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Uh-oh, I forgot about the druggies.

Then after returning from this conference I was too tired to do my own laundry and asked Ed to do it. He found a thong in my dirty dress pants. Ed had asked for years for me to wear them and now he found one in my dirty clothes after a business trip. I was so embarrassed but acted like I bought them for him.

He accused me of having an affair, which I simply told him I had not. That was somewhat of a half-truth. I had not had intercourse but I was deceiving Ed by having what I considered a platonic affair with David. I did feel that Ed knew more than he was disclosing but I denied everything.

I felt my husband watching me very closely as the next conference approached on the horizon. I had to pack my sexy clothes separately and hid them in the car as he kept checking my suitcase.

After arriving at the conference we had a meeting straight away and after that meeting ended David and I went to my room. He was kissing and pawing at me as soon as the door was closed. I allowed him to remove my blouse and my bra but stopped him going further. I have big nipples and loved having them sucked and he did a good job. His actions did arouse me and I was finding it more difficult to push him away. Suddenly, my cellphone rang and it was Ed. He said he wanted to hear my voice but it was enough of a distraction to send David on his way but I agreed to meet him for dinner.

Dinner was lovely and once again we returned to my room. I knew it was dangerous as David really wanted to have sex with me. Ed had sent roses and that reminded me of my vows so again I kicked David out of the room.

David would have had sex with me during lunch the next day but we ran out of time. He had gotten me down to my underwear and I was ready for it but our lunchtime was over and we had to return to the conference. We both told each other we would resume at the end of the day. How did I allow it to go that far?

The afternoon seemed to drag by but finally we were in my room again and this time David had pushed up my skirt and pushed my thong aside and fingered me. He stopped kissing me and started sucking on my big nipples and I was so close to an orgasm when I heard a grunt from someone else in the room. I don't know how long Ed had been in the room but I am sure he got an eyeful. He kicked David out and then laid into me. I was so ashamed. I tried to assure him that David and I had not had sex but he didn't believe me.

He said I was cheating by just kissing and fondling, illicit phone calls, and deception. Not to mention all the sexy underwear and clothes I had bought to wear for David. I had not thought of my situation that way but he was right. I told him I was ashamed and asked him to stay the weekend with me.

I could have stayed in bed the remainder of the weekend and cried but finally Ed said "let's go out to dinner and enjoy ourselves." I was completely embarrassed getting dressed in front of Ed in my racy underwear and clothes. I had never worn anything like that for him. That made me feel even more guilty.

We enjoyed dinner and then went dancing in the hotel. We danced several slow songs and were really having a good time till Ed went to the bathroom and David appeared. He forced me to have a slow dance with him knowing how Ed would react. He wanted to make my husband jealous.

David is a big man, much bigger than my husband but and was an excellent dancer for his size. Ed interrupted our dance and told him to stay away from me. David called Ed a wimp and tried to bully him, then he hit Ed in the side of the head and I thought he was knocked out, but he was only stunned and slowly got back to his feet.

David called Ed several more names and tried to hit him again but this time Ed was ready and hit him back, in fact several times and then David was on the floor. He looked hurt and so I went to his side to see if I could help him. Ed thought I was taking David's side and left the hotel.

I didn't think Ed would hurt a flea and here he just beat the shit out of a man much l

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