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The sandals also have their use as a corrective implement!

I melted into her kiss again, but this time it was different.

This time it wasn't just flirtation or sex, it meant something real.

This kiss implied to me the beginning of something so much more, and oh so welcome!

The kiss lasted only a few seconds, but felt like an eternity as I didn't remotely care if anyone was watching, before she took my hand as I asked, "Now what?" But we didn't even get three steps before for the second time, my name was called out. This time though, it was worse.

"Ms. Ambrose?" a voice asked from very nearby.

Was it a student?

God, please don't let it be a student!

As I opened my eyes and looked to see who it was, my face likely paled.

"Hi, Sarah," I said, mortified to be outed by my daughter's friend.

She looked at my hand entwined with Anastasia's, couldn't have missed seeing the kiss and seemed completely dumbfounded.

Already caught, I decided to take control of the situation. "Sarah, I'd like you to meet Anastasia, my girlfriend. Anastasia, this is my daughter's good friend, Sarah."

I took the risk and called Anastasia my girlfriend for a few reasons:

1. I loved the idea of calling Anastasia my girlfriend. It was risky because I'm not sure I was, but it also was another hint from me that I was intoxicated by her. It was also risky because I wasn't telling my daughter's friend, who I could only assume was going to be texting my daughter in a few seconds, that I was a lesbian.

2. I wanted to show Anastasia I was secure with holding her hand in public and not at all ashamed... since I may have been rather awkward when I was first confronted by Cassandra.

3. It just felt right. Girlfriend. Just like her hand in mine felt right.

"Hi, nice to meet you Sarah," Anastasia smiled, using her other hand to shake hands, letting me know with a subtle squeeze that she supported me in this.

"You too," a clearly surprised Sarah said.

I added, "Of course, Sarah, I hope you can keep this between you and me. I don't need the entire school to know about my business." Although it was 2018 and being a lesbian was no longer the death sentence it had been when someone was outed a couple of decades ago, I hardly needed my sex life or love life, whatever this was, to be school gossip.

"Of course, Ms. Ambrose," she agreed. "I think it's kind of cool."

"She is really cool," Anastasia added.

"'Cool' is not a word usually used to describe me," I laughed.

"We should get going," Anastasia said, knowing this was getting awkward.

"It was good seeing you, Ms. Ambrose," Sarah said.

"You can call me Lauren," I said, something she usually did when at my house, but not at school. Sarah was in my advanced placement class, and she was also a cheerleader. One of those rare girls who were smart, pretty, and personable.

"Of course Ms. Ambrose, I mean Lauren," she said, clearly a little flabbergasted still by the reveal her teacher and her friend's mom was a lesbian.

Anastasia led me out of the movie theatre as she joked, "I didn't know you were a celebrity."

I laughed, "Being a teacher, it is rare to go to many places and not eventually bump into someone you know or who knows you."

"Well, where we're going next, there will only be you and me," she said.

"And toys?" I asked.

"And handcuffs," she added.

"Ms. Grey," I smiled playfully, "whatever do you have in mind?"

"In mind for you? Complete and utter submissive euphoria," she answered, my cunt leaking at the promise of the night that lay ahead. She then added as we walked into the fresh evening air, "and perhaps a little sodomy."

My eyes went wide.

Anal sex has long been a fantasy of mine, yet one I've usually been too scared to try.

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