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Great food and even better dessert.

Suzumebachi slowly unbuttoned her blouse from the top down. The white blouse slid from her arms and sank to the floor. Suzume bent over as she began to pull her grey skirt down. As she tugged them down, her mother noticed Suzume wasn't wearing any panties either. "Now I'm going to teach you the ninjutsu our family has used to seal the dragon. Remember every step because you'll have to teach your own daughter when the time comes." Aki began to make several hand seals in a slow manner; only changing to the next once Suzume had fully mimicked Aki's seals. Then, Aki went through the seals one more time just to be sure. "You got it?"

"Yes," Suzume nodded.

"Alright then, focus all of your Ki into your womb as you make the seals."

"My womb?!" Suzume was a bit grossed out as she placed a hand on her stomach.

"Yes, this is a battle of endurance. You have to make the dragon cum first. If you cum first; then the dragon will absorb your soul and body."

"What?!" Suzume screamed.

"But that's why I'm here. We'll both take turns; whittling him down until his ready to burst. At that time you do just as I said; focus all your Ki into your womb and make the hand seals just before he comes."

"Why do I have to focus my Ki into my womb?"

"Because the ninjutsu will force all of the dragon's energy out when he cums; if you don't protect yourself with your Ki, the dragon's could rip through your body." Suzume simply gulped down her fear. "Alright now, I'm going to set the dragon free; are you ready?"

Suzume swallowed again, "Yes, let's do this." Aki then began to make several hand seals; again going slowly so Suzume could observe the signs for releasing the dragon. Then with the final seal there was a great explosion of clouds. Suzumebachi and Aki stood at the edge of the cloud; each one on either end of the altar. Aki stood with a stern glare at the center of the cloud. Suzume watched her mother; a little bit worried; she'd never seen her mother look that way before. Suzume looked to the center of the cloud as it began to clear. A black silhouette of a crouched man began to stand up straight. Suzume saw red glowing eyes shine through a thick cloud passing in front of the silhouette. Then all the white smoke cleared and Suzume could clearly see the shape of the dragon. He was completely nude; his light bronze muscled body was glistening. Its eyes were like a lizard's; red sclera with thin black slits in the center. The dragon had long brown hair stretching down to his knees; all directed back except for long sideburns. He smiled sinisterly at the two women, "Hmm, time to switch bitches already?"

Aki smiled back at the dragon, "I see you'll never change; no matter how long we lock you up."

"You cage a wild beast and expect it to become tame?" The dragon snickered then glared up at Aki, "Not in a million years, little girl!"

"Hmm, oh well, then the beast just has to stay locked up," Aki said matter-of-factly. Then she began to make hand seals again; but much faster than she had before. Suzumebachi recognized the seals despite her mother's fast hands. It seemed her mother was using a very powerful seduction ninjutsu. Aki had taught her how to use it but explained that Suzume should never use it at all. She said it could be used to seduce an entire army of men and Oni. However, seducing that many men causes some troubles for the user. It draws out all of their sexual desire and directs it to the user. One of the ancestors of Ryuyuwakusha had used this ninjutsu to stop two warring nations. The woman accomplished her goal; but she was raped for days by both sides.

Suzume now understood why she had been taught that ninjutsu despite being told to never use it. She would have to use it. Once the ninjutsu was complete the dragon began to drool and became rock hard. The dragon had a massive dick. It stalked towards the two kunoichi licking his lips, "Well at least I get to have some fun."

"Hmm, how can we turn this more in to torture?" Aki wrapped a hand around his shaft and stroked it slowly.

"Be ugly

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