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Before their travels, the girls please a few strangers.

Once my skin was dry, the wind wasn't really an issue for the rest of my body, but the nipples in the wet bikini top were still strongly showing its effect. Greg couldn't help playing with them a bit as he finished drying me; rolling them gently between his fingers and in the process sticking the material of the top firmly to them, making them even more prominent.

As we lay back on our towels to let a bit of sun warmth in and see what else developed between us, they continued to attract his attention. In part it might be called foreplay, in part it was just Greg being silly, either way with the head start the cold had given him, He was trying to show me just how big he could make my nipples by teasing them up with his fingers, tongue and lips.

Hang on there Greg. They're my nipples. I think I've got a fair idea of what they are like especially when the weather turns cold. Unfortunately they can get rather big.

At one stage my Uni friends were even referring to them as "Karen's famous nipples" because of how prominent they'd become on a cold day. In a way it's another manifestation of my bikini fetish. Somewhere between when puberty first struck and the present, female nipples were seemingly abolished. By that I mean any display of nipple outline under a garment became unfashionable; almos scandalous. I'm not sure when that moment was; although I suspect Janet Jackson and the fuss made about her so called clothing malfunction had a large measure to do with it. The trouble was that no-one told me. Or if they did I chose to ignore them.

When it came time to move from a training bra to an adult one I simply couldn't find the sort of light unstructured ones that I was used to. I tried but immediately hated those padded nipple stopper bras that seem to be all the rage these days; indeed I hate any sort of padding - the pads in any bikini I buy immediately get ripped out too. While I have a few push up bras for special occasions, for the most part I just go with a bikini top - unpadded of course and often in older ones with the lining cut out to boot - or bra less if I can get away with it.

I suppose the peer group pressure from school friends should have trained me out of that; but being as boring as I was I didn't really have a group I hung out with out of school and private school uniforms are notorious for hiding everything with or without a bra

My mother wasn't much help either. As someone who came of age in the late 70's and early 80's she grew up in a time where women were not just allowed to have nipples but weren't expected to hide the fact (or so her old photos and current behaviour would indicate anyway; a picture of her as a teenager in a crochet bikini where the nipples are all but emerging through the weave of the material is a classic). Indeed while one just assumes parents are asexual beings I've always noted my mother has something in the way of a preference for wearing bikinis herself; which even made me wonder if such fetishes are genetic. Either way she wasn't telling me to go hide them.

The reason I cut the lining out of old bikinis is that for me it actually enhanced their erogenous effect. I really like the way thin lycra material sheathes them as they enlarge and harden. So by the time I got to Uni and actually had a group of friends, a bit of teasing on a cold day wasn't going to change an old pattern of behaviour.

Without any knowledge of this background, Greg was determined to break all records on engorging them; playing with them first of all within my bikini top and then pushing the triangles aside and finally taking the top off to give him direct access to the bare nipples; ensuring all the while that both nipples stayed at their maximum elevation. As I quite enjoyed the feeling - indeed really enjoyed it - I wasn't stopping him and just let him go on playing.

Then all of a sudden I thought "hang on, I think I'm going to com.

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