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More of Mike and Tiffany's Chicago trip.

The sheet was ripped from the bed as Victoria milked his prick, her whole being craved this man.

Her hot pussy vibrated with mini spasms as she hugged his thighs tightly with her legs.

JD surprised her as he leaned forward and lifted her up and over onto her back.

He grabbed both her ankles then spun her back to him dragging her to the edge of the bed and flung her legs up over his shoulders.

With both feet clamped to his neck the man forced his hips against her upturned ass and slipped his rampant cock right in.

"Wow, your cock is huge with a capital H!"

He fucked the porn legend with half of the fat shaft, then started to move into high gear and pushed all the way in.

His balls slapped on her as she moved back at him as much as possible in the suspended position he had her in.

Her legs kicked up and down in the air.

"Pound that pussy boy, fuck me fast, I love it!"

Vicky could feel her orgasm build then she tensed and shook and flooded out over his tool.

"I'm cumming! Fuck, but that felt good."

Vicky relaxed her legs and JD slipped out and held his shiny erection in his fist.

She sat on the edge of the ruined bedsheets and pushed her big tits together to make one massive boob.

"Spray my tits."

JD wanked his cock hard and stared at her amazing rack.

Her big hazel eyes gazed into his and her lips parted, her tongue just poking out between her white teeth.

His rubs speeded up even more then with an almighty tug he shot a big load over her creamy flesh.

Drops of his seed splattered her chest as she tilted her head back.

She waited till he was reduced to a trickle then sat up with a big grin.

"I think the shoot is over today my dear. Both the photoshoot and yours."


Later, after returning to her home to shower and change, Victoria was seated behind her desk ready for another casting interview.

She had put on a long sleeved scarlet blouse with a ruffle around the low cut neck, and red satin trousers with a skinny belt.

It was past eight, an unusually late time for an interview.

A knock at the door made her sit up and a young couple entered.

"Hello, Mrs. Paris?"

"Yes, but call me Vicky. Please sit. Oh, only one chair. Make yourselves comfy on the couch."

The six foot shaven headed man sat beside the shorter long haired brunette.

"Sorry for the late hour, I was busy on a photoshoot earlier today."

"No problem, my girlfriend and I are looking for work."

"Welcome, and good luck. You sound English? Are you?"

"Yeah, we flew from London last month. I'm Will and this is Jane.

We really want to get into the movie business. We're very interested, we think it will be fun."

"Alright, as this is your first interview with this company you will need to show me something here today. I hear you have good chemistry together and I want to watch you.

I'm also going to record everything on camera for our records, any problem with that?"

"Not at all, thats why we're here."

"Fine let me set this up and you two go ahead and strip. How long have you been together?"

Will got down to his tight whites and displayed a medium build with some chest hair.

Jane kept her black bra and panties on her slim figure, Vicky guessed her statistics were 34-24-32.

"We've known each other four years."

Victoria stood and started the digital camera.

"Whenever you're ready, four years? Quite a while."

The two sat beside each other and began to kiss passionately.

"Guys, guys, you can leave the romance for home, just get down to it."

Jane nodded and climbed onto her boyfriends lap and unhooked her bra, and began to writhe on his lap as they necked.

Will held her lower back as his cock rose up inside his underwear.

He flung the girl onto the couch and whipped her panties off and dropped them onto the carpet.

Then he tugged his own underwear off and Vicky began to write notes.

"Some male domination present here, nice smooth cock about seven

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