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Colin messes around with his mum and finally seduces her.

I walked over to him and began stroking his cock through his pants.

I said, "you dirty old man, I'm horny as hell. What are you going to do about it?" He began by holding and kissing me. His tongue was long and hot as he licked my lips and slid down my breast licking and sucking my tits. He told me he loved how my hard nipples pointed up and that he could suck them all day. He continued exploring my body with his tongue down over my belly, pulling my shorts off he licked through my hair pie down to my pussy. Pushing me back on the bed he spread my legs and gave me the best cunt licking ever. "Oh Yes Daddy Suck My Clit...Eat Me Good" I blurted out. I couldn't believe what I said or that my father-in-law was eating my snatch.

I must have cum three or four times before he dropped his pants and offered his rigid rod for me to suck in preparation for the fuck of my life. I loved tasting his cock and almost made him cum. He took his meat from my mouth and slapped it on my swollen pussy lips before sliding it in. We started with a slow rhythm which quickened as I felt his thick hot shaft in my tight, juicy pussy. Telling me to wrap my legs around him, he picked me up carrying me to the desk. Setting me down he finishing me off with a fury of thrusts culminating in shooting his hot cum cream in my quivering cunt.

I was exhausted. Here a man twenty years my senior had given me the best fuck of my life.He asked me if I was going to tell Tom. I said I didn't know. Tom had always wanted me to fuck another man and tell him all about it. He also wanted to watch me with another man and join in. I have been resistant but now, I didn't know. Would he be okay with it if the other man was his father? That night I decided to tell Tom I did fucked another guy but not who. He was dying to know who but I wouldn't tell him. It really turned him on and we sucked and fucked most of the night. I wondered if Ed was video taping us.

The next day Tom called me from work and said he was horny as hell and wanted to fulfill the second part of his fantasy. He asked me to set it up with "the other guy." I talked to Ed and he was more than willing to do it that evening. After dinner I told Tom I had a surprise for him. He should wait five minutes and come to the guest bedroom. I left the door partially opened so he could watch. Ed was there waiting for me with his usual big hardon. He undressed me and we got on the bed sucking each other in a 69 position. I was sitting on his face so Tom could not tell who my lover was. I licked Ed's meat from the base up to his big knob. Kissing the tip I slid my lips down his rock hard rod. Ed sucked on my clit as he nestled his nose in my wet box. Facing the door I saw Tom peeking in. In no time he had undressed and was stroking his cock as he watched.

He looked with amazement as he saw his dad emerge from between my legs and slide his shaft in my pussy doggie style. Looking at Tom I smiled and said, "Surprise." He hesitated for a moment and then walked into the room. I didn't know what to expect. When he said, "Great fuck isn't she Dad" I knew everything was okay. Tom thrust his dick toward my mouth and said "suck it baby. Your getting a real family fuck tonight." Before I took his cock in my mouth I said, "Father fucks like son." His smile told me he liked the comparison. With Dad from behind and Tom in my mouth I felt full. The father son combo switched positions from time to time and I got the best of both worlds.

Things got real interesting when my mother, Liz came to visit. We decided to cool it on the sex while she was there. Mother was an attractive, prim and proper woman in her late sixties. She had been divorced for ten years. She still had a body that made men take a second look but to my knowledge didn't date. Ed joined us and we enjoyed several dinners and outings together.

To no one's surprise Ed and Liz hit it off.

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