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A sub wakes up angry and needs taming.

From his lying position, his eyes could still see the shape of her pussy through the stretch bikini fabric and the curving undersides of her ripe, opulent breasts riding high on her chest with the nipples poking the fabric

"Oh god," he moaned and his dick started to rise.

"My oh my, you're dying and yet you're dick is rising?" she said casually in a carnal tone.

She knelt before him near his face and his eyes managed to bulge a bit either because he was a few inches to her magnificent body or the few minutes ticking off before he dies.

"If I'll fuck you right this moment, you won't enjoy it and you'd definitely die sooner. I regret that it had to come this way."

Arnold was panting for breath. He mumbled something that she couldn't understand.

"You wanted to fuck me, right?"

He nodded. "If only you let me lived," he croaked.

"I'm sure you'd love holding my breasts?" She said as she wandered her hands down her body, lifting and cupping her marvelous breasts, squeezing them enticingly together with her eyes half closed.

"And you'll definitely wanna do this," she said as she smoothed herself caressing over slightly round belly, her full luscious hips until she brushed her hands over the softness and shape of her pussy, fingering herself shamelessly through her wickedly sexy bikini.

She turned over her shoulder and peered down behind her back and saw his cock in full stand.

"I've never seen a man dying with his cock still upright. Oh god you really wanted me." The corner of her lip curled up.

Arnold was now lying under a pool of blood.

"I gotta go swim for awhile and when your dead, I'll put you in that big bin over there and pour you chemicals that will melt your body until there'll be no trace of you. Gone with the wind just like a bubble," she said rising on her feet.

"What kind of a babe are you?" Arnold asked his breathing uneven.

"Let's not go into that. Who says that life is always fair? You got to die one way or another. Bye-bye horny boy. And those flowers are really for you," she said and rose to her feet.

"And why me?"

"Somebody had to and that happens to be you."

"Ow shit," he croaked.

Salma took off her strappy sandals, hitched up her bikini bottom and dove into the pool. She swam several laps and Arnold's eyes followed her to the pool. He was getting weaker and weaker almost loosing sight of her as if he was drugged. However he mustered all his strength to roll his body toward the pool and thought that he'd rather die in the water with those flowers wafting fragrance into his nostrils. He dropped into the pool face down. In a few seconds Arnold lay floating dead in the water his blood spreading around him.

Salma watched his floating body from the shallow end of the pool panting slightly. Then she climbed out of the pool, took the mattress from one lounging chaise and laid it down the pool's side walk. From her bag she withdrew a skin lotion and then sat on the mattress, poured lotion on her palm and rubbed it all over her body. After she'd covered all her skin, she laid on her back on the mattress, basked in the sun rays and enjoyed the pleasant breeze brushing over her bare skin.

After 15 minutes had passed Arnold's eyes opened in the water. Astonished, he felt his strength coming back to him. For unknown reason he felt reborn and much more alive. He swam toward the shallow level and stood on the pool floor and examined his exposed upper body. To his surprise, the bullet holes had vanished and so was the blood that tainted the water. "Must be the water! It's a miracle. This is something from the water because it tasted and smell differently."

Salma was napping down on her stomach unaware that Arnold had risen. He had wrapped his silky robe around his waist and stood next to her, his body a Grand Canyon of his manhood. Her smashing petite figure lay on the ground with her legs slightly spread from her full round butt.
A stinging slap landed on her butt.

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