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I should have known better.

" She smiled and added, "And you know, it's kind of romantic."

Tia smiled coyly then she kissed him full on the lips. They kissed deeply and let their tongues explore. After a couple of minutes she led him to their bed. Seth's dick was so hard it was almost vertical.

Tia lay on her back. Seth gingerly climbed on top of her. They kissed some more, then she said, "You do that pretty well. We talked about how girls are different than guys. Your cock was ready to fuck me the first day, but women need some time to get ready. Don't skimp on the preliminaries. Tell us we're beautiful. Kiss us, caress us and suck on our breasts. And by all means eat our pussies. You'll be considered a world class lover if you make a girl come before you shove that big dick of yours inside her."

"Go ahead and explore." she continued, "If you pay attention to your partners, you'll learn what they like. For me, it's kisses, especially on the neck and playing with my nipples."

Seth took his time partly because he was nervous and partly because this was so new to him. He kissed her mouth, cheek and throat. He heard her moan as he nibbled on her neck.

"Umm...that's it. Be gentle." She directed him, "And no hickeys."

While he kissed her, his hands roamed her chest. Her boobs were fabulous so soft like nothing he had ever felt before. Her nipples were so hard. They demanded to be pinched, pulled and sucked, he complied. Again her sighs and moans let him know when he was doing it right. She pushed his head down to her chest and he suckled her. It was awesome. He could have spent all day playing with her boobs.

Tia moaned and said, "Oh, you're making me cream."

Seth didn't understand her until she brought his hand down between her legs. Her pussy was soaking wet. His fingers explored her lower lips, the folds and passage. Everything was slick with her female fluid.

"Be gentle, lover," Tia instructed him. Then after a few moments, Tia pushed his head off her breast down toward her nether regions. She begged, "Eat me."

Seth brought his head to her opening and marveled at the sight, the smell. It was all so erotic. He hesitantly reached out with his tongue, and Tia gasped. Encouraged, he explored her fully. Tia gasped again when he accidentally hit her clitoris.

"MMmmm,, that's the spot. That little nub is my clit. Think of it as the most sensitive part of your penis. You can't go there until you've got your partner warmed up like I am now, but when she's ready a finger or tongue on her clit will drive a girl wild."

She shoved his head into her pussy and said, "Oh, suck my clit! Flick it with your tongue, Oh yea, that's it... that's the ticket. Yes."

Tia let out a guttural scream and clinched Seth's head between her powerful thighs as she came, and then came hard again. For a split second Seth was scared. Panicked he thought, "Is she having a seizure?" followed by, "Help. My head is trapped."

Slowly the spasm passed and Tia's labored breathing slowed. Her legs released him, and she said, "Oh yea, that was a good one. The pleasure builds up inside me and then explodes. Now get up here, you."

Seth crawled up Tia's warm sweat covered body until they were face to face. She gave him a big kiss and said, "Thanks partner." then thinking about what she had just done, she added, "Oh, that's something you need to be sensitive about. Some girls don't want you to kiss them right after you've licked their pussies. The prissy ones don't like to taste themselves. As you can see, I'm not put off by my own pungent flavor. If they avoid your kiss or bring the sheets to your face, you know they want you to wipe their juices off before you kiss them again."

She kissed him again, laughed and made a big deal about lapping her juices off his lips and face. He loved the way she tasted and thought it was hot that she liked it too.

"Okay. Here's your big moment." she said, "I've been off the pill too long to let you cum inside me. You can fuck me for as long as you can last, but you have to pull out before you come, alright?"

Seth nodded.

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