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Dr. Samuels finds more than a diversion.

Legs tan and slim, runner's legs that could out distance even my brother who ran cross-country for fun. All in all a picture of a woman not quite a girl anymore but not yet a full grown woman.

I don't know how long I stood there nor how long he was standing behind me but as the last rays of the setting sun glinted on the calm pool I saw him standing there just off to the side. I looked up with a start not recognizing him for a moment and then relaxing with a whooshing sigh. He looked up a smile coming to his lips. He did not move, he just stood there with his hands in his pockets not looking down but at the same time not looking up. I felt a puckish smile coming to my lips as I stepped lightly across the mossy ground and came to stand next to him. "So" I said "did mom send you to find me or are you on your own little soul search?"

The smile that came to his lips was almost and exact mirror of mine. "No" he said "mom didn't send me, though she would have if I hadn't taken my own little walk after you left, and yes I am on my own little soul search. Though it seems to me kind of strange that we should end up at the same pool. Don't you think?" His eyes slid up my body to look directly into mine. His piercing gaze was like cool water over hot skin, soothing, refreshing taking away the guilty heat that been heating my blood and boiling my brain and conscience into the fervor that had brought me to this pool in search of answers that I hadn't really found.

He reached out his hand, that big strong well-muscled hand that for the last two mornings had cupped my breast. He reached out his hand and lightly grasped my upper arm. It was the kind of grasp that demanded nothing and yet encouraged everything.

My breath quickened, I could feel the material of my shirt pull tighter against breasts. The feeling was electric it flashed through my heart in a jolt and spread with tingling warmth and cool electricity through my breasts and belly. I reached up with that same hand and grasped his arm letting his strength draw me in. Letting his eyes take me, and the touch of his body as I kissed his lips hold me as our bodies pressed together.

Regretfully we parted breaking our kiss before we could taste of each other but now there was a promise in our eyes a promise to each other of things to come in the night, in our tent, together our bodies as one.

Hand in hand we returned to our camp as the sun in all its golden glory set behind the mountains. Dinner passed in a blur of commonplace things and food that had only one purpose for me. As we ate our eyes met and a secret glee passed between us, if our parents noticed then is was just that their children were happy and nothing more.

The night deepened and though my body urged me I restrained myself and could see that with and effort he did the same until our parents went off to their tent on the far side of camp. It was all we could do to restrain ourselves enough to climb into the tent one at a time. We knelt in the darkness face to face our passions building with every second of restraint. I could see his eyes glinting in the last of the light coming through the thin fabric of the tent the challenge in his gaze.

I reached up and with deft fingers unbuttoned the straining fabric of my shirt slowly peeling it off like a second skin to reveal my tan breasts in their prison of white cotton and lace. He knelt there his eyes drinking in every detail my skin glowing in the last light of the campfire coming through the fabric of the tent the almost surreal glow of the pure white cotton as it cupped my full heavy breasts.

I could see his hands twitch their need to trace the line of my bust and cup the full globes of my breasts was evident with every straining muscle of his body.

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