Handcuffed High Quality XXX

Can James unlock the mystery of Lady Jane?

" As Gabe stared, lost in the moment, baffled by the words he was seeing before him, the words grew to fill his field of vision until he could see nothing else.

As the words grew up before him, it became clear that the "o" of "copper" was, in actual fact, a circle with a cross beneath it, the symbol of Venus, her mirror. Soon, all that Gabe could focus on was just that individual word, the substance of the whole sentence seemed lost from his mind. The round surface of the mirror symbol shimmered as if it really were a metallic mirror itself. Eventually, that was the one and only thing that Gabe could see, filling the pool of the fountain, turning it into a flat, golden sheen with a completely reflective surface.

Gabe could now see his reflection in the polished metallic surface as he leaned over it. The shape of his body was becoming more and more defined in the mirror as all of the words, letters and symbols began to swirl around it. As he watched his reflection in the mirror began to change. It seemed to attract all the swirling shapes and symbols until they stuck against the mirror him, plastering the image with words and pictures like tattoos. One, in particular, caught his eye, a red heart that fluttered around like wings before attaching itself against the reflection of his chest.

Then, at that moment, he realised what he had been seeing. These abstract images and phrases were all drawn from the tattoos that he had seen on Saphy's body. Just as he thought that, the reflection began to change. His hair in the mirror pool became bright red, his body began to change shape, began to grow in the chest area until it showed breasts. He glanced down at his own body, but it was unchanged in any way. However, the image in the mirror was looking more and more like Saphy and less and less like Gabe. Yet it was still his reflection, when he moved his hand or turned his head, so did the image in the reflective surface.

"Remember," the melodic voice that made a tremble of excitement run down his spine uttered right into his head, "Remember that I like girls."

For a moment, Gabe felt the presence of the goddess stronger than ever, felt her hands running across his chest and thighs, leaving his body feeling more active and alive than it had been in a long while. He watched in the reflection as the image of Saphy, topless with a pair of pert, firm breasts, reached up and cupped her chest in her hands. Gabe realised that the reflection was, in fact, following his own hands, only he did not have a pair of breasts for himself.

His chest may have been completely flat to look down at, but his hands felt almost as if they were touching something real and fleshy. As he ran his hands over the imaginary mounds, he felt the sensation of nerves that were not really there running right up his spine. He watched as his reflection in Saphy's body began to fondle her breasts and began to feel the sensation of firm nipples between his fingers, getting perky and excited.

The same intense feeling of new sensations, of a body transformed, ran right down into his groin where he could feel his penis become erect again. There was something rubbing up against him that was making him become harder and harder, more and more aroused as he ran his fingers around his invisible chest and watched as Saphy in the mirror did the same. She opened her lips in an expression of pleasure that Gabe realised was his own and her eyes rolled back in her head.

He closed his eyes for a moment, savouring the intensity of the sensations he was feeling, and woke up.

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