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Sex is best, when kept in the family in this raunchy tale.

She knew he was aching especially badly today, as she had heard her Aunt's cries of ecstasy through the walls the night before for hours, and seeing him half naked on the couch, and feeling his erection under her foot, she decided today was the day to make her big move.

"Good morning sexy boy!" she joked as she wiggled her toes in his lap.

"Morning" Dave curtly responded, trying hard not to get too aroused by her. She had been teasing him for weeks and he was having a hard time resisting and knew it was a losing battle if he engaged for too long with her. With the constant ache in his balls and her cute little ass always hanging out under her tight little skirts he was constantly on edge. With her in the house now, he had not been able to release his seed for weeks as he was NEVER alone so he was very worked up.

Rubbing her foot over his tight stomach, she looked into his face and asked.

"So Dave, how about a little foot rub today? Aunty says you are a master and my feet are killing me from my workout."

Dave started to sweat a little as he realized not only was he going to do it, but this temptation was getting out of hand. Grinning, he agreed as he certainly did not want this tempting little Minx giving him a bad report back to her favorite Aunt but he knew he was entering a dangerous territory now. Lifting her foot up from his stomach, he laid it into his lap and began to lightly caress her silky soles in his palms.

As his magic fingers stroked and rubbed her foot, she moaned and writhed dramatically, both out of legitimate pleasure at his massage, but also because she knew this was turning Dave on tremendously. Victoria had mentioned his enormous skill in this area and she had not oversold his talents, he was a master. With her free foot laid in his lap she monitored his penile reactions and as he worked on the other foot it was quite apparent that he was thoroughly enjoying the foot rub as much as she was. Now that he was fully erect and throbbing she knew he wanted her badly and this knowledge made her grow hotter and hotter. Feigning innocent ignorance, she occasionally would shift her foot so that her toes brushed the tip of his cock through his pants. Feeling the twitch in his crotch she also felt her panties moisten and her nipples stiffen.

She got bolder now, and as he kept massaging her feet she began to spread her legs. Seeing him peeking up her shirt and feeling his throbbing cock straining to burst out of his gym shorts she knew she could have him any time she wished now she just had to bait the trap right.

Showing him her panties under her long T-Shirt and seeing his eyes staring she spoke.

"So? See anything you like?" she teased as the rumblings under her foot told her he did.

He just winked back but tried to remain cool. He knew he was in very dangerous territory here and tried hard to force down his erection which now was completely out of hand. Continuing to rub her toes, he hoped this was all just a game as he either needed her to stop soon or finish him off. He certainly did not want to jeopardize his situation by fucking Victoria's gorgeous niece, but he knew if he had to endure much more of this it was going to be impossible to resist. As she began to speak again as he worked on her feet he knew his will was crumbling.

"You know Dave, I know all about you and my Aunt. She speaks very highly of ALL of your skills." Now tickling his balls with her toes through his tightening shorts she added. "Such a shame she doesn't know how these need emptying once in a while."

Wincing he tried to adjust to hide his now out of control hard-on. Despite knowing she was putting him into an impossible trap and was either trying to seduce him (and get him thrown out) or just tease him (and thus drive him more crazy) he kept still. Part of him knew he should leave but the lower part of him definitely wanted to stay. Caught in her web of seduction, and his mouth already drooling he was frozen to the couch.

Now he

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