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An itch is scratched and love blossoms.

How does that sound Rasheed?"

My dick jerked up at the thought, and he saw it move, as did mom. "I guess that's ok with you then" he said, without me responding as they both laughed out loudly.

Seeing the joke I joined in and felt a wave of relaxation go over me. Laughing seemed to do the trick in easing my tension at being naked with dad.

By now, dad had removed his shirt and trousers, and only had his underwear on. He pulled those down in one go and I just couldn't help looking down at his dick.

It was still flaccid, and he was neatly trimmed around his pubic hair. He was slightly chubby, as was to be expected at his age (53), but he was about an inch taller than me and still had fairly good looks. I had always viewed him as an authoritarian figure, and he had quite a responsible job, so it seemed quite incredible to see him like this in front of me.

"Right then," he said smiling, "Now, we are all in our natural state, we can have some fun. You ready Sheeza?" he said looking at mom.

Dad and I stood at the end of the bed, waiting for mom's response.

Mom first looked at him stark naked and then at me, stark naked and with a semi hard on (it had gone down a little at the sight of dad!), and licked her lips. "Mmmmm....this will be nice," said looking at both of us, one after the other.

Then looking directly at me, she said in a firm tone, "So you want to lick mommy's ass and pussy do you?"

"Yea mom," I replied, more confidently than ever before, realising the fun was beginning.

"Have you ever seen as woman's asshole and pussy in close up before?" she continued

"No mom" I replied.

"Then I'm going to get on the bed on all fours and you can have a good close look at me," she said teasingly. "If you want to lick any part of me with your tongue, start gently first, and as I respond, you can be more vigorous. And while you do that, I'm going to give your dad's cock a suck, like I did with you earlier."

Dad moved onto the bed and lay himself down on his back. Mom then put her knees on the bed and straddled his legs and started licking and playing with his dick. As she did so, she presented her gloriously large ass to me, raising it up so her fleshy cheeks were open and gaping at me.

It was an awesome sight, and one that I had never imagined as good as it was. She was positioned so that her feet were off the end of the bed, and her butt a bit further up, but not too far, so that I could kneel down on the floor and my face would be level with her ass. What a position!

I couldn't quite see what mom was doing to dad, but from what I was looking at, I didn't really care.

I knelt down and faced mom's wide ass cheeks. Each cheek was at least two hand widths wide and one and a half high. First I laid my palms on each fleshy but smooth cheek, one in each hand and moved them around in swirling motions, groping and feeling every inch for all I was worth.

Then I kissed her right butt cheek in three or four places, like I was kissing a precious piece of gold. Then I darted out my tongue and ran it along the taught, smooth flesh. I was in heaven. I moved my face over to the left cheek and did the same, whilst letting my right hand wander all over the right ass cheek.

I could hear sucking sounds, and guess mom must be slurping and sucking all over dad's hard dick.

I was still absorbed in worshipping mom's ass, so didn't think much more about that.

Then, satisfied with playing with the flesh of her butt cheeks, I moved my head back slightly, so I could take in fully the sight of her pussy and asshole in close up.

God they looked so good.

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