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A man's road in life becomes rutted.

When we reached the secluded area Fred was extremely horny from all the talk. Barry didn't waste anytime he walked over to me and unfastened my trousers and pushed them along with my briefs to my knees. My erect cock popped free and stood tall as Barry stroked it. Then he did the same to Fred and started stroking both our cocks. Fred was more like Barry, about 5" long and 3" around. Barry's own cock was hard as he stroked the two of us. Fred kept staring at my cock and Barry's."

"Barry noticed Fred staring at my cock and took Fred's hand and placed it around his cock and told Fred to do what he was doing to him. I couldn't believe that Fred was getting into this. Barry sensed that Fred was close to cumming so he dropped to his knees and began to suck Fred's cock. Within minutes Fred was spurting his seed into Barry's mouth and Barry sucked him dry until Fred had to grab Barry's shoulders for support. Barry told him it was his turn as he gently pushed Fred to his knees. Barry then fed Fred his cock and coached him in the technique of cock sucking. I couldn't believe my eyes, Fred was sucking Barry's dick and he was getting into it. Barry told Fred he was a natural as he fired his cum into Fred's mouth and Fred' eyes got wide with surprise. Fred swallowed some by mistake and let the rest run out of his mouth Some of Barry's cum was on Fred's face and Barry scooped it up with his finger and fed it to Fred and Fred licked his fingers clean."

"I had a raging hard-on and I needed some attention. Fred was hard again so Barry let Fred fuck him in the ass while he sucked me off. I came quickly as did Fred because of the two-way action. Barry then had me fuck him in the ass standing up and told Fred to blow him again. Barry came quickly filling Fred's mouth with cum for a second time and then Fred shoved his cock back into Barry's mouth as I continued to fuck him in the ass. Fred came for a third time as I filled Barry's ass with my seed."

"Barry asked if we could ever meet during the day and Fred offered to have us get together at his pool. For the next several days the three of us met at Fred's house for swimming, sunning and sex. Barry arrived at Fred's home and Fred and I were already by the pool. Barry asked if it was okay to sun in the nude and Fred told him it was okay since the yard was totally private. We all shed our bathing suits and kicked back in the sun. Barry offered to apply suntan lotion on Fred, so Fred lay face down on the lounge as Barry covered his back and legs with the lotion. Barry then began to massage the lotion into Fred's ass and fingered his asshole. Fred started to protest but Barry calmed him and continued to finger fuck Fred in the ass. Fred started to moan a little and then gasped when Barry added a second finger to his asshole. Barry told Fred he was ready for the real thing and he lifted Fred by the hips until Fred's ass was level with Barry's cock. Barry eased his erect dick into Fred's ass and Fred yelped in pain. Barry told Fred to relax as he reached around and fondled Fred's cock and balls. Fred relaxed as Barry stroked his hard-on. Barry eased the entire 5" into Fred's ass and he felt Fred tense up."

"I was rock hard watching this scene when Barry motioned me over to them and told me to fuck Fred's face. I walked around to the front of Fred and lifted up his chin to my cock. Fred looked confused but he accepted my cock into his mouth. He could only take about 4" of my 8" but it did serve as a distraction and soon Barry was sliding in and out of Fred's ass with ease. Fred was moaning around my cock and I could feel myself on the verge of a powerful orgasm. I fired a barrage of cum into Fred's mouth, so much so that he gagged a little and pulled his mouth off my cock. The second, third and fourth spurts hit him in the face, his chest and the back of his neck. Barry emptied his balls in Fred's ass and the two of them collapsed on the lounge chair with Barry still grinding his cock into Fred."

"We all hit the pool to cool down a little bit after our inte

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