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Introducing a girl named Mix & her brother Nico.

Max hit the matt, but still managed to roll back to his feet. Gritting his teeth and forcing himself to focus, he went for a stronger defensive as she attacked, blocking and parrying her strikes. He pressed the offensive again, and managed to land several more strikes, though Max knew she was not going all out.

For a moment, he even managed to forget her nudity, and ignore the cravings of his loins. But then, the tingling along his balls started. She was using her magic to distract him now. This is where the real test began.

This went on for several minutes, and the sensations slowly got stronger. Soon, the tingles began to travel in a loop from his balls to his penis tip, stroking him slowly. Max, whose stamina had always been tremendous, was not yet winded by the physical effort of the sparring, but found his breath getting heavier as the sensations teased his cock.

The sensations got stronger, and soon, it was all Max could do just to block his Master's strikes. He began to stumble as the sensations caused little jolts of pleasure all through his groins, making his thighs and knees tremble. A couple catcalls from the girls in the stands didn't help matters.

Max tried one last punch that his Master easily side stepped. This time, rather than flip him over with a physical toss, she simply applied more sensations to his cock. Max gasped as he felt something wet and hot close around his cock, and his body instinctively jerked. This threw him off so badly, he tumbled to the floor, and this time, didn't roll out of it.

His Master was lenient enough to let him get to his feet. He tried to stand tall, but he could not help but fidget and twitch as the sensations of a phantom mouth worked over his cock. All four of the women in the room could clearly sense the tightness in his balls.

"Perhaps you should have relieved yourself before practice," said his Master. "Two weeks without an orgasm, at your young age, no wonder you're breaking down so fast."

"Y-you said it yourself, a real opponent wouldn't give you a ch-chance," said Max. He was straining to control himself now, cock twitching in excitement, pre-cum already seeping from the tip.

His Master frowned. "I think we've done enough for the day," she said, and turned to pick up her gi.

"No! I can do this!" said Max through grit teeth, taking another stance.

"You cannot," she said.

Max let out a frustrated growl and charged at her. "Yes, I can!"

His Master sighed, and just before he could strike her, she spun around, dodging his attack and slapping him on the shoulder, using his momentum to make him turn and hit the floor flat on his back, knocking the wind out of him. With a flick of her finger, she then used her magic to bind him down, spread eagle on the floor. Max struggled and gasped, but he could not fight the magic, and his resistance quickly faltered as the phantom mouth worked faster on his cock.

His Master picked up and put on her gi, drawing it tight around her body, then stepped up to him, straddling his body so that his hips were between her feet. "No, you cannot," she said.

The other three women in the stands clapped. "Good try, Max!" said one of the students. "Yeah, you lasted longer than we thought!" said the other. They chuckled a bit in good humor, but stopped with they saw how pissed off Max was getting.

"Damn it!" said Max, his face a mask of bitter frustration, both sexual and personal.

"I suggest you stop fighting me," his Master said. "I can see that you are at least somewhat aroused by the struggle. The more you try and fight my magic, the more hopelessly caught up in it you become."

"N-n-no!" gasped Max, trying, and failing, to force his hips not to buck against the sensations. "I can resist... I have to... resist..."

"Suit yourself," she said.

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