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They meet a child hood friend of hers for fun.

Ben caught up to me during one of the intermissions while I was flirting with one of the cheerleaders. "J.J. things are all set up and ready to go, all I have to do is hit go, and we will have our own private porno." Talk about a conversation killer, my lust interest just turned up her nose and walked away.

"What are we waiting for then lets see how our little surprise works" I said as I started heading to the library. Ben was in hot pursuit behind me, anxious to see how his new operation would work. We passed the weekend Janitor in the hall and asked him to let us in the library, so we could put up some of the pictures we had taken recently onto the schoools paper, website. Knowing he could trust us, (I had to laugh) he let us right in, and disappeared down the hall continuing his work.

Ben signed in under one of his many names, and brought up the homepage he had created for his little sight. He titled it photography 101 as not to bring any undo suspision to the site, at least not yet. There were some real pictures from our past yearbooks of students, teachers, dances and all the other boring stuff that highschool is comprised of, but Ben typed in a key word and up popped the three screens...blank for now

Ben clicked on one button and on came the view from the coat rack, no one there. He clicked on the one from above and nothing, but when he activated the one from the air conditoning vent we saw a little movement from across the room. It was still hard to see because whoever it was, was still in the shadows back by the door. The lights flicked on, our camera adjusted it's own iris, and we could see it was, Miss Jebson. She was dressed in a pair of jeans and a wool sweater that showed off her lovely boobs.

As she walked toward her desk, she was followed into the room by, Eugene Drummon,a high school senior who had the lead in the school musical, and who everyone thought as the biggest nerd at our school. Could he be the one who had taken the photos of Miss Jebson.

I thought to myself "what the hell, why him?"As soon as Miss Jebson and Eugene reached her desk she gave him a sloppy French kiss and started unbuttoning his jeans. It didn't take long for either of us to find out why, Eugene had the biggest cock I had ever seen, outside a porn movie. Not even the jocks who walked around the locker room without shame could compare. Gene as he liked to be called had to be at least 8" long and as thick as a pop can.

Miss Jebson licked her lips as she dropped his pants to his ankles and sat in her chair in front of him. Ben now switched to the camera in the coat rack and could see just Miss Jebsons head bobbing up and down, and you could hear slurping noises. Thank god we had the foresight to by cams with microphones. Being a bit impatient in our views Ben clicked on the overhead cam, and I am glad he did, you could see everything. Genes huge cock covered in saliva sliding into Miss Jebsons lucious lips, her breast flopping on his legs.

I looked over at Ben and gave him a high five, "great job buddy" I said as I turned my attention to our wanton English teacher/slut as she devoured Genes prick down to his balls.

"Dam she sure knows how to give head, doesn't she J.J.?"

"I'll say, I just wish that was me getting head there instead of that geek, Eugene."

We heard a "PLOP" and turned our attention back to the action on the screen. Gene had pulled is massive tool out of our sluts mouth, and had started taking off her jeans. Miss Jebson was definetly a true red head as proved by the whisp of hair between her legs. She had scooted forward in her chair and Gene kneeled in front of her now. He must have been an expert cunt lapper becasue all you could hear were moans and cries of passion.


After a few minutes Miss Jebson recomposed herself and stood up and kissed Eugene on the chest.

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