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Things take a romantic turn with GILF and young man.


"It's time for bed." Lisa told her, and then looked at me, "You want me to help you with her?"

"I don't need help." Moms said and leaning on my arm bent down and one at a time slipped her shoes off. "I'm fine and I'm used to going to bed alone."

Without another word, she turned and wobbled her way over to the stairs. As Lisa and I watched, she grabbed the railing and slowly made her way up the stairs. Despite the fact Lisa was standing right behind me I couldn't pass up the chance to stare at mom's ass in that insanely short skirt and as she reached the top I was rewarded with a good look at the cheeks of her ass.

She turned away and disappeared down the hallway. Turning to look at Lisa I whistled, "Damn how much did she drink?"

"You know that's the weird thing." Lisa said, "She had a few, but not what I would think was enough to do that to her."

"I think she was drinking before she went with you." I told her.

"Maybe, well anyway," Lisa walked over to Mom's purse and began rummaging around in it. After a moment she took out three pieces of paper and after crumpling two of them up put the third on the table next to the purse. "Listen, Russ, this guy seemed really nice, invited your mom out for coffee sometime, but the other two were just looking for sex so I'm getting rid of them."

"Thank you Lisa."

"That's what friends are for." She turned and headed for the front door, speaking over her shoulder as she went. "Have her call me tomorrow when she finally gets up, because something tells me she's going to sleep like the dead."

"I will." I told her

With a final wave Lisa closed the door behind her and as I stood there the image of my mother being completely past out like she was last night came into my head. I pictured my hard cock over her soft foot then thought of what it would like over another part of her.

"You can't keep doing this." I said aloud.

But even as I spoke, my cock was swelling in my shorts and I had turned and headed for the stairs. As I began climbing them I wondered what Lisa, who had saved my mother from a couple of real assholes tonight, would think if she found out an even bigger one was going to go jerk off on his mother's ass?


I reached the top of the stairs and told myself that if the door to mom's room was shut I would just head into my room, jack off and try to clear my head of this shit.

As I approached the doorway to her room, part of me was hoping the door would be closed, saving me from being a sicker bastard than I already was. It was with mixed emotions that I saw her door was only half shut and still trying to tell myself to keep moving anyway, I peered into her room.

"Holy shit." I muttered under my breath.

Any chance I had of doing the right thing was out the window at the sight before me. Not only was mom again lying on her stomach on the bed, but she was completely naked! Even though I was barefoot I forced myself to walk as carefully into the room as possible.

Reaching the side of the bed I looked down and took in the sight of my mother's naked body. She hadn't pulled the blinds down and the street light outside her window made my view even better. Mom had her arms tucked under her head and as last night, she was facing away from me.

Mom's breathing was so deep she was practically snoring and positive she was even more far gone than last night I reached out and laid my hand on her back. I kept it still, feeling the steady rise and fall of her breathing beneath my hand and began trailing my fingers down to her this time bare ass.

I slid my hand down her left ass cheek until I was holding it in the palm of my hand and gave a soft squeeze. I marveled at how firm her ass was as I kept my hand resting on it, I let my gaze fall between her legs.

Like last night, Mom had one leg drawn up and I could plainly make out her pink and totally smooth pussy.

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