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Boy sells a revealing photo of his Mom to her ex boyfriend.

I don't know when he woke up, but there he was with his eyes open. He was smiling too, and just as big. And it made me smile even more. And then he just kept smiling. Moments like this are priceless. How can you not feel like you've found The One when you're just lying there smiling like this at each other, hand around his cock, roommate sleeping 8 feet away. Of course I dreamt of being a princess as a little girl, but right now, this felt like just where I wanted to be.

I kneeled down to his ear and whispered: "If Katie wasn't here, I would strip off my shorts and rub my pussy all over your face"

He seemed pleasantly shocked.

"I'd like that" he whispered.

"Don't worry, she's leaving at like 6 in the morning"

"I'll set my alarm," he giggled.

"I bet you want her to watch you fuck me," I whispered in his ear.

"Oh you know I do," he acted like he was joking, but I wanted to tease him more.

"She is hot though isn't she" I whispered. I could tell it always freaked him out a little, whenever I talked about a girl who was hot, not so much because it made him think I was a lesbian, but more that he didn't know how to respond. Like he would make me feel jealous if he responded the wrong way. Katie really was beautiful though. Getting to know her over the last six months had been wonderful, as jealous and strangely turned on as it made me feel to watch her saunter around without a bra in our dorm room all the time. Seriously, the way that girls wanted their boobs to look by buying padded Victoria's Secret bras, this girls boobs just looked like that no matter what. It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair that her face was so pretty, or that her voice was so sweet. Or that... I didn't want to talk about how she made me feel. Or the fact that we kinda had a drunk make-out session a few months ago which we never talked about. My boyfriend was here. And his cock was in my hand. And I was suddenly much hornier than I had the ability to control at the moment.

I licked him on the corner of his mouth and whispered in his ear. "Shh. Don't wake Katie. I want to suck your cock okay?" (he loved when I was forward like this)

He kissed me on the ear. His dick stiffened in my hand.

"There's no way I won't give it away." he whispered back.

"You better. Or I'll bite," I gave him the sexiest little wink I could, and then slipped down under the covers. I pulled his pants down and out sprung his dick. I recognized the smell of it immediately, and it made me wet. (It had been like six months since I saw this thing last, so give me a break for being a little cock-hungry.) I licked it up and down and side, still letting it lay flat on his stomach. The tip of it reached right to his belly button, so I always loved to dart my tongue into his bellybutton and at the same time brush against the little hole in the tip of his penis.

He was squirming. I could tell he was having a hard time staying quiet with all this devilish licking going on down here. But I had to hand it to him. He wasn't doing too bad. Just meant I had to step up the action. I opened wide and took the tip of it in my mouth. And then I just sat there drooling on it. I tortured him by staying completely fucking still, and I knew he loved it. His fat cock head was starting to twitch in my mouth, and he was already starting to buck his hips a little to fuck my mouth. I found that if I let him do the moving, my neck wouldn't get so tired, and he would get to be a part of the action too, control his own orgasm.

I just kept producing more and more saliva and letting it run in glistening little drops down his cock. And letting him gently hump my mouth with little two centimeter thrusts. Faster and faster into my mouth.

Oh crap it was only about a minute and he was starting to come already.

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