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Being an unreasonable asshole.

I figured I might as well start the night off properly, so I met Caitlyn at the door, pulled her into the room, and sat her down on the visitors' chair. I looked her in the eyes and told her she had one last chance. Leave now, or don't leave until morning. Her whispered, "Stay", was barely out of her mouth before I caught those lips against my own, and dragged her flush against my decidedly aroused body. Decidedly aroused? Hell! I was pretty sure I had soaked my way through my panties and was starting on my jeans!

I pulled her slowly to the bed, kissing her almost continuously; slightly afraid she'd still change her mind and bolt. We made it to the bed and I moved the two of us into a sitting position on the edge of the mattress. For a few moments we just looked at each other, and I came to a decision. I consider domination to be a relationship choice; I chose to start this one without it.

I moved closer to Caitlyn and gave her a quick peck on the lips, and she seemed to be puzzled when I pulled back.

"Gwy, what are you doing? Why are you teasing me?"

"Caitlyn, we already have partners that satisfy the part that needs a spanking every once in a while. Why can't we just be intimate friends? Equals."

Caitlyn frowned a little, pulling her forehead into a cute little furrow that I longed to smooth out. In all honesty, I sometimes felt very protective of her; she seemed so petite and confused. Then her face cleared, and she gave a smile that reminded me that hidden behind that pixie face was a black belt ass kicker.

"Gwylan, I think that's an excellent idea. You being in charge might have put a cramp in my plans for tonight. I want to be able to touch you, taste you, lick you all over, and I damn well don't want to ask to do it. Come here."

I leaned over, expecting a reciprocation of my earlier welcome, and I wasn't disappointed. Practically grabbing me by the ears, Caitlyn pulled me down on top of her, crossways on the bed. Her agile tongue teased my own , slipped in and out of my lips, flicked against my tongue , swirled along the corner of my mouth, and every once in a while, skipped lightly across my lower lip before diving back into the melee. And I thought I could kiss!

Through the haze of increasing horniness, I realized she was running her hands lightly up and down my sides, and along my lower back, growing familiar with the curves of spine and hips. I wondered if she did it naturally in appreciation of a good kiss, or whether she was unconsciously finding the best places to use as hand holds later on.

A few seconds later, I think became overrated as Caitlyn decided that being on the bottom was not going to suit her needs, and rolled with me to switch our positions. Her kiss was broken in the process, but her lips roamed my collar bone and neck, and I began to moan. God I love that! My nipples tightened, and my already more than dripping pussy began a low throb.

Caitlyn reached to unbutton my shirt, and pulled slightly away from my hypersensitive flesh. Without the contact of her mouth, I realized that my hands were able to do more than convulsively grasp her hair. I reached for her shirt, thankfully a pull over because, while I could move my hands and arms, they just weren't up to the challenge of buttons. Hell, snaps might be a problem.

"God, Gwylan. You were twitching like a bug on raid." Caitlyn smiled a little, obviously delighted that I was so responsive.

"My neck is hypersensitive. Jack likes to sneak up behind me and nibble on my neck too. He knows it'll get me going. It's like guaranteed sex, cause it makes me so wet." I giggled, "Jack says I twitch like a fish out of water, but I think I like your analogy better."

Caitlyn giggled a little too, but she'd finally gotten to the last button on my shirt, so neither of us was laughing long.

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