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Cultures clash as the un-dead feed on the corrupted.

"Too bad. I want breakfast." He threw back and she thought she had seen his eyes light up for a moment before he haphazardly added "Now."

Her eyes widened for a moment but soon narrowed, catching the mocking in his tone unmistakably. Having her flaring temper usually under the tight control of her shy demeanor, Bella had got used to not having the final say in most cases, yet something about his behaviour just made her snap. Spending her teenage years as the chubby ugly duckling had given her a quite thick skin when it came to teasing, but the idea of an invading gigolo making fun of her in her very own home seemed just too much to tolerate!

"How dare you talk to me like that!" She demanded walking up to him with steady strides and a piercing glare. "This is my home, my house, how dare you tell me what to do?!"

She came to a sudden halt when he turned from the counter, leaving barely a few inches between their bodies. Why do tall people just seem so intimidating? She wondered, her teeth dancing over her bottom lip nervously. Her insecurities, however, only lasted a moment. As soon as he cocked an eyebrow at her questioningly, she already remembered the attitude that had made her initially want to slap him. Instead her eyes narrowed.

"You might have manipulated my aunt but that is certainly not going to work with me. I don't care how much she payed you and how much extra you took, the merry days are over! This is my house and I want you out of here!" she hissed at him with a determined glare before her lips curled into a sarcastic little smile. "Now!"

She blinked. Again and again. Not believing that he actually started laughing at her. She was close enough to feel his breath on her face as he threw his head back and broke into a hearty laughter, his chest rumbling under his white polo shirt. Her ears registered the rich sound she had already become so enamoured with earlier, making her mind almost forget about the actual situation.

"Just what do you think is so funny?!" she demanded feeling the control of the moment slip more and more out of her hands with every suppressed chuckle he tried to fight in vain.

His eyes seemed to shimmer in the bright midday light with tiny greenish flecks and she couldn't help but notice how handsome his face became when he seemed to have fun, reminding her a little of a boy who was enjoying his triumph after having pulled her pigtails.

"So, how many pancakes does Madam wish?" he asked with a wink after regaining his composure.

"Fine!" Bella threw her arms up in defeat and turning her back on him sat down at the table. "Don't bother to poison my share though." she spat back over her shoulder.

How could life be just so incredibly unfair?!! Her mind demanded over and over. Fighting her natural curiosity by refusing to turn around, even as the heavenly sweet smell of steaming pancakes started to invade her private space, was simply a matter of integrity. But having a full plate put in front of her, topped with a big fluffy pile of hand whipped cream and half cut strawberries that made her mouth water and her stomach make demands loud enough to cause the expectant cook almost choke on his own bite ... Well, that was simply just cruel. She eyed the rich breakfast with a growing longing on her face, sneaking occasionally a glance at the handsome man digging his fork enthusiastically into his own pile of pancakes.

She folded her arms in front of her chest to ensure she'd withstand the temptations to try either of the deliciously smelling food, or the full, inviting lips that closed around each bite with a leisurely embrace, slowly feasting on the taste, occasionally parting slightly for the tip of his tongue to sneak out and lick an escaping drop of fruit juice from the corner of that sensuous mouth.

Andrew's own eyes were fixed on her as he ate with intentional leisure, watching with interest as the longing for the food turned into a completely different craving on her face.

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