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Chloe and her cellmate shave each other.

I had never spoken to Ray that way before. It felt good. I couldn't decide it if the implied parallel was melodramatic or if it had gone over his head, but I'd said it and decided I was happy I had. I didn't know Derek and I had no idea whether he would ever leave Ray's company, but I might. Maybe. I didn't need to be there. Didn't need to keep coming back. His money meant nothing to me and I hadn't set out to fuck may way into a job. He ought to know that. Ought to know me by now.

My irritation was deepening, curdling into anger and resentment, when Ray laughed. I barely had time to look up at him as he moved around the table--surged at me--and pinned me to the couch with his mouth. He tasted like wine and his stubble, scraping lightly, made his lips feel all the softer. He kissed with calm, focused intensity, opening my lips with his tongue.

I tried not to moan. He stood with his legs straddling my left knee and no part of his lean, muscled body touched mine, but he had me pinned as effectively as any wrestler. I lay under his power, legs spread, arms wide, locked in place by the demands of his mouth. A small part of me noted how quickly my anger disappeared into a faintly remembered shadow and I resented him again, but more than anything I just wanted him on me, wanted his weight, the heat of his skin, the kneading of his hands all over me.

When he pulled away and looked down at me from the height of a few inches, my lips remained parted and a feverish heat rolled through me.

"Well," he said, his eyes flickering between mine, "it's certainly a proposal worth considering." He leaned forward again, kissed me with his wine soaked tongue and undid the clasp of my belt. He pulled it free with a whipping noise, then he stood and brought the bulge in his pants to my eye level.

"Take your jacket off," he said, tossing my belt onto the chair where he had been sitting. "Let's watch the last of the sunset while we finish our wine. I need to think on something." He divided the last of the wine between us then walked to window, glass in hand.

Slightly bewildered, I watched him go. I couldn't account for the shift in his attitude, but decided not to over think it. We'd watch the sunset, then we'd fuck. That's all that mattered.

I stood and slipped out of my jacket, hanging it carefully on the back of Ray's chair. As I moved to join Ray at the window I was still mostly clothed but already feeling half dressed without my belt. Anticipation pushed me forward and the hardness in my pants lead the way.
I wondered how long we would stand there. Ray's usual approach to sex was measured and methodical. He took his time and never cut corners, never rushed anything, but occasionally he became all impulse like he had just then on the couch. I thought about the time, maybe a month ago, when he had thrown me backward onto his bed, straddled my hips, then used two fists to wrench every button off my shirt in a single Herculean surge of passion. It had been one of the most powerfully erotic things anyone had ever done to me. Maybe I could look forward to more of that tonight if he didn't cool off for too long by the window.

I took a sip of wine and widened my stance slightly on the carpet.

"Pretty," I said.

Ray nodded absently. "I don't get to see it as often as I'd like."

We stood like that for a while, silent, savoring our wine and watching the liquid gold of the sunset glide across the river and flood the room with light as it burnished the buildings all around us.

I'm not sure how long we stood there, but when I swallowed the last of my wine and Ray took the glass from my hand, the gold was leeching out of the adjacent buildings.

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