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Married friend makes special request.

"Wwill you pppick up some stuff for me? Please?"

Rose had one of my large knuckles in her mouth, suckling on it around yawns she nuzzled into my side. Head on my chest she started to doze off.

Overcome with a longing to protect and care for her I hugged her close to me, heading inside my house we both cuddled on my couch waiting.

I remember drifting somewhere between awake and asleep as Rose suckled on my index finger, my mother pulled into the garage then b let herself in. The first words or of her mouth still haunt me to this day,"That baby isn't your's." Pushing it out of my mind I set to work on taking care of my sweet baby.

That had been one of the most hectic nights of my life, with the support of my own mother I had forged ahead and never looked back.


"Lynn I don't know what to do, I feel like I gave up on my marriage, don't I owe him more? Maybe we could try marriage counseling or a minor separation. Oh I know! We could live apart and try dating, you know we never did that. Maybe he'll change maybe...."

"I swear if you go back to him I'll disown you!" Lynn was fiery. As my second oldest sister she took it upon herself to be a friend and a pain in the butt. But I loved her so I guess it all evened out.

"How can I just walk away? He's my husband! I have to do something, if I don't I'll always wonder."

I could see her hands tighten on the steering wheel of her car. The click of the turn signal screaming in the tension filled silence. Finally she forced herself to respond,"You have done everything. You've tried and tried again, if your marriage can't be saved it isn't your fault. At this point it's his fault, he hasn't done anything for you! But I guess it makes sense to try everything."

I didn't need her permission, I needed her support. The fact that she understood my reasoning helped. Picking up my phone I called Lu.

"Hi honey! How are you?" His overly cheerful voice made me want to punch something.

"Hey I was wondering if you were open to try marriage counseling?" Trying to sound polite I probably sounded like a machine recording.

"I can't pay for that shit! When are you coming home? I'm tired of you playing games." Oh there was the husband I loved so much.

"I know someone who'll do it probono. Does next Thursday work? And are you going to come up and see Jewlie? We'll be home all weekend so you're more than welcome to."

"Fine, whatever. I don't know, I'm really busy."

"Lu she's your daughter, don't you want to see her?"

"She's a baby she won't even remember if I see her or not so why does it matter?"

Wouldn't it matter to him? Wasn't it enough to just see her?

"I think it's important for you to see her, what if we..."

"Whatever! Be home Friday around noon. I'll see you then."

Lynn looked at my phone like it had flipped her the bird. Parking her car we made our way ,with Jewlie in my arms, up to the pediatrician's office.

My family had speculated about Jewlie's weight and appearance, they said she looked sickly and neglected. The doctor's report only confirmed what I had long assumed, Jewlie was malnourished. She had been born in the ninety-eight percentile now she was barely in the second percentile.

That Friday Lu showed up but barely acknowledged Jewlie, he shot daggers at me. Then when he was leaving he had the audacity to say,"As my wife it's your job to take care of me, let's go park and I'll bring you back later." I knew he wasn't asking. A fire sparked inside of me."Ha!" I literally laughed in his face,"I wouldn't touch you now even if a judge court ordered it!" Walking away I held my head highs right up until I made it back inside, I ran to the bathroom and dry heaved over the toilet. He still scared the shit out of me.

My cell phone vibrated with a text message.

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