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Jessica learns to succeed.

"Forgive my intrusion, my khan," she said humbly, bowing her head as she approached. "I can return if you are occupied and -"

"That won't be necessary," he muttered, without looking up. "There is only so long one can stare at ink scratches on a roll of vellum. I have gained no new insights for some time now. Come, speak. What is on your mind, my wife?"
His words encouraged her, and she knelt before the dais and bowed again. He beckoned for her to rise and patted a small chair to the right side of his own. She stepped up onto the dais and joined him, keeping her head bowed as she sat. She subtly flicked her eyes up, to observe the space around the ger, to see things from his point of view, his commanding gaze as it swept over everything below.

It was a heady feeling, one of power. She had to admit, she liked it. Turkina be damned, this would be her position at his side.

Now he just needed a bigger ger.

"Come now," he pressed, seemingly impatient for her to tell him what brought her here. "Something has brought you to me, I would know what it is. My patience is not infinite, Sarantuya."

She bowed her head and spoke, having already rehearsed in her head what she would say to him. "It is no great matter, my khan, but perhaps a delicate one, and I believe you alone are qualified to speak on it."

"This is not something my mother could have seen to?" he queried. "I allow her to decide most domestic matters in my stead."

"In this particular case, my khan, the lady Turkina is the last person I would approach." Sarantuya said, her voice conveying a note of uncomfortable truth. "Though I wish it were otherwise."

"Speak, then, woman."

Sarantuya drew in a breath and began. "Your brother's daughter refers to all of us as 'mother,' my khan."

Boldbator nodded. "Bolorma calls you mother."

"Yes, my lord," she confirmed. "All of your wives and concubines."

He considered her words carefully. "Including Mai."

She nodded but said nothing. Boldbator sighed. "Then we are in agreement that it is just as well you did not go to my mother. Has she heard this from the girl?"

"I do not believe so, my lord."

"What is your opinion on the matter?" he asked.

"It is... complicated, husband," she replied, trying to sound less formal now so that the conversation could be more earnest. "Bolorma treats her readily like a mother, which is to be expected. I find myself not wanting to suspect Galina's motives in reciprocating."

Boldbator was silent for some moment, staring at the hearth flames. "You suspect that Mai considers Bolorma a hostage against her own safety."

"I do not suspect as such, my lord, but I cannot deny the common sense of it," Sarantya confessed. "Your concubine would not be remiss in finding every advantage she could to protect herself."

"Did you not tell me that you have recently come to an understanding, the four of you?" he asked. "And that even Khorijin agreed to stop trying to kill everyone?"

"Yes, my lord, but Mai will always be the weak link in our chain," she explained. "Not by any fault in her character, but simply because of who she is. Were your protection ever removed from her, I truly believe that only Toragana, Solongo and myself would not try to kill her instantly. Even your sister would, if she were not frightened of Galina poisoning her."

"And my mother would kill her more quickly than anyone," Boldbator muttered, scowling as he looked at the flames. "You are here because you worry that Bolorma calling Mai her mother will start a fire in various unwelcome corners, is that it?"

Sarantuya shrugged her shoulders almost helplessly. "The girl wants to call her mother, it makes sense for her to want to. Galina has slept with the child in her arms. I do not know if it is a good idea or not, my khan. But what I do know is that however you rule on the subject, everyone will accept your decree, without question. None will contest it."

Boldbator knew she was mostly referring to Turkina, and rightly so.

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