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Revels and revelations; Livinia learns Kalendras's secret.

Her pussy sprayed even more pussy juice with the deeper the cock entering deeper into her womb.

"I'll fuck you senseless, you hear?!" Hearing a threatening sentence from Kayu, Aisa felt his cock thrusting her womb faster and harder than his penetration. Her body was rocking left and right, with her slightly swollen breast humping in a circle. Kayu felt the need to grip something and grabbed her breast. Feeling the rough knead on her breast along with the humping of her pussy made Aisa moaned even louder, reaching closer to her orgasm.

Before Aisa realized it, her entire body spasmed in response to the wild pleasure running amok in her body. She screamed to her fullest, joining with Kayu's orgasmic shout. White screen appearing in her mind, her body cooled down slightly but lost its energy. Kayu took his cock out and released his grip on Aisa, causing her to collapse onto the ground. Her pussy was stained with her coitus along with Kayu's cum, oozing out from her gapping pussy, which she could feel it dripping onto her bare ankle.

Being violated once was not enough for Aisa, as the aphrodisiac feel that came from the pink effect did not completely subside. Seconds later, Aisa craved for even more sex. She carried her weak body, crawling towards Kayu, wanting his cock to pleasure her more. Having satisfied himself with a human woman, Kayu was instead irritated at her advances.

"Enough, you brainless succubus!" Kayu shouted in a thunderous tone. Perhaps Aisa was able to remember the slightest feel or fear, she stopped her path and shuddered slightly. Rejected of another pleasure by the lizardman, Aisa started massaging her still erected clit. Looking at Aisa's pitiful and mindless self, Kayu gained a bright idea.

"If you want more cock, I got a better place for you!" He took out a black dildo from a treasure chest lying around the corner. It was a dildo infused with mind controlling properties, used to control people who were watching the slut masturbating with it. Kayu planned to use her to control all the people in Beastmeh Town, so he could destroy the whole town for his ego.

Taking the dildo with him, Kayu walked closer to the mindless Aisa, who was still masturbating. He fastened a chain around Aisa's choker and pulled the chain that was fastened to Aisa's choker.

"Kyaaaa...aaahh..." Feeling the pressure of the choker, Aisa was forced out of her masturbation and crawled towards where the pressure of her choker was. Kayu was glad to have a naked human girl following him like a pet. Kayu giggled with excitement, believing his conquest will succeed this time. "Kukukukuku... Follow me to your heaven!"

As Kayu was walking outside the cave together with the collared Aisa, several other lizardmen wearing the same skull mask as Kayu, attended to Kayu. They are Kayu's underlings, who had sworn to serve him for his nefarious purposes. They saw him pulling Aisa like a pet and were impressed with it. Aisa looked at Kayu's underlings as if she got a new toy to play with.

"Hey, isn't that the human girl that paraded her naked body a few days ago?"

"That's the exhibitionist I was talking about yesterday."

"Oh... that was an amazing pet you have there, Lord Kayu!" Kayu brushed off his underlings' praise and surprises.

"Kukukuku, ain't I awesome?" answered Kayu with the same giggle he always had. He was obviously pleased with his new sex slave, but he knew that his underlings had other plans behind their praises.

"Lord Kayu, can I use her now?"

"It's a pity she looked like a young teenager, but it still gave me a boner."

"Her fresh pink hole looked delicious..."

"Lord Kayu... lend that pet to us, would you?"

Aisa's glossy eyes looked at the lizardmen, who already brandished their erected cocks. Aisa was aroused by its sight and was about to reach for one of the cocks. Kayu was annoyed by his underlings' obsessive behavior towards Aisa's naked body. Even though he knew it was due to the pink effect, he was still annoyed about it.

"Silence, you fools!" shouted K

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