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Birthday forgotten, she goes out to celebrate alone.


" been with her a lot...?"

"It is never enough with her..."

" love her..."

"Infatuation is worst..."

"Hmmm...I used to be obsessed about her..."

"But she thought you have been too obsessed about Radha.."

" know about Radha.."

"Yeah, a lot met her in US last year..."

"Hmmm...and how is she?" My heart leaped.

"Radha been through deep shit and divorced her lame dick hubby."

A strange relief calmed my mind to know that now she was a free bird and maybe, will welcome my attention.

"Oh...when she is arriving here?" My vocal cords went dry; entangling with expectations and surge of emotions flooding my mind.

" sound like a teenager?"

"Do I?"

"Yup like hell, you are..."

"I have been infatuated with her memories, she never allowed more.."

"Hmmm..It is strange yaar.."


"Waiting like teenager for your old flame in this fucking den of Orgies.."

"Yeah, shit...I love both...but yeah its conflicting.."

"How deep is your conflict?"

"Very, but don't you feel same?"

"There is huge difference lover boy!"

"And what is that, angel?"

"I am not an angel.."

" me you look like a goddess, a sex goddess."

"Thanks for the complement, and take care lover boy, already you have two ladies to think about.

"And a third would make a glorious foursome..."

"I bet, but I am too possessive about Divvya... who feels same about you and you are besotted with Radha..."

"Gosh yeah...but I am getting very curious about you as well..."

"Hmm..I can feel that, and don't know, why the bitch asked me to be with you..."

"She is playing games to make our presence in Venus Villa interesting but conflicting emotionally ..."

"I know but love her games, and decided to partner in this Orgy."

" must be rich to do that.."

"Being infatuated costs a lot you know...I am an exporter and sell leather garments to her as well. We were together in boarding school, but parents migrated to Canada and when we got back to each others about five years ago...I sort of can't keep her out of my system...she is always with me.. "

"Hmm...shit...I can you feel.."

"No, you can't..."

"Okay... how come she never mentioned you?"

"She is "need to know" basis freak..."

"But why we are thrown together now...what she wants?"

"I guess, she wants Radha for herself first, and that's why diverting your attention to me..."

"Gosh...she must join fucking politics..."

"Sexual politics is very hot as compared to any other politics."

"Hmmm true.."

"The bitch told me to not let you touch me, except a handshake.."

"Hmmm...can we beat the bitch by going to some nook and .."

"No we can't do that.. rules of game.."

"But I don't know any fucking rules.."

"I an expected to tell you rules and ignorance of rules is no excuse.."

"And...what are the punishments?"

"Worst, one can be sent back...but she won't do that to you...but you never know.."

"And what are lesser punishments?"

"One can be present and watch but can't may be given a solitary confinement of few hours, more and even longer period.."

"Hmmmm...interestingly weird..."

"Yes, cycle of love, lust, competing sexuality, jealousies, sense of betrayal and loss.."

" are sounding philosophical .."

"No just wondering aloud, that's all.."

"Who are those gorgeous dames, who welcomed me..."

"Hmm...gosh you are a dog...Betty and Vera...Friends' of the Bitch...""

"Hmmm.. I see.."

"They are from London, been very close to Divvya, the bitch.." Anita laughed softly and touched her nose ring. I have been always excited by nose rings and hers looked too hot and erotic. My dick responded by leaking more blobs of juice on my bloated balls.

"Ohh...I thought they are hired hotties..."

"No, no hired guys and gals for the Orgy only guests. And very few hired hands here only armed guards, caterers and old servants and they don't venture beyond their boundaries'..."

"That's good and seems safe.

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