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Back to the Oasis.

Such a thing would require heat and passion, and Dorian has only ice running through his veins."

Lyriena took her seat, relieved to be able to relax some of the pressure around the diamond. "Please, join me Master Weylan, if you are able. I suspect you might be rather busy today." The man was a font of information, at least, and there was much he could probably tell her as the day went by.

"I'd be delighted to, Your Highness!" He replied, with a seemingly sincere joy. "I'm not as busy as you might expect. The other Guilds won the majority of the contracts for the feast. We received some, to be sure, but not enough to make up our losses."

They chatted amiably for another half hour, until Jeanette finally rose to address the crowd.

"People of Zentara! Today is a glorious day! Twenty three years of war, suffering, and chaos have finally come to an end. The cruel and incompetent reign of the Oustens is over, and we have won! No longer will the threat of Hesten aggression loom over our peaceful realms. But now, with my son, Belkor, as King of Heste, we can usher in a new era of peace and prosperity."

The crowd roared in approval at the Queen's words. After the end of the Second Hesten War fifteen years previously violence continued to spill over the borders. Orc raiders continued to cross over the Warne River and young King Garrett of Heste had proven incapable of stemming the tide. Fed up with his fickle and ineffective leadership, the lords on the border defected one by one to Zentara, pleading fealty in exchange for keeping their lands and titles and peace from the ravaging hordes.

"We were only successful in our endeavor thanks to the brave efforts of our allies. Joining us in our victory celebrations today are Princess Amelie Honore of Thesta and General Paul Vorndren of Sandora, who led their armies alongside our own to victory over the Hesten menace. I hope you'll all join me in welcoming these heroes to our city, and by giving your favor to the Princess-Knight as she competes in the tourney."

The crowd cheered again, though less loudly this time. Apparently the Zentarans were more willing to revel in their own accomplishments than they were to share them with others. After fighting on again off again wars with Heste for the last twenty years though, it wasn't surprising that they didn't want to share the glory with two Kingdoms who swooped in after all the hard work had been done.

"Also with us today is Princess Lyriena Eomowien, from The Elfish Isles. She has come as a special envoy from their King to celebrate our victory, and to negotiate a lasting peace and trade deal that will ensure prosperity for all the peaceful people of the Western Kingdoms."

Lyriena bristled at the bald-faced lie even as the crowd cheered for her. She was here to end an unjust embargo, not to give legitimacy to the Queen's naked ambition to put her son on a foreign throne. There was not much she could do about it now, though. Hopefully the deal will be concluded quickly. If not, I wonder if Deznessuian will be put on the list of chaotic realms not interested in peace.

"When I married my late husband, Chief Turogg of the Goltenak tribe, we entered into a new era. No longer would the orcs prey on the eastern borders. Caravans bringing trade from the Eastern Kingdoms passed unmolested into our lands, bringing wealth and prosperity. The infusion of orcish blood has revitalized our people. Yes, these last few years have been hard. The passing of King Turogg was a dark day for Zentara. But he left behind a precious gift; our son, King Grotok, whose brave leadership brought a swift end to our recent war. Now, Zentara and Heste are united as brothers and the seeds of friendship long since planted with Thesta, Sandora, and the Elfish Isles have bloomed into strong, lasting partnerships. The future is ours! Now, my friends, my people, I shall hold back the celebrations no more. Let the games begin!"

The crowd's final roar ushered in the beginning of the day's celebrations.

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