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Jackie and Fez work out all of her aggressions..

" She cupped my heavy testicles in her left hand as if she were teeing up a golf ball.

"Mmmmm, advertised as a great tongue, and now this. Hung, too. Hung and a great tongue. It's like a bonus. This must be my lucky Monday."

Julie rose up on her knees just enough so that her tits were at the same position as my dick. She pressed her full boobs together and tenderly placed my cock between the soft cavern of her cleavage. She lowered her head and her long pink tongue began to lap around the purple tip of my cock head, catching the first drop of pre cum that oozed from my slit. A little dab will do ya.......

The fit of my cock and her tits was a perfect one, snug and tight. She let a strand of saliva dribble down her chin and onto my cock to further lubricate the connection. I began to rock my pelvis forward into her chest, tit-fucking her now, watching her head lower ever so slowly downward toward my cock with each thrust. Both of her hands were firmly pressed against the outside of her big rack, exacerbating the friction of the tits-on-dick sensation.

My own hands instinctively grabbed onto the back of her head and lifted her face upward. I wanted to watch her pretty face as she made love to my dick with her big, firm titties. Her eyes were glazed over with a look of pure lust. Her lips were open in a frozen oval, forming a perfect circle.

"I have to be honest with you," she said, looking up into my eyes, the rocking of her tits causing my dick to harden even more. "When a man turns me on, I can't wait to worship his cock." She released her grip on her boobs and in one motion, grabbed my ass and pushed my hips towards her face. "I need you in my mouth. Now."

With that, her full ruby-red lips swallowed about five inches of my cock. I groaned my delight with a loud utterance of surprise glee, her lips sucking on me with a torrid fervor. Her thick black hair swirled around wildly as she pulled back for just a second to catch her breath, and then she plunged back in, taking almost all of my seven inches in one impassioned gulp.

I looked down to see that my cock had essentially disappeared within her warm mouth. Her nose was pushed up against my stomach, half-hidden within the trimmed hairs of my pubes, and she made soft muffled moans, her mouth stuffed with cock. "Mmmph, mmmph, aaaahhh......"

Julie's cheeks contracted as my cock made indentations into the side of her face. She pulled her head back and a long strand of saliva accompanied her descent backward, trailing from my cock tip to her lips for about two feet. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth and sucked the spittle back into her mouth, as if she were inhaling a long strand of spaghetti.

(For whatever reason, my mind immediately flashed to that scene in the animated Disney movie "Lady and the Tramp." I always thought that scene was a little racy for a kids' flick, with its double-entendre symbolism. But maybe that's just the way my mind works.)

Once Julie consumed her own saliva, she continued her talented oral assault on me, voicing her approval with grunts and squeals as I positioned the back of her head into my tummy and face-fucked her relentlessly. The harder I gripped her skull, the faster she sucked and the louder she moaned on my cock.

I hadn't even noticed until I looked down that Julie had somehow pushed her own leggings and thong down to her thighs. They were bunched just above her knees as she squatted, and her left hand was jammed into her pussy, masturbating herself furiously.

This sight, combined with the incredibly intense blow job that was being performed upon me, caused my balls to swell to the brim, indicating pending release. "Julie," I grunted, holding her head tightly so that my cock could not escape from her mouth. "I'm going to cum soon. Where would you like me to cum.....?" Granted, there was just a bit of a dichotomy to my gentlemanly inquiry, since I was face-fucking her roughly at the time, but it never hurts to ask, does it?

She reluctantly withdrew her lips from the vise-like hold she had on my cock.

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