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Chad finds there's more to college than studying.

Marcia moved closer purposely and let her bare thigh brush up against Amelie's arm. The touch was electric and sent a shock through Amelie's body. Amelie did not remove her arm and Marcia continued to brush her bare thigh against her teacher's fore arm. Amelie wanted desperately to touch the young girl's thighs and caress her skin but she dared not try. Amelie did not know that Marcia was silently hoping that her teacher would stroke her thighs and touch her pussy. Marcia's panties were getting wet.

"When would like to schedule a session together?" Amelie asked her voice cracking.

"Could we do it today? I don't have cheerleading practice today," Marcia asked as she fidgeted with her skirt.

Amelie watched as her student accidentally lifted her skirt too high and exposed her white cotton panties. Amelie found her hand move toward the student as if it had a mind of its own. Amelie brushed the back of her hand against Marcia's bare thigh emitting a gasp from her. Marcia did not move away so Amelie then began caressing the young girl's thigh and let her hand trail up toward Marcia's panty covered pussy. Marcia held her breath as her teacher's hand neared her pussy and then gasped aloud when it brushed over her panties.

Amelie hand was trembling as it passed over Marcia's panty covered pussy. Amelie then realized that Marcia's panties were soaked due to the girl's excitement. Amelie held Marcia's skirt up with one hand as she moved Marcia's panty to side with her other hand. Amelie looked at the bare young pussy in front of her and caressed it tenderly. Marcia was now trembling as the caresses continued and she came on the spot when Amelie inserted a finger into her pussy. Amelie finger fucked her student slowly and then removed her finger to lick it clean. Amelie looked up at Marcia and saw that the student had her eyes closed.

"Marcia would like to continue our discussion at my house today," Amelie asked.

"Oh yes, please," Marcia sighed in reply.

"Good I will give you directions then," Amelie told her.

Amelie wrote at the directions to her house and told Marcia to stay in her school uniform. Marcia then left the classroom and Amelie headed home. As Amelie drove home she reflected on her own experience when she was a student and her teacher seduced her. Amelie wanted to duplicate that very scene which is why she had told Marcia to wear her school uniform to the house.

Within the hour Marcia and Amelie were kissing each other as they knelt on Amelie's bed both still fully clothed. Amelie unbuttoned Marcia's blouse and unhooked Marcia's bra. She pushed the bra up over Marcia's tits and lowered her mouth to Marcia's breasts and told her how beautiful her tits were and how delicious her nipples tasted. Marcia had tan lines around her tits from her skimpy bikini top because she had never sunbathed topless. Amelie than began her tortuous journey down Marcia's body using her mouth to taste and caress every inch of her skin.

Amelie then had Marcia unbutton Amelie's blouse and unhook her bra. Marcia pushed the bra up just as Amelie had done to her and then the two of them kissed again and let their breasts press against the others. Amelie then reached under Marcia's plaid skirt and pulled Marcia's panties down to her knees just above the white knee high socks. Amelie then leaned over and kissed Marcia's tits as she played with Marcia's pussy. Marcia cried out as her teacher's finger wormed its way into her pussy.

Amelie then had Marcia do the same to her.

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