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A wayward mother delights in her son's downfall.

He decided this system would not work and dedicated both hands to his crotch. Humiliated, he left his butt free to the world.

Ted joined the line immediately after Brenda, and his eyes immediately converged on the butt in front of him. Who did it belong to? Whose golden toasted skin would grace such a fine behind? Who's shining black hair gracefully cascaded down from her shoulders in such a manner?

That's when Ted realized his crush was in front of him, without a stitch to cover her most personal areas. That's also when the revelation came upon Ted that he was also naked within the vicinity of his crush, and the thought of her viewing his naked body horrified him. But, his perversion was taking over. Focused on that oh-so-busty butt in front of him, an erection overtook his dick and it was practically bulging at the seams. The thought of being humiliated and nude in front a girl he was strongly attracted to strangely aroused him.

Then, a shudder shook the earth and Ted to the bone. A low, growling roar was rapidly increasing in volume behind the group. Picking up the pace, they all turned nonetheless, and saw a wave of earth, rock and trees entomb the cabins and much of the mountainside. Thankfully, the tsunami lost motivation several feet behind the tail end of the caravan.

Brenda started weeping - every personal item she had brought with her was now buried under at least 20 feet of avalanche runoff, and her wet, shivering naked body was out in the open for any audience to check out! Thankfully, Counselor Dan had all of the group's passports and visas. If the international paper had perished at the hands of the avalanche, the traveling youths would've spent another month in China going through a hellish diplomatic process.

Ted, with his eyesight frozen on the remains of the hostel he was calling home, tripped on an unseen bump in the path. He was sent sailing downwards, crashing into Brenda. His cock rubbed against her ass, and because it was dripping wet, slid easily in between her buttcheeks. They both landed with a thud on the ground. Ted hurriedly got off of her and lifted her to her feet. She shockingly looked up and him, and then her gaze flung downward at his penis, ridiculously erect. Even amid her sobbing, she managed to chuckle, being rather impressed with the endowment of her companion.

"Nice thing you got down there, Ted," she managed.

"L-l-l-likewise," Ted responded, covering up with one hand and pointing to her uncovered landing strip with the other.

"Oh!" Brenda clenched her pussy from Ted's view.

Alone to her thoughts, she figured he had been behind her this whole time, checking out her ass! She scoffed, and if she hadn't been so focused on shielding her pussy and tits, would've crossed her arms out of utter disdain for Ted's flamboyantly perverted ways.

Finally, the group reached the Tibetan village. Every single family, of course, was out of their homes, conversing with a small group of state-sanctioned scientists which had gotten together at the epicenter of the night's quake. She felt female eyes assessing her, male eyes indulging in her. A small Tibetan boy scurried toward Brenda and inquired about something in his native tongue, before slapping her hand away from her vagina. This was met with a humiliated gasp from Brenda, whose recently dried cheeks were once again graced with tears. The boy was promptly scooped up by his mother, who profusely spit out what must've been an apology in Tibetan.

The march into the village went on, and, to her utter horror, past a regiment of People's Liberation Army troops. She could feel the Chinese fighting men watching her ass bob up and down with every step. Brenda could just see them desperately clinging for an inconsistency in her cover of her breasts and pussy, so that they could see some frontal corner of this foreign girl's nude form.

On one side of the dirt road were males wielding Chinese knock-offs of Western assault rifles, on the other we're f

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