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A night out with a difference!

I whispered that she looked beautiful. She said thanks and held the hem of her dress out a little at each side as she did a slow graceful pirouette. She glowed. Then I whispered that she was way overdressed. I was wearing cut-off jeans, sandals and a deadhead tee shirt. She laughed and whispered back that Jeff had said the exact same thing earlier.

My wife then grabbed Jeff by the hand and led him over to the bar as she told me to finish my game and join them. I told her that Pat and I owned the table till someone beat us so we'd be a while, and pointed out the cooler with her wine in it. She sent Jeff over to get her a bottle of wine and went over and sat down.

Several times later I happened to look over at the bar and see that my wife and Jeff were sitting facing each other with his knees between hers. It was obvious to me that he and maybe a few others at the bar were getting a real eyeful. Her dress was so short that her panties had to be showing. Pretty soon, every time I looked over there, the crowd behind Jeff was getting larger and my wife's knees were getting farther and farther apart.

Finally I looked over and my wife had propped her heels on the upper of the two rings that braced the bar stool she was sitting on and I knew she was giving Jeff, and a dozen other guys a show. I walked up behind her and asked if she'd maybe had too much to drink. She said no, she was just enjoying herself, and as long as I was driving would I be a dear and fetch her other bottle of wine. When I returned she had spun modestly towards the bar and the group of guys her little show attracted had dispersed.

Pat and I controlled the table till the crowd had thinned down to just Jeff's Uncle John and his partner, Jeff and my wife, and Pat and I. Pat ran the last three balls, including the eight, and John told his partner that he'd had enough and was going home. Pat announced he too was tired and already home. He said his goodnights to everyone and went to his room.

Jeff walked his uncle and the other guy to the door while I sat down at the bar next to my wife. I asked if she'd had a good time. She said that she'd had a wonderful time and wished it didn't have to end, but that it was time for us to go too. Jeff had just closed the front door when we got there. I suddenly had to go and announced that I had to take a leak before we went anywhere.

Just to satisfy my curiosity I left the bathroom and went quietly around through the kitchen so I could see the front entry without being seen. Sure enough there was my wife on her toes with her arms wrapped around Jeff's neck and her tongue in his mouth. In the meantime Jeff had one hand inside the front of her dress cupped over her left breast and his other hand under the front of her dress giving her pussy a thorough workout while she humped it. My wife keeps her pussy smooth and hairless all the time because she knows I love it that way. Now here was our best friend finding that out.

I was intensely jealous and unbelievably hard at the same time. I backed away and slipped quietly back to the bathroom where I opened the door and flushed the toilet so they could hear it. I asked if she wanted a soda for the road while I was still out of sight and heading for them, just in case they didn't hear the toilet flushing. She said no as I came around the corner to the front door. They were still facing each other, holding each others hands.

We were almost home. I was driving. My right arm was over her shoulder and my right hand was inside the front of her dress, playing with her rock hard nipple. Neither of us had said a word. I asked her if everything was all right. She said she had a confession to make, that she had given Jeff a going away gift. I said that was nice, what was it. With both her hands she reached up and removed my hand from her breast and steered it up over her head and down between her legs to her crotch. She then proceeded to put my hand on her naked pussy, which was just inches below the hem of her dress.

You gave Jeff your pa

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