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Two friends become bonded for life after a lie on the beach.

"You can open them now."

He opened his eyes and nearly choked, he had imagined, fantasized and dreamed of what she might look like dressed like this but the reality of it took his breath away. She stood there in the stiletto heels she had been so nervous about wearing, the gorgeous dress showed off the curves he loved and he knew what she had underneath. Stunning, elegant and gorgeous were the first things that flashed through his head. He knew he was smiling like an idiot because she was looking at him strangely but he couldn't actually get the smile off his face, or tear his eyes off her or speak for that matter.

"Wow Vic... I mean... just wow... you look... well wow..."

She giggled slightly at his smile and completely stunned reaction walked over and kissed him again. Hen she walked over to apply the finishing touches as he waited for the taxi to arrive just thinking how lucky he was she had chosen him.

As the taxi pulled up she walked out to meet him... as he locked the door behind her he noticed the taxi driver couldn't take his eyes off her checking her out, he smiled to himself, he had a feeling she was going to get a lot of that tonight. It was a quick drive to the restaurant so they arrived in good time and walked inside sitting, let quickly to the tables, one of the private little booths in the corner, hidden from most of the room, the soft music playing over the speakers, the light buzz of conversation as they took their seats.

Nick ordered a bottle of wine for them to share and browsed through the menu, lasagne tonight he had already decided but looked to see if anything else caught his eye. He started suddenly as he felt her leg press against his, sliding her toe up and down his shin giving him a slightly naughty glance.

Just as he was about to speak the waiter came back to take their order. He ordered the lasagne and she selected the bolognaise. As he turned to leave she reached over took his hand and slid it up her legs. He felt the warmth of her skin and after a quick glance to make sure no one could really see them he slid his hand higher under her dress, feeling the sheer silk of her panties he stroked one finger over her slit, she was so hot already.

She curled up into him as his fingers drifted back and forth teasing her till their food arrived... she could barely speak and pulled herself together enough to thank the waiter before the set to eating.

The food was delicious as it walkways was when ever he came here, which wasn't very often to be honest. Chatting away as they ate they flirted and teased each other, every other sentence loaded with other possible meanings, innuendo dripping from the conversation till he felt it would be unwise to stand up, sure that his excitement would be obvious.

Another bottle of wine later and they were on dessert, cheesecake for him and a tall ice cream sundae for her. They sat very close now and he desperately wanted her but he was not going to rush tonight, she hadn't really ever been out like this before and he wanted to make the most of her first time.

They finished their deserts but decided against coffee. He walked over and paid. He wasn't letting her pay for anything this time... there would come a time when he shared but at the minute he was enjoying the chance to spoil her and show her a good time.

Luckily the cocktail bar he had been telling her about was only a couple of minutes walk, even on her new heels.

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