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Continuation of The Pool (adding a third person).

Robert wasn't able to sleep. He kept thinking about his son. He was acting more and more like a girl, every day. He also couldn't get the picture of his son's ass in those pink panties out of his mind. He could feel himself getting an erection, thinking about it. What the hell was wrong with him? That was his son, for Christ's sake. But his erection was still growing. He closed his eyes and reached under the sheet. He began to stroke himself, thinking about Eric in the tight gym shorts. Eric in the nightie with the pink panties. How tight his son's ass looked. How tight it must be. He came. Oh, God, he came, thinking about his son's ass. He reached for the box of tissues on the nightstand. After cleaning himself, he fell right to sleep.

The next day, Robert made a stop at a video store on his way home. He had bought a DVD, hoping it would help him understand his son better. At least that's what he told himself. They had an early dinner. Eric was dressed in a tube top and a pair of cut-offs that showed the cheeks of his ass. His tight little ass. Robert had told Eric he had something that he wanted them to watch together after dinner. Eric smiled and said, sure.

Now, in the family room, Robert was having second thoughts. He told Eric that he had bought a DVD of the same sort that he had been watching online. Eric looked nervous. Robert told him that it was just so he could help him understand him better. He made sure Eric knew he wasn't being punished and that he could keep wearing the clothes he wanted to around the house. Eric seemed relieved and agreed to watch it with him.

Robert put the DVD in the player, got the remote and sat on the couch with his son. He pushed play. The first scene started with what appeared to be a very attractive young woman giving head to an equally attractive young man. Eric seemed a little uncomfortable at first, watching this with his father, but he soon settled in, leaning over toward his father's shoulder. The scene took an unexpected turn when the young woman raised her skirt and started stroking her cock. Robert straightened a little, causing Eric to lean a little closer. Soon, the woman/man was bent over while the man fucked her vigorously from behind. Her cock waving back and forth in rhythm with the young man's thrusts.

"I have a question, son," Robert said.

"Ok." Eric seemed unsure.

"Not to be too personal, but when you were masturbating to this, were you thinking what it must be like to fuck someone in the ass?" Robert asked.

"No, Dad." Eric was hesitant with his answer.

"What then? You know I love you. I'm just trying to understand," Robert said.

"I was thinking what it must feel like to be fucked in the ass." Eric couldn't meet his father's eyes.

Robert looked down at his son's crotch. He could tell his son had an erection. And if he had to be honest, he was also getting an erection. He didn't know if it was the DVD or the sight of his son's smooth legs. He just noticed, Eric shaves his legs. He turned his attention back to the DVD. He watched as Eric shifted positions to accommodate the growing bulge in those short cut-offs. When Eric shifted, he slid over against his father's shoulder. Robert put his arm up on the back of the couch, giving his son more room. Eric settled in against him, giving Robert an unobstructed view of his son's bulge.

His own erection sprang to life. Eric noticed, but didn't say anything. They continued watching the DVD. The next scene was a transsexual being double teamed by a couple of muscular young men. Even Robert found that to be exciting.

"Dad?" Eric asked timidly.

"Yes son." Roberts eyes never left the screen.

"Is it ok if I take off these shorts?"

Robert looked down at his son's bulge. "Yes," He whispered.

Eric unbuttoned the cut-offs and shifting his ass up, slid them off, exposing his large erection. Robert unkowingly let out a heavy sigh.

"Are you ok, Dad?" Eric asked, looking at his father.

"I'm fine son. Watch the movie."

Eric leaned into his father, stretching o

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