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Poirot and Joceline have a date.

"Hello Sir, Daisy, Sir and Ma-am, and children, I'm Poppy."

They all said hi, and just stared at me, I felt myself pushing my chest out.

"Sorry I was late home Sir, I carelessly missed the bus and my phone is dead."

I handed Daddy my phone and slipper and put my hands on my head.

The boy and girl's eyes popped out as if on stalks.

"I believe you Poppy but on the saying all actions have a consequence I am going to spank and slipper you."

"Yes Sir, thank you Sir."

"Fetch a dining chair from the dining room."

I heard them telling the kids about any actions and the consequences they may incur.

I placed the chair in the middle of the room and stood to the right-hand side.

The man spoke, "Well she has certainly learnt politeness Don, how often is she over yours and Daisy's knee?"

Daddy stood up to move to his chair.

"She was born polite Joe, I have to say she is the sweetest young lady I have ever trained and in answer to your question, I try and make sure she is spanked most day, even if it's a good girl spanking."

"Not heard of one of them, perhaps you can explain later."

"Yes of course."

Sir had noticed the position of the chair only gave his visitors a side-wards view and altered its position as he sat down.

I waited for instruction, everyone's eyes fixated on me.

He patted his knee, my hands left my head, I looked down and saw my nipples standing to attention and felt them actually stretching my tits.

I went over and gripped the bottom chair stretcher, tight.

The man spoke again. "Pay attention kids, even at Poppy's age she still gets spanked for being careless or naughty."

Children, they were both late teens, she had bigger boobs than me and I could see the boys hard cock trying to burst through his trousers, his hand went down his pants to try and adjust his shaft.

Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, owwwww, sniff, I was soon in tears, I must have got 30 spanks and my bottom and slit pointed to the visitors.

Sir stood me up and I walked to the corner, hands on head.

The visitors were almost ready to go but Daddy assured us I would soon be slippered so they waited.

I so wanted to squeeze my nipples, massage my titties oh and anything I could get hold of for my aching pussy.

"Poppy, bring me the slipper."

The boy excused himself, probably for a wank the lucky so and so, and the girls youthful nipples were pushing through her T shirt as she adjusted the crotch of her knickers.

I took Daddy the slipper and was led to the settee arm, I knew the drill and awaited his instruction.

"Over you go Poppy."

The boy came back as I stretched out and intertwined my fingers into a grasp as so as not to think of reaching back.

I rubbed my nipples on the rough material, hope they never heard the moan

Daddy spoke to the children, he explained what I had done wrong and asked them in turn how many I should get with the slipper.

"10 on each cheek uncle Don, said the girl she looked pretty sore from the spanking you gave her, and I recall how hard you can spank Sir."

"50 on each cheek and make her count them uncle Don, if she misses spank her again like you did to me once."

"10 on each cheek it is."

Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, they got me in tears again and the last two were extra hard

Daddy let me settle, "Corner Poppy."

He helped me up and I went to my corner, hands on head.

They said their goodbyes and as they left, "Apologies for my naughtiness Sir, Ma-am, and guys, Bye."

They all said bye.

Daddy and Daisy came back into the lounge. "Take the chair back Poppy and wait for us to come in.

I heard them go upstairs and quickly return, naked.

I knelt in front of Daddy and Daisy put his cock in my mouth and stood beside him.

I sucked him hard and fingered Poppy to soaking.

Daisy sat on the table, legs hung over and I was laid on the table head hung over the end.

Daisy laid back, legs in the air and her right hand went between my legs.

Daddy fucked Daisy, then into my mouth, back to Daisy back to me

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