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I actually think I look pretty damn sexy. Now I understand what Brian was talking about when he said I looked good. I just didn't see it before."

Thoroughly content and feeling very sexy, Violet decided it was time to go to her second thought and take some action on what she came in here to do in the first place. Walking over to the TV stand in the bedroom, she started sorting through movies. When she found what she wanted, she popped it in the DVD player and retreated to the bed. It was time for some serious masturbating.

Violet propped herself up on the bed. Her hand made its way down between her legs and caressed the outer lips of her pussy. The movie started and she was ready to get serious. Two women showed up on the screen, naked and caressing each other's bodies. This always turned Violet on because she had such a yearning for a woman's body and really wished she could enjoy them more often. This was one pleasure she kept for herself, not even sharing it with Brian. Her attention resumed on the TV.

One woman was now eating the other woman's pussy and Violet's rubbing became more intense. She was thoroughly wet now and her fingers slid easily between the folds of her pussy and up to her now engorged and very large clit. Her fingers stopped on her clit and rubbed it intensely, causing her to moan quietly. Her fingers then made their way back down her pussy and found her hot opening. They slid inside her, making her moan a little louder. She pumped them feverishly as the feelings became more intense.

Her hand became possessed as it just did what it had always done for her. It made its ways back and forth from her clit to her opening and back to her clit again. The feelings were getting intense as one woman in the video started to cum. It was at that point the Violet realized she needed to as well and she let go all inhibitions and came like she wasn't going to again. Her body convulsed as orgasmic waves washed through it, bringing on heavy sweats and heavy breathing.

Violet collapsed against her pillows. Her pussy was throbbing as was her entire body. She had a small grin on satisfaction on her face. This was definitely a good idea. She had forgotten just how much she enjoyed masturbating. It wasn't the same as sex nor was it as satisfying, but it was something she should consider doing again, and sooner rather than later.

Violet looked at the alarm clock. It was ten minutes to 10! Brian would be home soon and she didn't want him to know what she'd been up to. She hurried to take the movie out of the DVD player and threw on some pajamas so it would seem like nothing had ever happened. She went into the bathroom and fixed her hair, cleaned up the sweat on her brow and made sure she'd look nice and innocent.

Wanting to look as if she had been just enjoying a regular night after work, Violet returned to the TV and her ice cream, which had long melted. She began spooning soft ice cream from the cup and when it was finished, she placed it on the coffee table in front of her. Suddenly she heard Brian's car in the driveway and his door slam shut. He came on to the porch and opened the door.

He observed Violet with her feet up on the coffee table and also noticed the ice cream container.

"One of those days at work I take it?" He said with a grin.

"You could say that." Violet replied with a yawn.

Brian walked over and gave her a kiss over the back of the couch. He stood up and chuckled.

"Can you actually see that TV? That's a pretty big bump you've got in the way."

"Actually, no" Violet said with a grin. "There's nothing on anyway so I just sat here with my ice cream and just listened to it. "

Brian laughed. "I'm gonna make a sandwich. Do you want anything else to eat?"

"No thanks." She replied. "I've had my ice cream so I'm good." She giggled.

Brian made his sandwich and ate as they talked about the day.

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