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Harry is home and work on the house is finished.

Filled with video of him giving blow jobs, showering with someone, giving hand jobs, oh God! No! This can't be.

I watch one of Tim getting a blow job from a good looking black man. My son's cock looks so much like my own hard dick, I realize that one of my hands has been tentatively fondling my dick and balls. I ache so.

I can't help myself and I start to jack my aching cock as I watch the video of my son getting sucked off. I recall the blow jobs I've paid for in the past few years and imagine Tim's mouth on my own cock as I masturbate. I frantically pull off my boxers to get to my cock and balls and just give into the lust.

I realize that the video has sound and hit the key on. My son's moans come out of the speaker to match my own. The sounds of the blow job blends with my own sounds. Finally my son pulls out and I realize he will shoot his cum on the man's face for the money shot. As he pumps out his spunk so do I and we both gush out strings of white cream that splatter all over. Oh fuck!!!!!!!

I'm panting but filled with that wonderful feeling of release. I stretch out my hand, slightly covered with my own jizz, and click off the connection to the web site. I just slump in the chair and try to recover.

I hear my son's voice getting closer I hastily retreat to the bedroom, don't want to get caught.

I manage to shut the door behind me as I hear my son walking in the kitchen. Oh shit. I left my boxers on the floor and all that cum splattered on the floor as well, maybe elsewhere, can't think clearly at the moment. I'm feeling so ashamed and I don't want to get caught, how can I explain what I did? I pray he doesn't notice. He's wandering around and I can't be certain if he is just in the kitchen or if he has gone to check up on me in the dining room. I hear him moving but not certain as to where he is. Finally I hear him at the counters and then I hear the frig open and close. Then I hear the back sliding door open and close.

I wait a few more minutes to make sure the cost is clear. I step out of my bedroom naked and feeling really guilty and not wanting to be caught.

I quickly enter the kitchen and get some paper towels and clean up the dining room. I seem to have managed to get most of my cum onto my boxers so I just clean up whatever fell to the floor and pick up my boxers and head to the hamper to dump them off.

As I'm walking back from the laundry room I almost run into my son. Tim spots my prick and laughs and says now he knows where he got his package as he point to my own large member that is hanging out for him to see. Tim says it is a warm day and says he's glad I've gotten comfortable while I do my work. I mutter something as I'm so embarrassed to be caught naked by them. I try to regain my composure and say I spilled on them and had to change.

He says, yes, he knows how those shorts get so stained you can have to just drop them in the hamper. I walk naked to get another pair of boxers.

I wonder how and when he cleaned himself up after sucking all those cocks and having all that cum on him? But he looks spotless. My internal mutterings is interrupted by Tim. My son asks if I want either hot dogs or hamburgers for lunch. I tell him I'll take the hot dogs and he goes off to prepare them on the grill. When I realize the time, I figure out that they spend 3 or 4 hours sucking those guys who came to the house. I have no idea how many it is, but then I tell myself if I wanted to know I could log back into his web site and watch it all later.

Tim is now once again completely naked, he must have taken his thong off when he left the room, comes back with a towel for him and puts it on one of the kitchen table chairs. I watch as goes out with buns to put on the barbeque.

My now naked son comes in with the hot dogs and buns and he sits naked on his towel at the kitchen table to eat. It's weird, being around my naked son. I notice that as he eats he reaches down and plays with his cock.

We all eat and he cleans up and head back out.

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