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A girl with a special talent who loves to have fun.

She then lay on her right side and the two women kissed again.

Christian lay down on the bed behind his wife and softly nibbled on Savannah's bare shoulder.

"Mmm," Savannah moaned into Alyssa's mouth as her husband kissed her flesh.

Alyssa felt Savannah's hand at her small breast and shivered with the contact.

Josh usually grabbed her small breasts, slobbered and sucked on them, then determined that she'd had enough foreplay.

"Need kiss on Alyssa's shoulders," Savannah suggested to her husband. "She's twice as sensitive as I am.

Alyssa felt the bed sag slightly as Christian lay down behind her.

She was married, she was a married woman. She was married to Joshua Jordan, not to this man laying behind her.

Alyssa felt his hard cock, felt the slimy pre-cum fluid leaking from his hard cock as it trailed against her buttocks.

"My fat ass," she thought for a second.

Then Christian's mouth kissed her bare shoulder and Alyssa almost jerked with the sensation.

Savannah's kisses and nibbles had been soft, small kisses and nibbles.

Christian's kisses and nibbles were also soft, but his mouth was a large one, covering more area than Savannah's mouth had.

"Oh, shit!" she moaned and pushed Savannah's mouth hard against her small breast.

Then Christian bit lightly on her neck and Alyssa actually felt her pussy spasm.

The husband and wife kissed, licked and nibbled on her flesh, causing Alyssa to shiver.

Then Savannah was pushing Alyssa's right leg up. Alyssa moaned loudly as she felt Savannah's hot breath on her overheated pussy.

And there was a large cock millimeters from her lips.

Alyssa had not had much sexual experience when she and Josh had begun dating. She'd had one boyfriend that had taken her to their high school's Homecoming Dance, then out to the Basin where he fucked her. Then he brought her home and never called her again.

Her second boyfriend had also fucked her whenever he felt like it. Alyssa broke up with him when she overheard him laughing with his buddies.

"Know how you fuck Alyssa Smith?" he guffawed. "Roll her in flour and go for the wet spot!"

She knew she was fat; there was no use in denying it. But to hear someone speaking so cruelly about her really broke Alyssa's heart.

Then Josh Jordan, a pimple faced, greasy haired boy had told her boyfriend off.

"Bitch is beautiful; you're lucky even be with her, God damned ass hole," Josh had yelled.

Boyfriend number one had not given Alyssa a chance to suck his cock. Boyfriend number two used blow jobs as a way to get his cock hard enough to fuck. And Josh wasn't a big fan of her blow jobs; said she wasn't very good at it.

"You suck at sucking," he giggled.

Alyssa wrapped her lips around the head of Christian's fat cock and lapped all around the head of it. She used a small hand to stroke the length of it.

If Christian thought she sucked at sucking, his moans didn't indicate this.

"Mmph!" Alyssa grunted as Savannah tongued her pussy lips.

She swallowed more of the cock into her small mouth, stretching her jaws wide to avoid biting him.

Savannah's fingers also pushed into Alyssa's wet pussy and Alyssa moaned again around Christian's cock.

Then Alyssa shuddered as Savannah gently sucked on her clitoris. Savannah pulled her mouth off of the sensitive nub and again licked and fingered Alyssa's pussy.

Alyssa rocked slightly; the pleasures were intense. Then she screamed as Savannah lightly nipped at her clitoris. Thankfully, the five inches of Christian's cock that was in her mouth muffled her scream. She frantically jacked Christian's cock as Christian's wife licked and sucked her pussy.

"Oh God Baby!" Savannah grunted and shook.

Alyssa realized, while she was sucking Christian, while Savannah was sucking and fingering her, Christian was licking and fingering his wife's pussy.

A daisy chain, she had read in one of Josh's Parasols magazine.

She screamed and shook in orgasm as Savannah resumed licking and fingering her pussy.

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