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MILF surprised and taken by son's friend.

At least she didn't seem to date the same guy more than once or twice. She wouldn't tell me if she was having sex with them. She said that what she did on her dates was none of my business. I tried to get her to stop but she just said, "If you want me you are just going to have to wait till I am ready to go back to being monogamous."

Finally I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to know if she was having sex with the men she was dating. I guessed that she was but I had to know for sure. On one of the nights that I knew she had a date I parked near her apartment after Lisa got home from work and waited for her date to arrive. At eight o'clock a car pulled up in front of Lisa's apartment. The guy who got out of the car looked to be about forty years old, five feet seven inches tall, maybe 160 pounds. Before he could get to the door Lisa came out and met him halfway to the car. Lisa kissed him then they walked to the car. Lisa's date opened the door for her and she got in. He walked around to the drivers side and got in.

When they pulled away from the curb I followed them. They drove to a Mexican restaurant located in a shopping center and went inside. As soon as they were inside I went to pizza parlor next door to the Mexican restaurant and got a small pizza and two Cokes to go. I ate the Pizza in my car as I waited for Lisa and her date to finish their dinner. They came out of the restaurant about forty-five minutes later and I followed them as they drove to his house.

The house was out of town in a subdivision where the houses are on large wooded lots. This allowed me to sneak up close to the house after Lisa and her date went in. When I got to a window where I could see in, Lisa and her date were standing in the living room kissing. The guy had his hands on Lisa's ass and was pulling the back of her skirt up to expose her the black satin panties that covered Lisa's sexual playground. What I was watching was making me both angry and aroused at the same time. As I watched I kept thinking 'Why doesn't she stop him? Why is she letting him do that?' I wanted to go knock on the door and put a stop to this but I knew that if I did it would ruin any chance I had of getting back together with Lisa.

Now he had his hands inside Lisa's panties massaging the hard rounded globes of her ass. This went on for only a short time then Lisa finally reached back and pulled his hands out of her panties. I was greatly relieved until Lisa dropped to her knees in front of him and fished his cock out of his pants. As soon as she had it in her hand she began stroking it as she watched it become erect. When it was nearly fully erect she slipped the head into her mouth and began giving her date one of the blow jobs that only I should be getting from her. It occurred to me that Lisa had really gotten into giving oral sex over the last few months

Why was she behaving this way? What had happened that had changed her so much. And what had happened to me that would make me stand here and watch and do nothing to stop her. How could I still love this woman. I continued watching until I saw his seed spewing into Lisa's mouth. As I watched it begin to run down her chin drip down onto her blouse I decided I couldn't watch any more. I quickly went back to my car and drove home.

When I talked to Lisa the next day I didn't say anything. I was so angry, but mostly with myself for tolerating that behavior. Well I was stuck. After all I loved her, didn't I?

Things continued this way for another six months.

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