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Widower finds fun on a motorcycle with happy ending.


"I'm sorry too--" and then Adisa came into the house.

"Hey Englishman, its time!" yelled across the hut with that exotic afro-french accent of hers.

"Is that Adisa?" asked Rebecca.

"Yeah, I should go. The sooner we start this run the sooner I can lay on my bed and hope for death."

"Wait, put her on."

"Adisa?" I was confused, Rebecca rarely wanted anything to do with my work. "Now?"

"Yes, Adisa. Yes, now"

"Erm----" with no good reason not to, I called over to Adisa, "Hey Adissa, come and meet Rebecca". Adisa, actually smiled.

"Finally!" called Adisa, "Why has it taken you this long to introduce us?" I came out to the main room and framed the two of us in my phones camera. Fortunately, Adisa was wearing one of her own t-shirts for out run this morning. "Rebecca, I'm delighted to meet you." this was pure 'Work Adissa'. The smile and disarming professionalism working their magic.

"Likewise!" and that was Rebecca is super-mum mode. "I figured it was time to meet you now that you've destroyed my husbands beautiful ears" this actually took Adisa back a bit and as she struggle to build a response "I'm kidding! It looks really cute! Thanks!" and they both laughed. "Hon, why don't you leave us alone to catch up.". I shared a glance with Adisa, and she just pushed me out of the frame.

"You really had me there, Rebecca." and Adissa ushered me out of the hut. I took the hint, but ducked in quickly to grab my laptop. Then went to the office hut to get out of there way.


Adisa showed up about 20 minutes later, beaming.

"Your wife is a pistol" she said kissing me on the cheek.

"I know."

"She told me to watch out for you as you have a thing for women with lots of earrings." I laughed at this.

"A bit late for that."

"She also put on a pretty hard sell to not bring you back to Senegal for a while."

"Yeah. This is the first time I've been away for more than a couple of weeks. It can't be easier for her."

"I told her you should get more wives."

"How did that go over?"

"She laughed and commended me for getting her back for the earring comment."

"That sounds like Rebecca."

"She's wonderful, I can see why you love her." and she clearly meant it.

"I'm a very lucky man."

"And the piercings." I laughed at this.

"Yes, and her piercings. Just a nose ring now, but when we were dating she wore small ear plugs, tongue stud, lip ring. She still has the tattoos, navel ring, nipples and clit."

"Really? You are a lucky man."

"I miss the tongue stud. Its basically ruined me for oral sex without it."

"Oh, that's why you never cum in my mouth." mused Alisa, "I thought I was losing my touch."

"Its a cliche, but its not you, its me. Tongue studs are amazing."

"Interesting. Should I get one?" all the blood rushed to my cock.

"Adisa, I'm gone in a week, and then we might never see each other again. Beyond the occasional work call." saying that out loud depressed the hell out of me. How could this end?

Unperturbed, Adisa moved over and placed her hand on my shorts, and grabbed my engorged member.

"Cherie, this is not ending in a week." she used her free hand to gently bring my face to hers, gazing into my eyes. "I will be your second wife. I promise you." and with that she kissed me deeply on the lips. I was a little taken a back, and pulled away.

"I don't understand." I stammered, "That's not a thing we can do."

"Why not? People take second wives everyday."

"In Senegal, but I'm not from here. I have an entire family, an entire life in England."

"Cherie, do you want this to end?"

"Adisa, darling, I just assumed this was going to end. I don't want this to end, it just has to."

"I disagree." she squeezed my cock which throbbed with the attention, "your tiny cock disagrees." trying to bring some humor into the situation.

"My cock is a liability." we both sat in silence, until Adisa pulled her cigarettes out from her skirt and lit one.

"Look. You are good at your job and we're expanding the team. I'm just going to demand that you are onsite one week a month."

"Yeah, I'll be the guy on the ground in Engla

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