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He has been playing away, his wife got revenge.


My hand moved away from her bottom but, from the startled sound she made, I don't think the new position was quite what she intended. I'd slipped my hand between her legs and somehow or other it wound up inside her panties, touching her a lot more intimately.

"Peter," she said in a most put-upon voice. "Just what do you think you're playing at?"

"Um, how to explain? You do know about the birds and the bees?"

"Yes, you fool. I mean what do you think you're going to do?"

For answer I caught her hand and pressed it against my groin. As my zip had come undone and a certain appendage escaped from its hiding place she found out exactly what I intended. Her hand closed over me and her whole body seemed to give as little jolt.

"Oh, no," she said, speaking with absolute certainty. "If you think I'm dropping my panties you're insane."

"No need for you to do so," I said agreeably. "I'm quite capable of lowering them for you."

I demonstrated my panties lowering capabilities while she was unable to stop me. With one hand still on her mural and the other full of my erection she didn't have a third hand that would help her panties stay up. I resumed my massaging of her sensitive places.

"Listen, I am not having sex with you. Understand?"

"Um, you're saying no and will keep on saying no, even while I'm entertaining you, right?"

"I'm saying no, full stop. Anyway, Stacy and Maria will be here shortly. They're helping with the mural. If you try anything they'll probably catch you red-handed."

Before I could reply to that I hear feet rapidly approaching and then Stacy and Maria burst into the room.

"Sorry we're late, Cheryl," Stacy gabbled out as she came charging up. "We were helping out at the first aid centre and that turkey, Mike, came in with a split skull. Talk about blood everywhere. Turned out he had a scratch about half an inch long. God, what a cry-baby. World's worst patient. We've only just finished cleaning up. Why are you holding Peter's cock and why are your panties down around your knees?"

"Are we interrupting anything?" asked Maria. "We can come back later."

Cheryl was spluttering and red-faced. Me, I didn't mind.

"No, that OK," I said quickly. "I was just telling Cheryl that it's time to advance with this. You can stay and watch if you like."

"No they can't," Cheryl said quickly, "as nothing's going to happen. That's what I was just telling Peter."

"Uh-huh," drawled Maria, "and that's why you're hanging onto his cock so tightly. In case it escapes and attacks you."

"I am not hanging onto his cock," Cheryl denied, hastily letting go.

I promptly moved so that my cock was now resting between her legs, rearing up and rubbing against her pussy. I rubbed it back and forth a little, feeling her lips parting and pushing against me.

"Well, if you're not going to do it you'd better start fighting him off pretty soon," suggested Tracy. "If you wait much longer it will be too late."

"Don't be silly. He's not really going to, OH MY GOD!"

Seeing that Cheryl wasn't really resisting I'd just adjusted my position slightly and pressed against the sweet spot, finding her lips eager to part and let me in. I didn't drive fully in, just letting her lips close over me, holding me.

Tracy and Maria were giggling and moving around for a better view.

"Tell him to take it out," hissed Cheryl.

"You tell him. We're too scared. He might threaten us with that thing and then what would we do?"

Both girls burst out giggling. I waited but it seemed Cheryl had no intention of telling me to take it out. I started pressing forward, finding Cheryl pushing back to meet me, grumbling the entire time about overbearing males with an over-inflated idea of their worth.

Hands on her hips I started pumping her, slowly at first, but kicking it up a notch when I found Cheryl seemed quite happy to move with me. Mind you, there were various comments from the peanut gallery, but their kibitzing I could quite happily ignore.

It would have been nice to have got my hands on Cheryl's breasts while I, ah, amused her, but I thought it mig

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