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Weather does NOT interrupt play, & the return of Gemma.

"I'd love that and thank you for the drink."

"I'll be waiting for you," he said and walked to the pool table. I sat sipping my favorite drink Rum and Coke. I glanced over to the pool table and he was looking at me. I finished drinking and talked to Liz.

"I am going to dance and I'll be back!" I was very shaky and everything seemed to move fast around me but I made it to the pool table.

"Do you want to dance?" He asked.

"I'm ready but I think I am too drunk." I answered.

"Lean on me and I will hold you." he replied and led me firmly to the dance floor. I placed one hand on his shoulder when my legs could not carry me.

"Whoa! I got you!" He held me up as we danced. I wanted to talk and ask his name but all I could do was to mumble.

"Lean on me and I will hold you."

That was the last thing I remember when I woke up in a dark room with tape around my wrist and ankles. I have been careless and foolish. A door creaked open and I closed my eyes when I heard footsteps coming towards me. Strong forceful hands grabbed my elbows to pull me up. I gasped with fear and wet my panties in terror.

"Time to wake up sleeping beauty." The stranger from the bar whispered in my ear. I opened my eyes carefully to adjust to the light.

"Hello pretty woman!" He smiled.

"Where am I? What happened? Who are you?" I asked. A hard slap fell across my face.

"Be quiet and still or I will hit you." He answered. I screamed for help. A fist punched my stomach hard. I crumbled to the floor and begun to sob.

"You give me no choice." He replied and ripped duct tape from the roll.

"Oh my God! No! Please don't do it!" I shouted. The man pressed the tape against my mouth with his hands. He touched my breasts and I tried to move away from him only to get slapped again. When he unzipped his pants I panicked and moved around the floor like a fish out of water.

He climbed on top of me to push me down against the hard cold floor.

"Receive what you deserve whore." He said with a crooked grin. His hands grabbed the bottom of the black dress and tore it apart. I decided to fight for my life but he hit my head against the concrete floor and everything went black.

I woke with pain all over my body and my head pounded. I needed to escape and tried to get up but my hands were bound above my head. He had left me with only my black bra and soaked underwear. My body was bruised. The door opened and I knew it wasn't over yet.

"Are you ready for more?" He bent down and squeezed my breasts hard. I started to cry.

"If you cry I will hurt you." He threatened me and pulled out a knife to cut off the bra.

"Very nice." He whispered while massaging my breasts. My light pink nipples were erect by the tension and cold. He rolled my nipples between his fingers and pulled them hard when I sobbed. I felt his wet sucking mouth and playful tongue around my nipple while he nibbled it with his teeth. After treating both my nipples this way he put a hand inside my panties. I moved away the best I could but he bit my nipple and slapped me in the face. "Enjoy it I know I will." He said and I felt the coolness of the knife against my hip when he cut off the panties.

"NO! NO! NO!" I tried to scream through the tape. His finger probed my pussy slowly up and down. He added another finger and went deeper.

"Let's see how tight you are small one." He said and crammed 3 fingers inside me. I writhed in pain but he continued until my pussy got moist.

He laughed and pulled out his wet fingers to strip his shirt, shoes and pants in front of me. I could see and feel the massive bulge in his boxers pressing against my pussy. He had his hands, mouth and tongue all over my breasts and pussy. When I felt the knife blade against my skin I stopped screaming and crying.

"I'm removing your tape so you can give me a blowjob but if you are not silent or bite then I'll cut your throat!" He pulled down the boxers to reveal his huge cock and cut the tape to push it into my mouth.

"Suck it!" He commanded and held my head to force it up and down when I sucked him with my lips.

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