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A simple day out.

Pull me Baby, pull me harder."

Steve's fingers gripped a bit tighter on each stroke and I was losing it. I started shuddering into it and my body stiffened tightly. I gripped the sides of the table and bore down, as I expelled my cum.

"Oh God."

"I know Baby, I'm cumming, just keep going. I'll tell you when to stop."

Those were my last coherent words I said, as I felt myself get washed over with bliss and only my orgasm mattered. I knew Steve was seeing something he had only felt before and hoped her liked it from another perspective of sense. I was hoping he'd be into another sense and asked.

"Taste me, Baby. Taste the sweet honey my pussy is making for you."

My hips were rising to him, beckoning him to them. He looked at what he had created and he took his fingers away and placed his mouth over me. It was clumsy in his approach, but it was just what I needed to feel and technique was something we could work on. I felt the broad, flat strokes lapping me up and writhed in delectable bliss. His moans let me know he was enjoying the taste of me and that was my biggest hope and worry. Oral sex was a make or break thing on how a person took to tasting another person. Steve was enjoying me and that made me cum a little harder for him.

I finally pushed him away gently and said that was enough. I could feel how juicy I was and it was bullet time. I wanted a little something to go along with it and thought about the balls and the glass dildo. Neither looked threatening in size or shape, but to my pussy, they were devastating. I asked him to get the ones I showed him earlier and he brought them back.

"Now, put some lube on the bullet and slide it inside me. I'll let you know how far to put it in."

He did as I said and looked at my pussy and the bullet, like he was putting the two together for the first time. He pushed it into me and it disappeared. I could feel where it was and told him to use his finger to push it in deeper. I felt it way up inside and it was about as far as his finger would go.

"Okay, slip both those balls inside, one at a time though."

He chuckled and lubed each ball, then slowly pushed them inside. He sat back and looked at me like I was magically going to start cumming and I had to laugh a bit and almost spat a ball out doing it. I pushed it back in and chuckled.

"Come here Baby, I want to show you how the controls work and what I like at certain times. Obviously I don't want full tilt boogie right off the start, so I start off on the low hum. Just press this button and then this one and.....oh God, that feels so good. Okay, when I tell you to, press the first button the number of times I tell you to. That's the one that increases the strength."

"Okay, so don't touch the other one, leave that on the setting its on."

"Right. Now, put some more lube on my clit and pussy and I want you to pull the hood back and rub my clit for a bit. I'm going to use my muscles inside and work the balls around while you do that and that should get me flowing really good. I should warn you, I'm in the mood to have lots of orgasms and cum a lot. I sort of get a bit out of hand sometimes, so I'll try not to get crazy on you the first time out."

Steve actually looked worried that I'd turn into some raving sex maniac. I was almost ready to play a joke on him and attack him madly when I got stimulated enough, but jokes were later when he was more comfortable with things and knew what was going to happen.

"Okay, push the button twice and pull on the wire gently."

I saw him tap the pad and the results were instantly felt inside, as the bullet buzzed into me. He pulled the wire and I felt it hitting the balls and bringing them into the picture more. I could feel the right amount of tension on the wire and the balls inside me and told him to hold it there and just lightly pull in a rhythm.

"Now, lightly rub my clit with your fingertip in circles and get to know how it feels.

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