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Mom says no to a new puppy, so daughter makes mommy the pup.

She put on the tiny schoolgirl blouse. She tied it to grab her bosom and create the magnificent cleavage she had seen earlier in the day. She then slid the tiny mini skirt up her round, firm buttocks positioning it so nothing was revealed, at least not yet. She put her previous outfit in her satchel and shoved the satchel behind the toilet.

She opens the stall door and Crystal's eyes shot wide open and mouth fell to the ground if it could. "Someone call for a superhero? You can call me Captain Pussy!" Tiffany implored Crystal, twirling around and exposing her naked bottom and pussy.

Crystal eventually is able to say something, "I have never seen a super hero like you before. This outfit is more risqu__ than what you just had on. Wait, those look like our school color. Is that how the female uniform used to look? How did you get your hands on a female uniform?"

Tiffany states, "I have my ways of getting things done. Plus you could say that I might be an alumni to the school." Crystal just stares as how much skin is showing compared to my previous outfit, which was plenty skimpy. Tiffany offered a hand to her, "Take me with you to class. I am going to be the voice for you girls and give freedom back to the student body." She place Crystal's hand on her butt cheek and see as Crystal's face shoots bright red as she is constantly reminded by Tiffany's state of nudity. She then grabs Tiffany's butt cheek on her own and lets her fingers travel down between Tiffany's legs to her wet vagina.

She says, "Aren't you afraid that you could get into trouble? You aren't even a student here and the sisters definitely wont allow this."

Tiff tells her, "I wasn't scared of the sisters years ago as a student and they have no idea that I'm not just a rebellious student." Tiff begins to fan her skirt up and down as to pretend like the heat was rushing straight to her pussy, which makes Crystal's face beet red. Before they leave Tiff asks, "Crystal, would you like to taste my pussy? You just keep staring and I want the attention if you are willing to give it."

Tiff puts her bare ass up on the bathroom counter and spread her legs as wide as possible. Tiff asks again holding her legs wide apart, "Why don't you come lick my pussy? I'm ready for you!" Crystal walks forward ever so cautiously and gets so close to Tiff's pussy that she can feel Crystal's breath on it. She begins to gently kiss it, which it is already extremely wet from her undivided attention and light petting. Tiff grabs her head gently, pushes Crystal's mouth closer and she responds by licking Tiff's pussy harder. Tiff begin to grind her very wet pussy into cr face. I place both of my hands behind her head in order to bring her much closer to me to encourage her to lick harder and faster. She undoes the knot of my shirt allowing my breasts to become exposed and plays with my erect nipples. She starts to suck on my nipples while her fingers pet away on my wet pussy.

Tiff begins to moan very loud and grind her hips faster as Crystal began her onslaught on Tiff's sex. She returns her mouth to Tiff's pussy and starts to pinch her clit. The convulsions start to build and her fingers go faster on Tiff's clit. She licks Tiff's vagina with an increased rhythm and Tiff grabs her head as she feel her bliss reaching its apex. Tiff moans incredibly loud, her hips spaz out and she cums into Crystal's mouth. Tiff brings Crystal's lips up to her own and tastes her own love juices from Crystal's mouth.

Tiff gets up from the counter, "Allow me to give you a present for the orgasm that you so graciously gave me," she said with a wink.

"What are you talking about? You can't possibly give me a makeover."

"Just give me the clothes you are wearing and let me do some minor adjustments.

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