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Her attitude delivers her more trouble.

Embarrassed as she was Sarah couldn't help but laugh with her friend at the deliberately provocative gesture. She also couldn't help noticing how tight and smooth her arse cheeks were which made her feel a little envious but also made her feel something else altogether.

Assuming the show to be over Sarah felt both relieved and disappointed but to her surprise Laura simply lay down on the grass without getting dressed again. She took her hat off and tossed it like a Frisbee over to where her dress lay. She extended her arms all the way above her head and stretched her whole body.

As she stretched she arched her back, pushing her tits out. Small, firm and round Sarah noticed how they didn't change shape when Laura lay down, like Sarah's did, but stood out proud above her smooth, taut belly.

Laura wriggled a little in the grass making herself comfortable.

"What were you doing out here?" She asked.

Sarah blushed and felt uncomfortable. Her first thought was that Laura must somehow know what she\rquote d been up to.

"Sunbathing?" Laura asked.

Sarah felt relieved.

"Yes, just sunbathing. Trying out my new bikini."

Sarah struck a little pose with her hip and her shoulders as she said the word bikini but instantly felt a little foolish so awkwardly moved to lie down next to her friend.

The two girls lay there in the sunshine for some time soaking up the rays, Laura completely naked, Sarah barely less so. They chatted for a while, Laura talking about a guy she was fucking. She was more explicit than normal. Sarah didn't say anything but she felt herself get more and more horny as Laura talked.

Her pussy was so wet she was sure her juices were soaking through her bikini and into the grass. She could think of nothing better than sliding a finger into herself, stroking her clit while her friend talked dirty next to her. Well almost nothing.

Eventually however Laura trailed off and the two of them lay there in companionable silence. In fact so quiet and still did Laura become that Sarah was convinced she must have fallen asleep.

Sarah should have been feeling relaxed but the feeling in her pussy was making her tense and irritable, on edge. She knew she couldn't enjoy the rest of the afternoon without first having an orgasm but she didn't relish the thought of sneaking off to the bathroom to finish herself off, not her style at all. What she really wanted was just to lie back where she was, slip a finger under her bikini and push the button, rub her rosebud and just let the feeling take her away. She was wet and she wanted to come, she had been feeling horny anyway and Laura's little display and her sex talk had only aroused her more. She knew she wouldn't need long and she felt cross and resentful that her friend was getting in the way.

Except that Laura was asleep. Sarah could just give herself the attention she needed while her friend slept next to her. It was daring and not the sort of thing Sarah would normally even contemplate but something about the thought of getting herself off while her gorgeous friend was stretched out naked next to her was quite appealing.

She instantly dismissed the thought but it kept coming back. Still Laura didn't move. Without really thinking what she was doing her hand found itself rubbing her crotch over the outside of her bikini fabric. Sarah hadn't got a plan at this point but it felt so good that she couldn't stop.

Soon she needed more, she needed to feel the press of flesh on flesh. To stop the fabric rustling she didn't slide her hand under her panties like she normally would but instead she twitched them to one side to open up her pussy lips with her forefinger.

"My God, Sarah."

Laura had sat up and was staring at Sarah's hands as they slid over the exposed flesh of her pussy. Sarah instantly whipped her hand way, letting the fabric cover her up again.

Sarah was mortified and curled up. She wanted to leave but this was her garden and she couldn't just throw Laura out.

"God, I'm so sorry Laura."

"Don't be.

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