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In her fantasies, he's not the boss anymore.

I sighed and absentmindedly caressed my breasts. They felt taut under my hand. Incapable of clearing my mind as images of my sexy professor kept popping in uninvited. Yet they were always welcomed...

I sighed again, as my fingers traced my right areola. I opened my eyes and looked down at my full breasts, floating a little. My pink nipples stood straight up on top of them, hard and long.

My pussy started to be in need of attention. I giggled as I slowly let my hand wander on my flat belly. "I must be crazy, tickling myself!" I thought as my ticklish tummy had tiny spasms under my feathery touch.

My pussy wasn't neatly waxed, as it usually was. For some reason I had wanted to let the hairs grow back. But it had been itching a lot lately so I decided to shave. I stepped out of the bath to grab a new razor along with my sister's orange-blossom scented shaving cream.

I pulled the cork and the milky bath water went down the drain. The shaving cream was a bit chilly when I applied it on my dirty blond pussy hair, my right foot on the edge of the bath.

I had never shaved my pussy before. I always went to a spa to get a Brazilian or a full wax, so I was a bit nervous when I carefully started to shave the delicate skin on my groin. The white shaving cream disappeared as the blade closely shaved my skin.

I felt my clit swell. I chuckled. "Is there something that doesn't excite you?" I asked myself.

Slowly, I continued shaving my labia, exposing a little more hairless skin with each gentle stroke. I avoided shaving a little patch of hair; a small landing strip pointing to where I needed to be touched.

I bent forward a little to allow the razor better access to the area around my anus. I usually got that part waxed as well, so it was only logical that I shaved it while I was shaving my pussy.

The skin there didn't seem as fragile as I slid the razor from my slit to my asshole. It even felt good. I moaned as I felt the sharp blade close to my puckered anus. With one final stroke I had a freshly shaven pussy.

I used the showerhead to rinse the whole area, maybe overzealously. I was gasping and moaning as the water ran on my pussy lips; on my slit; on my clit.

"I wonder if he ever jerks off in the shower... thinking of me?... I'm so self-centered! As if he would even think of one of his students that way!" I dismissed the thought as I stopped the water flow.

I didn't even bother to put my robe on before I went into my bedroom. I lit a couple of candles and opened my toy drawer. Clothespins? Nah. Clamps? Better. Butt plug? Hmm... Not tonight. Vibrator? Definitely.

I lay my toys side by side on the bed, debating whether I'd use lube, spit, or my own juices. I massaged my breasts looking at my toys neatly displayed, feeling my nipples get harder.

I opted for spit and grabbed a candle. The wax was liquid, ready to use. I gasped in anticipation and leaned back on my pillows, spreading my thighs a little.

I admired my handiwork with the razor. I looked down at my pussy and decided to do something I usually didn't do; I dropped some melted wax on my belly and on my pussy.

The wax was hot as it dripped on my lips and all around my clit. It burned just a little. As I waited for the wax to set, I let out noisy sighs. My nipples got even harder. I rolled one between the fingers of my available hand.

The setting wax encased my clit in a tight, warm shell. I couldn't help but imagine my professor's mouth there. The thought aroused me, as thinking about him usually did.

I wondered what kinks he had, if any. Was he into light pain, as I was? Was he into lingerie? Was he a perverted voyeur?

I imagined him sitting in his big leather chair, scrutinizing me, looking at me pleasuring myself as I dripped melted wax on my left breast. I moaned and ground my teeth, watching the red wax drip down my tit.

I traced a circle around my nipple before dripping some wax directly on it.

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