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A prize at the lottery.

'Paul' Jess' Is that you' Oh, please say something...'

I felt my tired, but still willing cock stir as I crossed the room. I placed one knee on the end of the bed and moved my head behind Cat's bottom as she squirmed anxiously. My breath curled air around her ass cheeks and thighs... she twitched violently against the restraints about her ankles, the spiked heels tilting up like thorns.

'Please... tell me who that is... oh don't... don't...'

My tongue stroked up the back of her thigh, from the top of her stocking to her pert little rear. She wiggled from side to side, unable to escape the pressure. I tasted her cold, bare skin on both sides. then slowly ran my tongue up along the narrow strip of material that ran through her pussy lips.

'Oh God, please, don't... you have to stop... oh, who is this... I beg you...'

I did have a little pang of guilt then, but at the same time this wasn't going to be a case of mistaken intent, like with Tizianna. And that had worked out well enough, even if it had side-tracked Jessica's plan to walk in with Lisa and catch Orla and I together, developing the foursome from there...

I drew my tongue up and down Cat's sweet little pussy, tasting her juices from her lips, edging my tongue around the g-string. I gently lifted the material away, and Cat sobbed, pleaded and begged for some clue as to who was there. I kissed and licked at her pussy again, dabbing my tongue at her. I wondered if she could feel my beard brush her labia, or if she was already too far gone to be able to feel the details. She had been left like this, anticipating, for some time; Cat's pussy was flooding almost from the first moment I kissed it.

'No... oh God... you mustn't... please, please, I have to know... is it you, Paul' Oh God, please tell me?'

She uttered a sob as if she was going to burst into tears, but then her voice climbed into a crescendo of choking, gasping moans, and I felt her pussy convulse on my tongue. I lapped along the length of her slit, dabbed my tongue inside, and licked at her flowing juices while she called her release out loudly.

Her head sank down to the sheets after she had cum, and I licked her once more gently... and then stood up behind her, unfastening my jeans. She heard my belt jangle, the snap of leather, the rasp of the zip. She was mewling like a kitten. I watched the ties at her ankles become taut again as she swayed on the bed, and then I took hold of her hips, and guided her back to my cock, sinking it straight in.

'Oh fuck yes!!!' she screamed.'Fuck me!' At least she wasn't asking it was Jess behind her any more.

I pumped my penis steadily in her wet pussy, stroke after stroke moving deeper. She was incredibly wet. Cat was quite slender, and her pussy incredibly tight. I pressed deep, rocked against her, and filled her with long strokes. She started to cum again almost at once, crying out as she slammed back hard, rocking on her knees, impaling herself on my cock. I felt her heels against my calves, the polished leather stroking against me as I pounded into her from behind.

Tired as I was after the previous day's exertions (and I'm not a morning person... except maybe first thing in the morning, if you know what I mean), I could have kept this up for a while. But then the doorbell rang. Cat was shaking, trembling after her cum... she almost choked with loss as my cock slipped out.

It was Tasha at the door, looking scrumptious in a tailored suit, with a crisp white blouse and sexy black ankle boots. She did a little bunny girl pose thing as she saw my eyes travel up and down her body with admiration, laughed tunefully and then asked if Jess or Lisa was around.

'Jess is shopping, babe. Lisa should be at her place, but she might be sleeping a little heavy.'

Tasha caught my meaning and her white teeth flashed.

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