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Dad & daughter try something new.

Mine was name Jarred and this guy has a wealth of experience when it comes to whores. He's been around, trust me. I saw him looking straight at Laura all night long and the next day at work I asked him about it.

I couldn't believe the answer.

"Man I could have sworn she was a stripper who was a big start at a titty bar I used to go years ago. So I went home, looked around and found it."

He smiled and gave me a picture. It was Jarred and two other guys, obviously drunk and there were two strippers on their lap. One of them was obviously Laura. No doubt about it. A younger, very dirty Laura.

"This was at a bachelor's party I went to. Now tell me it isn't her?"

I couldn't.

"Can I borrow this?" I asked.

"Yeah sure." Jarred answered with a naughty smile.

Next day I went over to Laura's house. Her husband was at work and my wife was out shopping as always so I knew I was safe. She let me in, surprised and I didn't waste any time.

"I know what you used to do before you married John. Does he?

She looked at me, with a surprised and scared look on her face. She was wearing a black dress and my cock was already hard at the thought of making her undress right in front of me.

"Ryan I..."

I showed her the picture and that sealed the deal.

"Don't tell John. I have kids, please, don't tell anyone."

"Well that depends on you."

I sat in the couch.

She knew what I meant.

"Ryan we've known each other for years. I'm best friends with your wife. Please."

"Lift up your dress. Hold it up and let me see what you're wearing under it."

She struggled for a few seconds, thinking and finally she obeyed. She had black lingerie on. I could see she had a shaved pussy.

"Turn around."

I took a long hard look at her ass. My God, it was glorious.

"Bend down."

She did, her ass up in the air.

"Now take off your panties, still bending down."

Again she obeyed and I watched her pretty little asshole and pussy being uncovered and her panties sliding down her legs. I pulled her over to me and shoved my face deep into her ass. She was still holding the skirt of the dress up for me. My tongue went to work in both her holes. She was resisting the pleasure but I knew she had to give in. I slid a hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit, while licking her asshole. Finally I turned her around and looked right in her face. She was red, ashamed and I loved it.

"Get naked, now."

She took off the dress, then the black bra and stood there in front of me. I sat back on the couch, smiling.

"Give me a lap dance."

"The music..."

"Fuck the music. Just do it."

She walked over to me and sat on my lap, then started moving up and down, massaging my hard cock with her ass.

"You're a filthy little girl aren't you?" I whispered on her ear.

I ordered her to turn around and ride me. She put her legs around my waist and started dry humping me some more, her tits bouncing with the rhythm, right in front of my face.

"You better do everything I say or the whole neighborhood will know that you were a dirty little whore."

"Yes, i'll do it." She whispered.

"Get on your knees."

She did.

"Now suck my cock."

She opened my zipper, took out my hard cock and put it in her mouth. I owned her now. She sucked as hard as she could. Her lips were wrapped firmly around my cock and she had one hand on my balls and the other jerking me off. I put my right hand on her head and started controlling the rhythm, pushing her face up and down, fucking her mouth. I closed my eyes and focused on the sound she was making sucking my cock. I pushed her face down, her lips going all the way down my cock, deep throating me. When she started to gag I let her up.

I ordered her to go the her room. The bed where John slept with her. Perfect.

"Get on all fours in the bed."

I took off the rest of my clothes, got into bed and pulled her to me.

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