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The ignition starts and the car is moving.

Several turns and a few minutes later the car stops. She can hear the man get out of the car. Alone, she builds up her courage and begins to struggle with the tightly wrapped blanket, wondering how long he'll be gone. Hearing footsteps outside a minute or two later, she freezes.

The car door opens, "Tut, tut, not being a very good girl are we?" Blanket and all, she is dragged bodily out of the car and carried inside and dropped to a carpeted floor, rolled out of the blanket. Unable to help herself, she hears her voice, shaky, "Where are we?" Her answer is the clicking of metal on metal and a new surge of fear rushes through her, almost nauseating in its intensity. Something cold and metal touches her ankle, making her jerk, but a strong hand holds her still as she feels a pair of shears cut her jeans off her. First one leg, then the other, along with her panties then her bra. She lays there shivering, bound and naked on the floor as she hears a door close. Then silence.

Breathing hard she can smell some kind of incense faintly. Her hands skitter over her makeshift blindfold, but she doesn't remove it. Curled into a fetal position she waits for what feels like forever.

Something soft slithers over the skin of her back and ass. It seems familiar, but she can't concentrate on it, all her other senses straining to figure out where he is. There is a hiss, of something rushing through the air, and then a smack as it, whatever it is, strikes her flesh. First the sting, then heat, then the itch. Over and over again it hits her, not brutally, but hard enough that it's making her flinch in anticipation. She tries to roll onto her back, but a booted foot on her hip keeps her in place as he works up and down her back, over her ass and down her legs.

As suddenly as it started, the punishing stops and she hears something drop to the floor next to her. The voice above her whispers, "You're so pretty all tied up... so soft and totally helpless. Such a pretty plaything." She senses him moving, then she can smell him, he must be very close, an unfamiliar cologne and male. Flesh touches her cheek and the voice sneers, "Open your mouth toy. Suck me if you don't want to get hurt."

He presses into her mouth, and she tries to squirm away, but his hand is in her hair, pulling her face onto his cock. She gags but he holds her there, getting harder, enjoying her struggles. After a full more choking strokes he pulls out of her mouth, smearing spit across her face.

Rough hands grab her by the hips, dragging her up onto her knees and elbows, then she can feel his hands on her already stinging ass, fondling and squeezing hard. Without warning a swat, and another on top of the last and she can feel him bite into her soft flesh right where his hand had been. A finger slides across her pussy. He chuckles at finding her wet, and she is, very wet, almost dripping. It shocks her that she is so turned on, has been the whole time without realizing it. He pushes that finger, smelling and tasting of her into her mouth.

"You are such a little slut. Well, I know how to use little sluts like you." Something pushes into her cunt, not him; it's too hard and cold to be flesh. It can only be the handle of whatever it was that he'd been hitting her with. She cries out, then gasps, gritting her teeth around a moan. She doesn't want him to know, despite the fear and pain, how good this feels. Just as she gets to the point where she can't help herself moving against it, he yanks it out of her.

She squeals as he slides his full length into her pussy. He's thick enough to hurt as he grinds himself into her, forcing her hips down to the floor. Uncontrolled cries of pain and pleasure burst out of her as he starts driving in, fast, deep, ruthless, battering at her from the inside. Her hips slam the ground with each savage stroke, his cock driving her down and across the floor.

A hand tangles in her hair, lifting her body against him as an arm slips aroun

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