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Two people end up getting together after a playful romp.

Her boss had been an absolute shit. He made no bones about looking at her tits and trying to get a glimpse up her skirt. He was a bastard with a history of harassment. Then there were the clients. God, she hated them all. She loved her job, but if she could do it without having to deal with the arrogant opinionated creeps she would be happy. Especially that bitch that did the purchasing for their largest client. April was sure she was a dyke and was just waiting for a way to manipulate her into a compromising situation. April shuddered at the thought of the old bitch even wanting to touch her. He listened and nodded. Asking the occasional question. He had finished his coffee when he had stood. She immediately stood as well.

"I really should leave. It is late and I know you have work in the morning."

He moved to the door and as he had opened it, he had felt her hand on his arm. He turned to look at her and she had stepped closer and tiptoed up and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you for tonight. It was truly magical."

He had smiled and left and she had watched until he drove into the night and she could no longer see the tail lights of the car. She had gone to bed and fell into a less than restful sleep. When she finally decided to get up, she could remember that her dreams had been filled with visions of gray eyes and that more often than not she was on her knees looking up at them

The next morning she checked into the office, got her mail and messages and left to make her appointments. She went back late that afternoon and found the whole office buzzing. She walked in and went to her cubicle and Rose, the receptionist, came over hurriedly.

"Did you hear?"

"Hear what?"

"Rodney got canned this morning!"

She had turned and looked at Rose.

"What happened."

"No one knows. About 11am, someone from upstairs showed up, called Rodney into his office and when they came out, Rodney had his stuff in a box and left. Word came down later that he had been fired and that a replacement would be named later."

Angie couldn't really say that she was unhappy or that she even felt any pity for Rodney. He was a sorry excuse for a human being. She turned to her desk and finished up her day. She was quickly on her way home. She unlocked her apartment, stepped inside and immediately kicked off her shoes. She tossed her briefcase on the floor at the end of the couch and headed to the bedroom. She had not quite gotten there when the doorbell rang. She turned, puzzled and looked through the peephole. A young man holding a florist box was standing there. She opened the door. He asked her name and handed her the box. She looked at it and then back at him. He was standing there expectantly and she stammered for a moment then found her purse and handed him a small tip. She opened the box. Inside she found not a dozen but 18 long stem red roses and a card.

Tthank you for a lovely evening."

It was signed "Charles."

She took the roses from the box and looked at them. No one had ever sent her roses much less a dozen and a half. She found a vase, put them into it and added some water and then stepped back to look at them. She was overwhelmed. As she stood and looked at the roses she was disturbed to find that just thinking about the night before started the same sort to twinges and physical responses she had felt before. It was disconcerting and was something she really didn't understand.

As she left the apartment the next morning she looked again at the roses still standing beautifully in the vase on her dining table.

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