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A gorgeous blonde housewife wants a black baby.

Only an Egroeg can make the seeds. I must pull them from his purple horn with powerful suction, without getting killed in the process. Once I suck a load of seed from his tool, then I must carry it in my pouch to the unsuspecting tang.

Then I will mix my own enzymes with the seed, and make a snowball, which I will insert into the tang's brood stomach. The monstrously large tang will then swell with the seed, and become gross and fat and produce many litters of new dungees, which can differentiate into any of the three procreators.

The greatest dangers of sucking the seed come from arousing the Egroeg, as they become uncontrollable with their lust, and sometimes try to put their horns into places not designed for them, like my excretion chute. If they get into my chute, they will exhaust their supply of seed, and I will have no snowball, and no new pups.

Once I carry the seed, then there is the danger of the tang; she can turn on a silkeon in an instant. She can suck the snowball from my pouch, which will distract me. Sometimes she may mimic the actions of true breeding, and try to put a false snowball into my lower pouch, which will really distract me. Once I even got so distracted I put a perfectly good snowball into a tang's excretion chute. Even though she enjoyed the activity, I got no dungees.

Tangs are easily swayed, however, by a fierce and brave silkeon, for they are vain creatures, given to self pleasure. I can stroke her silver pelt and she will moan and squirm beneath my digits. I can signal her that she is powerfully sexually stimulating and she will comply, if only I can make her focus....

I stalked slowly down the mountainside, all three ears alert for danger. Far away an Egroeg snorted in his sleep. Closer at hand a tang make loud farting noises with her mouth as she dripped drool in her stupor. I spread her lower legs and snuffled. Whew, she was certainly ripe! Time for the Egroeg.

Backtracking, I climbed the hills, pausing often to check for any changes. Egroegs must be awake to take their seed, so I had to trap him before he had a chance to escape. Usually, I either climb on top of them and then spray pheromones to make them shoot out seed, or I crawl under them and confuse them into thinking I am their prey. Then when they try to gore me with their thick abergine slimy horn, I can turn in a flash and suck out their seed.

A giant Egroeg slept in the forest, shaking the trees with his rumblings. Luckily he was on his back, so that I could grasp his horn and guide it without his knowledge. I eased my pouch down on his rod, and pulled my lips tight around it.

Poised with my tail in the air, ready to spring away at any danger, I began the slow hard rubbing that was necessary for our species to survive. His horn responded! If I could only get him full enough with seed, he might squirt it easily into my container, and I could get away.

Two huge paws grabbed me! I was trapped! The Egroeg screamed a brutish growl, sounding like 'Si lk Y I sid nomo re!' I did not run, and instead sprayed my musk, and soon felt him as he pushed his hot, dripping horn into my frontal pouch. His seed could not go there! I struggled, and pulled back, but he drove into me. Frantically I pulled, but each time he impaled me further. I almost gave up hope, but his tiny mind could not stay focused, and he let his grip slip.

In a move to be celebrated by generations of silkeons, I rolled into a ball and was able to cap his horn with the proper pouch just as his seed erupted into great glowing gobs of luminescent spume. I sucked until my pouch was completely full; this would be the largest snowball in history!

Instantly I skittered away, as he fell back into hibernation. Carefully I mixed my enzymes as I took the laborious route back to the malodorous tang. After hours of creeping on all fives, escaping death by a hair's width again and again, I regained the lair of the slovenly poon-tang.

The Egroeg might set records, but this tang was no prize.

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