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The weekend came and went pretty quickly. I had two chances to look at the photos of Erica. Both times resulted in some of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had. I love women. I love making love to them. I can get just as much satisfaction though, by thinking about them as I masturbate. Especially when it involves their panties. I now had quite the growing collection of panties, with the latest addition of Erica's being my new favorite. And just for the record I was right. The wonderful pair of light yellow cotton panties were a size 8.

As I went into work Monday morning, I had mixed emotions. I wanted to see Erica, but I didn't want to see her. I was excited thinking about our little encounter, yet still feeling a little guilt. Ultimately she kept her job and got a raise, I got her panties, everyone won, so why couldn't I just be happy?

I hadn't been in my office ten minutes when there was a knock at my door. It was Erica, with one of her disarming smiles.

"Good morning, do you have a minute?" Erica asked.

"Yes." I replied. Erica came in and closed the door. She was wearing a pair of light gray dress slacks and a not quite form fitting thin white knit top. As she sat down I wondered what her bra and panties looked like. I couldn't help but think about her as she was in my office last Friday in only her bra and panties. I was, almost immediately, hard as a rock. Thank god I was sitting behind my desk. I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to function around her.

I was brought back to the moment by Erica saying, "Thank you for the raise, it was more than I had asked for."

I wasn't sure how I was going to be with her, going forward. I wasn't sure what I should say about what happened, or if I should just try and pretend it never happened. I wasn't even sure what I should say now. I didn't want to say, you earned it. That sounded cheap. So I just said, "You are very welcome."

There was an awkward silence for a few moments. Erica seemed like she had something else to say, but couldn't. Finally she asked, "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure." I replied.

"Was Friday just about getting my panties?" Erica asked hesitantly.

It definitely was not. Panties are most enjoyed when they are on or belong to a beautiful women. To me beauty is a shapely women. She doesn't need to have movie star looks. A cute face is good, but even a plain look with a nice smile and eyes is okay with me. Erica was more cute than plain. As all that ran through my mind I decided to be honest, "I have a thing for panties. The fact that they were yours is more exciting than I could probably explain."

Erica smiled slightly as she processed my response. After a moment of silence, I added, "Erica I'm sorry..."

"Don't, I'm okay, you don't need to say anymore." Erica said, cutting me off. Again silence, then she asked, "Can I ask you one more question?"


"What's your favorite?"


"Panties." Erica replied, her smile a little larger than it had been.

"White cotton." I replied without hesitation.

"Interesting... What style?"

"Just like your yellow pair." I responded, my cock now raging.

"How did you know what color panties I was wearing?"

"Friday?" I asked, knowing she was talking about Friday.

"Yes. When you first told me you wanted my panties, you specifically said the yellow panties."

"I saw the waistband of your panties while you were kneeling over that filing cabinet drawer."

Erica stood then. I was surprised by her questions and was fumbling for something else to say. She seemed to understand how uncomfortable I was, then surprised me even more by walking around my desk, giving me a quick peck on my check and saying, "Everything is okay, I'm fine, we're fine."

Then Erica left. I watched her beautiful ass in the light gray slacks as she left. Unfortunately, there were no panty lines visible. Oh well, it was still a gorgeous sight to see.

The day flew by.

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