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A wife refuses to shave until she cheats away from home.

I would have if I wasn't so afraid I'd scare Santa off. I mean this close to Christmas, I sure didn't want Santa scared to show up at my house again. Right there and then I pledged to do anything I could to make him feel welcome, on my roof, in my house or even in my wife.

I heard the bed creak and peeked back into the room and saw Jeanie climbing up on top of Santa. She threw one leg over his body and while standing over him reached down and worked both her hands up and down his cock. During their short rest period it must have softened a little because now I saw it come to life.

I have always had the greatest respect for Santa through my life, but when I saw how his cock grew and grew in thickness as well as height my respect grew even stronger. After several more strokes Jeanie reached up and carefully pulled her pussy lips apart with one hand while she guided his enormous cock into herself. Bending her knees, she lowered herself as I watched her lips spread wider and wider, stretching more than I thought she could bear, but she continued moving down over him.

I gasped as her lips finally slipped over the head of his cock and snapped tight against his shaft. Her knees bent more as slowly, ever so slowly she moved down, taking him into her body, inch by inch. Looking at her face I was torn, was that pleasure or pain she was expressing? More and more of Santa's enormous cock disappeared into my wife's pussy and all I could do was watch and lightly stroke my own erection.

Santa then reached up and took hold of her waist, helping her in her long voyage down the length of his cock. Her knees bent more as his cock continued burrowing into her, deeper and deeper, far deeper than I could ever dream of going with her. Just as the moment I was sure her body would just tear apart from him, I heard Santa mumble something.

I'm not sure exactly what he said, but it sounded like, "Jeanie with your cunt so tight, will you make me come tonight?"

Jeanie just smiled and then began to straighten up, sliding up and up his cock, leaving it glistening with her juices. She seemed to almost stand straight up with his cock still inside her when she lowered herself again. Down, down she slid, like a mouth on a candy cane. Then she quickly moved upward, then back again, up and down, moving faster and faster.

Soon Santa began raising his big ass up off my bed, sleighing deep into my wife, moaning loudly as he did. He was close, I could tell by the way his balls seemed to swell and then his cock seemed to grow two times larger that day. He arched his back as Jeanie cried out, "Oh yes Santa, give me your hot cum."

As I watched in amazement all I could do was sing to myself, "Santa Claus is coming in Jean, Santa Claus is coming in Jean, Santa Claus is cum-ming in Jean!" Santa held Jeanie by the waist, his cock still buried deep inside her as slowly it softened. After a few minutes, Santa lifted her slightly and his huge, but soft cock slipped out of her.

Not wanting to get caught, I quickly slipped out of the house, quietly got in my car, started it and pulled it around the block where I sat and watched my house. In a few minutes Santa walked out to the shopping center van, climbed inside and drove out of sight. I started my car, drove the shot distance to my house, pulled into the drive and parked.

I rushed inside, pulling off my clothes so by the time I reached the bedroom, I was completely naked. Jeanie was just starting to pull on her panties when I came rushing through the door. Seeing me, she dropped the panties and stood straight up saying, "Oh Jim, you startled me."

"Come on Jean, let's fuck."

"Just like that? What's gotten into you," she asked.

"Well Jean, I came home early today."

"You came home early," she repeated, sitting down on the bed.

"Yes Jean, and I saw you fucking Santa Claus. Fucking Santa Claus."

"Now Jim, let me explain," she said.

"Don't explain, just get in the bed and fuck me like you fucked

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