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Kind elderly gentleman helps student in distress.

"Take them off," whispered Sandra. I did as she asked, slipping my boxers down. My cock sprang to attention, just inches above her chest with a thin string of slime oozing out the end of its engorged tip, sporting a slick, ruddy glans half hidden under the tightness of foreskin. I slowly ran my fingers along the bloated shaft.

I temporarily forgot about masturbating her as she pulled me forward and rubbed my slippery penis against her nipple. Pins and needles erupted from my most sensitive part and spread through me as she slid my cock forward and back, leaving a wet, sticky trail across her breast. I couldn't help but thrust my hips in time with her hand movements ... gently squeezing the slimy head, wanking the shaft and tickling my balls with her fingernails.

"Carry on with what you were doing," she said sleepily.

"You may have to help. I can't reach very well with you doing that."

I slid my fingers back into her slit, massaging her clitoris and was surprised when Sandra's hand slid down to join mine. Our fingers entwined, wet and slippery. Me fingering her vulva while she stroked my fingers.

I wondered how horny she was, "Why don't you finger yourself?" I breathed. There was a second's pause and the I felt Sandra's finger move up to rub against her clitoris.


"Is that nice?"

"Yes. Don't watch me I'm embarrassed."

"Don't be, you look beautiful. Why don't you put a finger inside yourself?"

I covered her hand with mine, guiding her fingertips down to her vagina. She teased around the entrance for a moment before pushing two fingers up inside, "Uhh ..."

"That's it. Keep doing that. Make yourself cum."

I sat back and watched her. Eyes closed, lips slightly parted. One hand between her thighs, fingering herself, the other rubbing my cock against her breast. With each stroke, I thrust forward, my cock moved farther forward towards her cleavage, towards her throat ...

"Here let me. You concentrate on yourself."

I took my cock out of her hand and pushed it against the slippery smooth skin of her chest. Sandra reached her free hand down to join the other. She had got me to masturbate in front of her lots of times. She would lie with her head on my chest as I pumped myself, inches from her face, then watch, rapt as I ejaculated hot, white spunk all over my stomach.

"Are you watching me?"


"Is it turning you on?"

Sandra could be quite shy in bed. When we first met it'd been months before she'd have sex with the lights on. Now she was either so pissed or so horny she was actually letting me watch her masturbate, "Yes."

I watched her hands moving between her thighs accompanied by a faint smacking sound. Like someone slapping wet skin with a fingertip.

"Tell me how you feel."

"I feel sexy. Playing with myself in front of my man. Watching him get turned on ... Mmm. You've got a lovely cock."

"And you've got a lovely foufou."

"It's so wet."

"So am I."

"I want to finger my bum ... like you do," she said. Sandra adored having her anus fingered. Just one or two well lubed fingers could make her cum in minutes.

"Go ahead."

I wondered if she'd let me crouch down to watch. She had a beautiful asshole, like a little puckered pink flower. I had been unconsciously thrusting my cock towards Sandra's face. I was now leaving a slime trail all the way up to her collarbone. Anywhere north of her nipples was a no go area for my cock so I was trespassing, "Do you want me to stop?"

She looked me in the eye as she sucked her juices from one of her fingertips, "No."

Whether vaginal juices or anal juices I didn't know. I didn't care either but the effect was incredibly erotic. She closed her eyes and her head fell back against the pillows, my dripping, oozing cock scant inches from her exposed neck now.

"That feels so good."

"What are you doing now?"

"I've got a finger up my bum and two in my foufou," she lifted a leg higher, obviously so that she could reach her anus easier.

"Do you want me inside you yet?"

"Not til I've cum."

"If you leave it much longer, I'm gonna cum first."

I took a gamble the

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