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He reacts to detective's video of his wife whoring at hotel.

Nick grabbed two throw pillows and lay beside her.

Once recovered, Nicole arose, disappeared into the nearest bathroom and returned with towels for everyone. She then sat on the floor also back against the sofa between Andy's spread legs. "So," she asked casually, "anyone ever done that before?"

Everyone chuckled, knowing she was being facetious.

"But I hope we can do it again," Andrea added.

"As long as none of us develops any issues with this," Nicole clarified. "Sorry, it's the attorney in me."

"What issues?" Andrea rhetorically asked. "This has been the second best sexual experience of my life."

"The second?" Nick questioned. "What was the first?"

"The first time dad and I did it."

"Then, I agree," Nick said. "My first time with mom would be number one also."

"Gee, don't we have respectful children," Andy quipped.

They were all silent for a few minutes.

Then Nicole asked, "So, where do we go from here?"

* * *

No one had an answer for that, and because tomorrow was a work day for the adults and the students had an important test, father and daughter went home. Nicole and Nick simply went to her bedroom and slipped into bed as they were.

"I could so easily fuck you right now," Nick said. "But I know we both had a busy night and need the rest."

"Good thinking," Nicole pointed out. "Can we make this work, Nick? Do we want to make it work? You and Andrea, me and Andy, all of us together?"

"It's the best of all worlds, mom. You have a good man your age, I have a great girl my age, we can still have each other and nights like tonight. No secrets, nothing to hide. Perfect."

"Is anything really perfect?"

"This could be."

* * *

Andy and Andrea slipped on as few clothes as possible to make it home; enough just to be decent in the event they were stopped by police. Of course, in her barely buttoned shirt and short skirt, it was likely Andrea would have been able to wangle her way out of it. At least, they knew a good lawyer!

Once home, without incident, an exhausted Andy trudged to his room. There, he dropped the under clothes he was carrying and ripped off his shirt and pants. He quickly brushed his teeth, used the toilet and fell into bed. However, before he turned off the light, he noticed Andrea standing in the doorway still dressed-such as she was-as she had been when they departed Nicole's.

"Can I come in?" She asked, looking like a little lost puppy.

"Of course. Why do you ask?"

"I didn't know if things had changed after tonight."

"It was just one date."

"I meant afterward."

"It was just one fuck," he snickered.

"But, oh, what a fuck it was."

"So you enjoyed it?"

"It was the most erotic sex I've ever been involved in."

"Do, I really want to know what other sex you've been involved in?" Andy hesitantly asked. "Particularly since you admitted to some girl-girl stuff."

"No, nothing else. There have been a couple or three guys. And to answer the question that I'm sure is on your mind, remember my two friends from high school, Gina and Lucy? In our senior year in high school, we used to study together. When we got tired of studying, we talked about boys we liked and whether we would have sex with any of them. None of us really knew anything about having sex except what we could watch on the Internet. We taught each other to kiss by kissing each other, and of course, it led to more."

"I guess that's understandable," Andy commented.

"We never considered ourselves lesbians. We never thought of ourselves as anything other than a bunch of horny girls."

"Well, obviously, I don't know the mindset of a young woman such as yourself," Andy admitted. "But it seems lately, you've been especially horny."

"Well, dad, I guess I discovered my sexuality soon after hitting puberty.

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