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Prince Alexander's out for blood.

She did her best to make sure that I was watching as she continued her doubt a few lucky guys caught what she was doing and it seemed to turn her on that she had an audience in addition to myself.

As possessive as I am, somehow it didn't bother me much that other men viewed her slutty tease. After all when it was said and done...I'd be the one fucking her before the night was over...not them. Perhaps it was just bragging rights for this older gentleman but I took great pride in the fact that this dirty Asian girl was going to be leaving Esposito's on my arm.

She continued her naughty tease as I and half the restaurant watched her whorish behavior.

Vicki positioned herself just right and opened her legs to give me a view up her skirt. She wore no panties. I almost lost it then and there and no doubt others were treated to the view of her freshly shaved pussy. I had to fuck her and soon.

But what she did next clinched it for me. Looking around to make sure that I was now her only observer, she pulled her skirt as high as she could and slid her hand down between her sexy legs and while seductively looking at me she began to rub her clit. I was glad I was sitting with my legs under the table because the hard on I had would be more than obvious.

She made sure her fingers were wet and returned them to her lips and licked them like she was cleaning BBQ sauce off of her fingers after eating ribs. I couldn't stand it much longer and apparently neither could she.

She got up from her chair and instantly caught the attention of every man that may have had a glimpse of her naughty actions and their eyes followed her as she walked toward the ladies room. She was a dirty little bitch and loved playing the part of a slut...mainly because she was one at heart. Yes...she is my slut.

As she reached the door that led her into the hallway leading to the restrooms she looked at me and motioned to follow her. Without hesitation I left my table and walked into that same hallway. But I found her nowhere. Suddenly the door to the ladies room opened and her arm grabbed me to pull me inside.

She locked the door...threw her arms around my neck and kissed me with passion that made my knees weak. Our tongues met and she did something that she always did and sucked seductively on my tongue. I always thought that was so sexy so I returned the favor. I penned her against the wall while my hand instantly went up her skirt. Vicki was soaking wet and got even wetter as my two fingers found their way into her young tight pussy. A moan escaped from her lips before she spoke. "Drew...please, Sir...fuck me now."

I needed no other encouragement and lifted her body slightly that was still penned with her back against the wall. I unzipped my pants to remove my cock before thrusting upward into her. Her eyes closed because of the sudden pleasure of the pounding that I began deep within her.

"Drew...choke me...don't forget to choke me...please Sir put me into total surrender and submission."

My hand gripped her throat and squeezed just the right about. She came instantly...which only encouraged me to fuck her harder. Over and over again I kept driving myself upward into her as far as I possibly could. With each thrust a groan or a sigh and an occasional, "oh god yes!" escaped from her lips.

She lifted her top to reveal her tits to me and trembled as I sunk my teeth into the flesh of them one by one. She loved some pain in the midst of passion.

Vicki began to shout, "Fuck me...please...don't stop...I'm yours and never want my Sir to ever stop fucking me."

With each plea I pounded into her with more force until every upward thrust seemed to lift her body slightly. Her eyes were shut tight with the look of lust and passion on her face, a look I had seen on her pretty face a number of times and will never grow tired of it.

During the entire affair the door rattled with women atte

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