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Britta tells Annie the truth, after she helps her move.

Jim's jeans went down around his thighs. Still the head of his huge fat white cock was hidden from view.

Gently I wrapped my fingers around the thick veiny shaft, and hauled it out. I realized at that moment that Jim's was the cock that I'd always dreamed of. Its white shaft was in stark contrast to the brown of my long delicate fingers, which could not touch around its incredible girth. It was half hard. The massive purple head weighed it down so that it hung an inch from my moist trembling lips. I could feel the heat radiating off of it. A drop of clear pre-ejaculate oozed from the angry looking slit in the tip of the swollen Mushroom head.

Almost against my will, my long pink tongue snaked out and licked the bitter nectar from the hole. I scooted off my Italian leather office chair, and onto my knees. I was still feeling terrible guilt about cheating on my wonderful husband, but I belonged on my knees in front of Jim. Hungrily, I ran my tongue all around the fat head of his cock. It tasted so good. 'You have such a big cock baby' I purred, looking up into Jim's eyes. I lifted his heavy dick and slathered its hot underbelly with my juicy lips and tongue. Jim growled back, 'That's it bitch, that's how I like my black women, on their knees with my cock in their mouth.' I reached out and cradled his low slung furry balls in my hand. They were the size of goose eggs. With my other hand, I hefted the rigid log and kissed the drooling head. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and wrapped my luscious full lips around Jim's fat white Cock.

Jim harsh demeanor softened slightly once I began fellating his oversized penis in earnest. I really couldn't get much more than the head in my mouth. That thing looked like it belonged on a mule. I stuffed my mouth with his fat white cock. I could feel the deliciously distended head butting against the back of my throat, gagging me. My lust for his king sized man meat overcame the choking reflex, and the growing ache in my jaw. I welcomed the assault on my throat. I desperately wanted to swallow this big white fuck stick. I firmly but gently massaged his big bloated balls, and the sensitive area just behind them. I wanted to milk a hot gooey load out of those big fat balls. Taking my mouth off Jim's huge dick, I looked at it admiring its tremendous size and hardness. I licked every fat juicy inch. Ducking my head under his baseball bat of a cock, I slurped and gargled on Jim's big hairy white balls. At 11:30, when I realized that he wasn't in the both, I had been his boss, Mrs. Auden. One hour later I was his brown sugar cock slut. I was on my knees worshiping his big white dick, and my juicy black pussy was soppy wet. Jim fisted his mighty woman taming cock, causing the huge helmet head to swell even further. With one hand he, again, grasped my hair. With the other he wiped his drooling penis round and round my pouty lips, like a giant lipstick.

He began to cruelly tease me. Taking his sweet cock out of the reach of my hungry mouth, then slapping me with it. I held my face up willingly for him to dick slap. He then let go of his white monster cock. It bounced heavily, sticking out 11__ inches from his blond pubic bush. Without warning he pulled me to my feet. 'Strip', was his only command. By that time I was his whore. He didn't have to tell me twice.

I tore at my remaining clothes to follow Jim's orders, but also needing to be naked in front of this Stud. When all my clothes lay in a heap on the floor except my red thong panties, Jim grabbed my arm roughly and pushed me over my desk. I didn't dare resist. My head and shoulders hung over the opposite side of the desk. But my big brown breasts were mashed into the unyielding mahogany desk. I heard movement, and I knew that Jim was removing his tight wranglers. My fat juicy pussy ached to feel the penetration that would surely come next. Jim hooked his strong fingers into the waistband of my red silk panties, and unceremoniously ripped them off me.

He slapped my fat booty li

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