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Mike's weekend with Allie at the Hamptons.

Turn around so everyone can see." Shawn shot some daggers at Laura, but with everyone laughing, she had no choice. She did a quick twirl, and Laura let her sit.

The next hands went quick. Jen lost her jacket with a pair of sevens. Shawn lost again, this time she had to take off her blouse. She unbuttoned the blouse revealing a lacy white bra that was just opaque enough to hide her nipples, and of course, Laura made her turn around again, and Shawn blushed when she turned, because we could all see that she was wearing a matching thong. He black thigh-high stockings were a contrast to her white bra and panties, and her light skin. Her sisters hooted and cheered when Laura finally let her sit again. Jen lost next with junk, and she stood up to take off her skirt, but she had a black skip on underneath, so it wasn't that big a deal.

In the tenth hand, Shawn lost again, and she was told to stand up, and put her foot on the table as she slid off her stockings. That gave me a fantastic view, as I was treated to little red hairs peeking out the side of her thong. Shawn swore revenge on Laura, and everyone laughed. At this point, Joan realized that I still hadn't lost yet.

Chapter 7

Ten hands were gone and I was still fully dressed. Naturally, I felt pretty good. Shawn felt considerably less good, or at least a lot colder, since she had lost five times and was sitting there in a pretty matching bra and panty set. Jen was in dangerous territory, since all she had left was the light blue t-shirt, a black slip, a bra and panties. Jackie and Joan were almost as lucky as me, as they each had only lost their shoes. My competitive friend Joan couldn't believe that I hadn't lost yet, and she let everyone know that it should be their mission to make me lose. Shawn said that she just didn't want to be the first to show any "goodies."

At about this point I noticed something odd about Jen. I remembered how confident she looked walking to the front of the room downstairs when her name was called, but she looked very different now. She had a very nervous smile on her face, and I noticed that her hands were trembling. She was still basically dressed, but if she lost again, it would be the shirt or the slip, and there would be some underwear exposure. I started to feel a little bad, because she looked so scared.

Laura dealt the eleventh hand and I concentrated on Jen. Her eyes widened when she looked at her hand, and she nervously flipped her hair back. She kept her blue eyes on her cards and asked for three. When she looked at her draw, shedeflated a little, slumped in her chair just a bit. Shawn had nothing, ace high, Jen had a queen high, Jackie had three sevens, Joan had an ace high, and I had a pair of aces. Jen shuddered.

"Come on, Jen, join me in almost-naked-ville!" said Shawn, giggling.

"Laura, do I have to take off my t-shirt?" Jen asked.

"Nope, you can take off whatever you want, but you have to stand up."

Jen stood, and slowly pulled her black slip down her legs. She didn't have any stockings on, and her skin was flawless. She bent down towards me to pick up her slip, so I couldn't see her rear. Laura of course noticed, and ordered Jen to turn around. Jen bit her lip and turned, and I was treated to a view of Jen's freshman ass, all decked out in a royal blue thong. "Was there some kind of rule with you guys?" I asked. Jackie said that everyone was supposed to wear their "best" underwear, and I guess that meant thongs to Shawn and Jen at least. Finally, Laura let Jen sit, and I noticed that she wasn't smiling anymore, and she was really trembling hard.

Luckily for her, Jen won the next hand with a pair of jacks, and she seemed to calm down a little, since I couldn't see her bottom half behind the table. Meantime, Jackie lost and tossed her hat into the pile with flair.

Joan lost the next hand with a king-high pile of nothing.

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