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An Introduction.

He could probably...Dan dug his fingernails into his hand. There are two kinds of people in life, he told himself. The kind of people who would take advantage of a helpless girl in a desperate situation, and the kind of people who knew better.

Boy, thought Dan, leaning his head back against the wall, right now I wish I was one of the other kind of people.

After a while, the silence grew unbearable, and Dan had to say something, just to hear himself talk. "So, Naomi," he said, "how'd you wind up getting hypnotized any time someone said 'sour apple ice cream'?"

"my last boyfriend," she said. "he was a hypnotherapist, and he hypnotized me many times. he said i was a very good hypnotic subject."

"Oh," Dan said, not sure exactly how to respond to all this. "So he was, sort of, practicing on you?"

"no," Naomi said, "it was a part of our sexual relationship. hypnosis is a sexual turn-on for me. he would hypnotize me before sex, and then guide my mind while we made love."

Dan's eyes widened. "Well," he muttered, "it's a good thing I said I could keep a secret..." Mental note, he thought. Naomi didn't seem to have any conversational filters in this state, either. Which meant... "Um," he said, and for a moment, he tried to stop himself from asking, but he knew she'd answer honestly when she was like this, and he really had to know... "What do you think of me, Naomi?"

"i don't really think anything of you," she said, not even meaning it to be cruel. "i noticed you once or twice around the hospital, but i didn't pay any attention to you until today. i don't even remember your name."

"Oh," Dan said. "It's Dan Brooks." Serves me right for asking, he thought. He sat there for a long moment. Then something occurred to him. "Naomi," he said, "if hypnosis is, um, a turn-on for you...does that mean you're turned on right now?"

"yes," she said, letting out a sigh that was almost a moan. "going into trance is a deeply erotic experience for me. i've wanted to go into trance for so long, ever since Michael and i broke up, but i hadn't found anyone i could trust."

"Oh, that's OK," Dan said, trying to reassure her, "you can trust me."

"i can trust you," Naomi repeated robotically.

"Oh, crap!" Dan said. "That wasn't a command!" he said immediately afterwards. Shit! he thought. Shit shit shit! She's really suggestible, he reminded herself. Gotta watch what I say. Dan sighed. She's really suggestible, she'll tell me anything I ask, and she's already admitted that she's really turned on. And I'm alone with her in the dark, and I've been crushing on her for months. He looked up at the ceiling. Give me strength, he prayed silently...because if he'd said it out loud, Naomi would have tried to do it.

"How can I wake you up?" he asked at last.

"just say, 'wake up, naomi'," she responded. "i will obey."

Dan's cock twitched at the use of the word 'obey', but he tried not to think about it. Think something unsexy, he told himself. Angela Lansbury, the end of 'Slither', the fact that you're stuck in an elevator somewhere between the ninth and tenth floor and there's no power...

None of it was working. "Wake up, Naomi," he said.

He heard her breathing ratchet up into panic levels almost immediately. "Why did you wake me?" she said, grabbing his arm tightly in the darkness. "I don't want to be awake right now, you've got to put me back under, please, just...please!"

"Naomi," he said, "just calm down for a second, we need to talk. I'm having a little...trouble...dealing with you the way you are in trance. I think I already put a suggestion in your head. By accident!" he stressed. "Totally by accident. But I'm worried I might wind up taking advantage of you somehow." Like, for example, commanding you to strip naked and fuck me, he added mentally.

"Look," Naomi said, her voice tight and brittle, "I'm not worried about that. I trust you."

"Yes," he shouted, "that's because I told you to!"


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