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Hubby's first time leather encounter with wife & shemale.

She turned to challenge me, leaving my pole unoccupied once more.
"What did you do?"

"Me!?! What could I doOOOO!?!"

Rose had decided to hop back on.

Serena peered at me for a second and then, comprehension dawning, she whipped her head around to find Rose doing a bump and grind on my pelvis, "Son of a..."

"Oh I'm sorry. Were you not done with him yet?" Rose rode me another few seconds before she slowly dismounted, contracting her muscles around me as she went, doing her utmost to leave behind a liberal coating of her pussy juice on my cock, "Here you go."

Rose pulled my dick away from her opening and angled it toward Serena. The blonde was just sort of kneeling there, one hand raised to her lips, as she absorbed the implications of what she had just witnessed. Unless she was very much mistaken, Serena had just had her first taste of another woman's cream.

She quickly looked back at me, I guess to see if I had reached the same conclusion, then she turned back to Rose, glancing quickly down at my prick then back up to Rose's smiling face.

"Go on, you can do it." At first Rose was using an encouraging pitch, much like you would for a child or pet, but when Serena hesitated she quickly went for a more acerbic tone, "Well, hell, it's not like it's gonna kill you!"

Surprisingly, that seemed to do the trick.

Showing the hesitancy that I had expected when Serena first sucked my dick, the fair-haired woman approached my cream glazed shaft, extending her tongue a bit and tasting the very tip. She pulled back quickly, almost as if she had expected an electrical shock, and paused. Finding nothing objectionable in the flavor she returned for a second helping, swirling her tongue around the glans and again backing away to evaluate the taste. Still not finding anything disagreeable Serena sucked my cock as far into her mouth as she could and used her tongue to clean Rose's pussy juice from its surface. When she was finished with that she released me from her mouth and bent down to lick what little cream was left from around the base of my pole.

"Want more?"

With a blush Serena nodded shyly and Rose lined up my manhood with her opening. When the head was inside her Rose lowered her right knee to the floor, mirroring the left, and as she slowly lowered herself on my shaft she also leaned back, her hands coming to a rest flat on the floor near my knees, her back arched and those perfect breasts thrust forward stretching the material of her tube top delightfully.

Using only the muscles of her pelvis Rose raised and lowered herself on me with agonizing slowness, her eyes closing as inch after inch gradually slipped from her vagina, her lips clinging to me and pulling away from her body until just the head remained inside her and she started to lower herself once more, reversing direction and consuming my cock just as slowly as she had released it.

It was possibly the most erotic thing I have ever seen.

I watched Rose with my eyes opened as wide as they could and every other muscle in my body clenched as I struggled not to cum. Serena was not in any imminent danger of cumming but she watched spellbound as well, her only movement coming from her right hand as it flailed back towards me. I reached up and grabbed her and we watched transfixed, holding each other's hand.

We stayed that way for minutes, Rose never altering her pace or her position, all thought of the time limit for the dare, and even the dare itself, forgotten, watching in silence as my dick moved in and out of Rose, the only noise the smacking sound of her wet pussy as she covered my shaft once again with her cream.

And then she raised herself off me and pointed my member towards Serena with a simple command, "Suck."

Serena did, even going so far as to attempt to move as slowly as Rose, her tongue fluttering around my flesh, progressing from top to bottom as it gathered every drop of milky white fluid to be found.

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