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Middle age career woman discovers the serenity of submission.

Both voices sang the erotic chant, accompanying the beat of their instruments.

Both of them heard the door click. Neither wanted to pause their animal lust.

The chambermaid, carrying three towels, used her key to enter, music filled her ears from her earphones, she entered the room and saw two naked bodies in front of her, one knelling on the bed the other standing behind. They were bobbing up and down, mouthing unheard sounds.

She dropped her jaw; a chewing-gum fell to the floor, she tugged at her earphones and a different kind of music filled her senses. The two people in front of her moaned in harmony to their bobbing, the squelching noise adding to their chorus. They both looked at her, assessing her response, the two performers didn't miss a beat, they were unable to, possessed by their erotic spirits.

She dropped the towels, and backed up one step still looking at the display of passion before her. Shocked, scared and excited at the same time at the same thing, she left the room; in a state of confusion.

Out in the corridor she wanted to run away and to see more, her thoughts raced. As her fear subsided she became aware of the damp feeling at the front of her white cotton panties. The last time she was wet like this was when she'd enjoyed a long snog with her last boyfriend; she'd enjoyed that, so she decided she was going to enjoy this.

She used her key to enter the unoccupied room next door.

She could hear noises through the wall as she put her hand down her panties to feel her wetness. Now she wished she could see more of what they were doing, but that wasn't possible. She tugged her panties down her legs and unbuttoned her uniform, exposing her breasts. Not small, but firm enough not to bother with a bra; their nipples erect. Putting one hand between her legs the other on her breasts, just like she saw the man grasp the lady, closing her eyes, trying to remember every detail, her ears strained to catch every sound. She thought of herself with long hair as she rubbed her pussy until her moans were added to the ones coming from the adjacent room.

"I hope she doesn't report us!" she exclaimed, falling forward laughing, "that was exciting, being seen like that".

He agreed with her.

"Lay down on the bed" he ordered; she did. He wanted to cool down a bit before giving her the fuck of her life.

She sprawled along the bed her hair fanning out.

"Open your legs, wide"

"Oh my god!" she said as she realised what he was going to do. She'd never had oral sex before. Only a few boring lovers and her own hands. She suddenly got very excited at the anticipation of his mouth doing wonderful things to her cunt.

He put a pillow under her hips to raise her to a better angle. This caused her to writhe at the thought of the impending pleasure, her cunt positioned for perfect effect. She oozed juice in expectation.

He kissed the inside of her thighs, butterfly kisses, everywhere except where she wanted them most. Her cunt gaped as she writhed her hips, sweet sticky goo trickled out but still he teased her. Then his tongue brushed the edges of her labia, tasting her sweetness, creating more. She writhed even more and clutched her breasts to gain more pleasure than she was getting from below, just the barest touch, her clitoris throbbed at its need for attention.

He launched his tongue at her clit, furiously licking the startled pink bud, he would not relent, not pause until she was screaming in pleasure.

She screamed out loud at the suddenness of his ploy. Then she began to stiffen as the effect of his tonguing expressed itself. She gripped a handful of blanket in each hand arching her back, falling back onto the bed and slowly arching her back again. Her moans turned to deep groaning as the intensity of his licks rasped her clitoris into a pleasure-storm. He was using slightly too much pressure but she endured it, loved it.

Her body bounced back onto the bed as she began to flail violently, shaking her head, hair flowing about wild

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