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The Night of Reckoning continues.

"That's Sadie Hawkins, Jan's mare. I think she smelled your shampoo, or maybe she's admiring your new hairstyle, which, by the way, looks lovely."

Smiling at Sam, she said, "Thank you." Making a sad face at Sadie, she asked, "Poor baby. Do you miss Jan too?" Sherry scratched its withers. The horse craned its neck and curled its upper lip in a sign of appreciation.

"Okay girl, now go eat." Sherry shooed her away. Sadie trotted off to the barn.

"Along with all your other charms, you're a horse whisperer too." Sam winked at her.

"I used to spend summers on my Uncle's farm in Kansas. It was my home away from home. I won a couple of ribbons for barrel racing at the State Fair." She lifted her chin with a how-do-you-like-that smirk.

'That's a face that should be kissed,' thought Sam. 'Starting over is tough. Once the delicious Sherry's been tasted, how do you resist the want of another sip?' He was staring and she was watching his lips, waiting. "I promised to feed you. Let's go, before I decide to eat you." Embarrassed by the slip, he quickly said, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be." She poked his arm and bounced beside him, swishing her skirt on the way to the truck. "Where're you taking me?"

His mind whirled at the question. So many lewd answers teased the tip of his tongue. Answers he would've fired off to Jan without reservation. 'I'm taking you outside, inside, orally, vaginally, missionary, doggie, in the hayloft, on a mountaintop, on the beach, to the moon... Variety is the spice of life and I've been without my spice girl for too long.' He said aloud, "A new restaurant just opened on the lake, Hawthorne's. I've never been there. Have you?"

"No. It sounds nice."

The green tank top left Sherry's neck and arms exposed. He wanted to put his arm around her, feel her naked shoulder under his palm. He opened the passenger door.

"Thank you, sir."

Wishing she would slide over next to him, Sam drove off, and reminded himself, 'This is not a date. This is a thank-you, for helping Chris. Now stay focused on Platonic relations.'

A half-mile later, he asked, "Sharon, how did it go with Chris. Is he in trouble?" In his peripheral vision, he saw her glance over with a slightly pained expression. 'Was that because I didn't call her Sherry?' He kept his eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel.

"Don't worry about his academics, Samuel. If there's a problem with school, it's because he's bored. Jan's death may have something to do with his poor performance, but I didn't see it today. I'll work with him and he'll be ready in the fall."
"With a teacher like you, what little boy wouldn't pay attention? I know a big boy that's willing to... Sorry."

"Willing to what? Go ahead, say it... I want you to."

He smiled and looked into the sparkling eyes watching his lips. "I know a big boy that's willing to... improve his performance just for you."

She blushed, met his eyes, held them for long seconds, and then looked out her door window. "I bet you're an apt pupil."

After miles of electric silence, Sherry said, "I like your mother. I see where you get your sense of humor. She really loves Chris. She's going to work with him in between the days that I see him. I bet you didn't get away with much growing up. Sometimes I felt like she could read my mind."

"No, I couldn't get anything by her, and still can't. She's a keen judge of character."

They began family history chitchat that lasted until they arrived at the restaurant. Sitting in a secluded booth with a view of the lake, they talked memories -- childhood, adolescent, college, family and marriage.

"You'll never believe who called me yesterday, Sam.

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