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Blue Lights means fantasy fulfilled for married couple.

At first, when she hugged me, I didn't know what to do with my hands, but realized I couldn't just let my arms hang there, so I put my hands on the backs of her shoulders and patted her.

"Hey, you were brave and strong. If you hadn't walked as far as you did, we might not have made it the rest of the way. Your husband is married to a very strong woman." Damn, I was about to start crying, myself. Across the room, I could see both Maria and Jen leaking tears and wiping at them. Gradually, Sarah released me and I dropped my hands from her shoulders. She reached for my hands and brought them up between us.

"There will always be a special place in my heart and my memory for you. You and Gus gave me back my life and my husband."

She kissed me dead on the lips, firmly! She stepped back, reaching for her husband's hand and they stepped back together, still looking at me with emotion-filled eyes.

I felt very uncomfortable.

Maria spoke up, "Well, now that we're all here, breakfast is ready. Why don't we get to the table?"

As we sat and ate, Tim and Sarah recounted how they ended up in their life-threatening situation. They were headed up to their uncle's cabin, about 10 or 15 miles beyond ours, they guessed. They weren't sure how far they had come. They had gotten a late start, and by the time they were in the foothills, the snow was coming down pretty good, but at that elevation, it wasn't sticking so they weren't alarmed yet. Also, there car was all-wheel drive and they were not too concerned about poor road conditions as long as they didn't get too bad, which they did.

By the time they realized they were in trouble, they were pretty far up the mountain. At first, they thought they could reach their uncle's cabin, but the snow was coming down too heavily and they decided to turn around. But, there was nowhere to safely turn around, so they continued on, the car still holding the road well. Then visibility and traction abandoned them about the same time. The snow got too deep and the car high centered and lost traction.

They were in white-out conditions, not able to see the road, so they did the only thing they could. They stopped. Not knowing where they were, how far it was to their uncle's cabin, and knowing there was nothing behind them for many miles, they were stranded.

It wasn't until sometime after 5 a.m. that a glimmer of hope appeared, and at the same time, desperation arrived. The car ran out of gas - no more heat. But, in the distance up ahead, past the curve in the road, they could see a faint glow of light through the snow, which had temporarily lessened.

(We had flipped the deck lights on to watch the snow fall while we had sex. That's the light they saw, if not for that...)

They thought, "That has to be man-made; there has to be a house up there." They couldn't tell how far it was, but Tim knew he had to try to reach that house - and hope somebody was there, or at least, that it was open.
But Sarah didn't want him to go, "Wait till morning, till daylight. Maybe the snow will stop. Maybe someone will find us." But as it got colder and colder in the car, she relented - almost too late.

When Tim set out, it was still dark. He couldn't see five feet in front of him. He just headed uphill and kept the mountainside on his right, close to him, but not too close. If he stepped in the deep ditch, it would be game over. We judged it was up to a mile and a half to their car. Tim guessed he had walked in the over two-foot deep snow up the steep hill for over an hour and a half to make it to the house. He kept getting his feet stuck and falling. In the end, he couldn't feel them and fell even more. When he got to our house, he was so weak, so cold...but he made it. Then we almost didn't hear him and answer the door...

Now, sitting around the table, with everybody out of danger, there was a peaceful calm. We sipped our coffees and reflected, glancing at one another occasionally, sharing a silently understood moment.

The snow had stopped and the scene outside was white.

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