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She wanted him so bad tonight that she could hardly hold it back. Somehow she managed to sit on the couch in the living room and think about something else.

She checked the clock again; it showed six fifty, meaning he would be there in about ten minutes. She got up to check to make sure everything was perfect again when she heard tires crunching up the gravel driveway and come to a halt. She hurried to the door and practically radiated happiness.


He cursed as he heard the car approach the house. He could faintly discern the short conversation at the door and the footsteps overhead. He had known all along that she was seeing someone and that had only fueled his desire for her more, making her something that he could not have. He had decided that that would not stop him though, and he decided now that he would just have to deal with it thought it could endanger the whole night.

He lit the lamp he had placed at the door the night before and made his way to the cellar door that entered into the house. Turning the knob he found it was locked. Fuck, it's just one fucking difficulty after another tonight isn't it? God fucking damn it all. Thoughts of doing the whole thing another night never even crossed his mind. Tonight was his night, and nothing would save her from it. He grabbed a big can of olives from a shelf, raised it over his head and brought it down with a terrible force on the doorknob, ripping it from the door. The noise hardly reached his ears as his thoughts were screaming loudly in his head and blood was pounding in his ears.

This beautiful bitch is mine!


The crash startled Eva and Fred and they broke from their kiss and stared towards the stairwell down to the cellar with confusion and fright on their faces.

"Wha-," Eva started before Fred ran over her words with, "Stay here while I check it out."

Fred started down the stairs with a determined look on his face, and Eva stood staring after him, breathing hard. She heard him shout at an intruder and then some scuffling and some grunting, and then a loud groan that sounded like it had come from the intruder. Surely her Fred had not been hurt. She was relieved and called to him, "Did you get him, Freddy?"

Her relief vanished and was replaced with an icy fear as a man clad entirely in black with a ski mask on ascended the steps and said, "I think he'll be down there a while, which way is the bed room?"

She did not even have time to scream as he came at her with startling speed and put a hand over her mouth and another around her body in an iron grip that kept her upper body motionless.

"Screaming is so annoying and there's no one to hear you way out here. Don't waste what time we have together baby."

Eva was locked stiff in an icy fright. Her mind had gone blank and she was locked in panic. She willed herself to come out of it and fight back as he picked her up effortlessly and carried her down the hall to the master bedroom. Fred, she figured was knocked out pretty bad and probably trapped somehow in the cellar where he could not come up and help her. She was on her own and she was scared out of her mind.

She gave herself a huge mental push and started beating at the man. Her punches and kicks seemed to bounce off without his notice.

"Now you're getting into things baby. How'd you know I like squirmers?"

He grabbed at her breast and ripped away the fabric of her new red dress. They were in the bedroom now, and he threw her down on the bed and savagely ripped away the rest of her dress with ease.

"Wh-- wh-- who are you?" She managed to splutter out as he placed his body on her in a constricting manner and began to fondle her breasts and pinch her nipples. The familiar feelings that coursed through her and tried to give her pleasure were inhibited by her astounding fear. She was frightened for her life and kicked and squirmed a little more.

The man did not answer a

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