowd on the dance floor. You can't know what you are saying. You must be more drunk than I realise. I feel your breath across my ear and I shiver. "I'm not drunk John. I want to see you and him naked on our couch fucking each other. Do you hear me?"

"I hear you Ash..."

"Good. Oh, he's coming over, goodie. Talk to him for me please John?"

"Ok" I shamefacedly walk over and meet him half way. His eyes light up as he watches me approach. I see him looking me up and down, taking in the shape of my body. His mouth drops as he sees my arm in the light, then his tongue licks his lower lip before he catches himself. "Tattoo lover huh..." I think to myself. And then I'm standing next to him.

We both stand in silence. I look at him out of the corner of my eye. Taller than me at six foot one, long blonde hair, I can't tell what colour his eyes are in the darkness they look a bluey colour, but I can see that he wants me due to the lust burning in them. The silence grows unbearable. So I do the only thing I can think to do. I grab his cock.

He gasps, and I laugh. "Just returning the favour" I say with a wink. He looks at me with a very surprised expression.

"Jesus, and I thought you were going to kick my ass for it. You didn't look happy coming over here."

"Well...I had something on my mind."

"Oh yeah?..."

"mm hmm. I want to take you back to my house ya see, but that woman over there, you see her? The sexy black haired one just over there? Yeah that's her. Do you mind if she's there?"

"What do you mean there?"

"She wants to watch us fuck."

He laughs. "Rather blunt aren't you?"

"Why hide what I want? I want you. And I want what I felt inside those trousers." I lean in close and kiss his neck. Any resistance he had left crumbled with that kiss.

"Can we go now?" He almost begged.

"Sure. Come with me." I take his hand and lead him over to you. You start to smile as we get closer. I then take your hand, and all three of us walk out to the car. You get in the drivers seat, he and I get in the back. As you drive home we talk, and I find out that his name is Christian. It turns out that he wrestles for the WWF. "Very lucky me. I get his nice hot toned body for the nigh. And that explains why Ashley picked him..." I chuckle out-loud as that thought crosses my mind. Our eyes meet in the rear-view mirror and you know what I'm thinking don't you Ashley? I bet you do.

Christian sees me looking at you, and pouts. He doesn't like being ignored. So he grabs my chin, and slowly turns my head to face him. I star into his blue eyes. Then he kisses me. His tongue teases mine, and I can't help but start to suck gently on it. We feel the car swerve and we break the kiss and look at you. Then we look at each other and smile. You were looking in the mirror again, and you had a perfect view of us kissing. Christian leans in towards me and whispers "I wonder if she liked that?"

I chuckle, and say "I wonder if she'll like this then.

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