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He wakes up to a big surprise.

"Too much for you hun?" she asked him.

"Yeah," he said, exhaling deep with a bit of a chuckle. "You are very talented," he said to my wife.

Zoe stood up and give me a kiss. Then she pointed to a door on the other side of the suite. "There are condoms in that second bedroom. Go grab them and we can have some more fun."

I decided it was quicker to pull my pants up than try to take off my shoes and take off my pants standing at the edge of the room. I finally took a look around the place as I walked to the bedroom. They had a very nice hotel. The room we were in had two chairs and a couch, around a large coffee table. There was a hallway with two doors. As I passed, the closest of which was open, revealing a simple bedroom. I saw a chair, and a bed on the far end, with the headboard against the wall between the two bedrooms. When I got to the second door I found a second bedroom with a small bathroom attached. There was a closet, a chair and a dresser with a mirror, and the bed was facing toward the door so that the head was also against the wall between the two bedrooms.

I found the box of condoms and came back into the main room. When I did I found that Zoe was now down to just a thong and heels, and my wife was now down to just her heels. Mandy was on her back, leaning against the arm of the couch. Her eyes were closed on the couch and she was moaning as Zoe was on all fours on the couch, going down on my wife. Lucas was still sitting on the chair near Mandy, so I sat in the chair nearest Zoe.

A minute earlier Zoe had been giving me really good head. It now appeared that she may be even better with her mouth on women. Mandy was squirming under her, moaning like she was going to cum any second. Her hands were running through Zoe's hair, which she had now let down and was in little curls from being pinned up all night. I watched from behind Zoe as she licked my wife's clit, and I watched as two of her fingers disappeared into my wife.

Mandy's legs clenched around Zoe's head, and her body tensed up. She did a crunch forward and in a strained voice moaned, "Oh fuck, that's it. Oh fuck, oh fuck oh FUCK!" Her entire body quivered and twitched as pleasure washed over her. After a few seconds she went limp and whispered, "'s too much."

Zoe sat up and I really got a look at her entire naked body for the first time. Her blonde hair was now falling down just past her shoulders. Her, tall, slim body was perfectly toned, she was incredibly fit, but not a bodybuilder. She wasn't completely flat chested, and had small breasts with small pink nipples. Between her long legs was a completely bare slit. She noticed my eyes lingering on it and spread her legs and leaned back. She was wet, and I could see her lips stick a bit as she used her fingers to spread them apart, showing me her inviting pussy.

"Are you two ready to use those condoms?" she asked.

I was, but Mandy was still panting. "In just a minute," she exhaled. "You two go ahead."

I quickly stepped out of my shoes as Zoe stood up. She stepped to me and kissed me while unbuttoning my shirt. As she did I undid my pants, let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them. Zoe then pulled my undershirt over my head and motioned me to the empty chair.

I sat down and quickly removed my socks as Zoe grabbed a condom out of the box on the coffee table. She handed it to me as she grabbed my boxers and pulled them off of me. As soon as I had the condom on she straddled me, and grabbed my cock and pointed it up toward her. She was dripping wet and I easily slid into her as her lips gripped my shaft. Her eyes closed and she let out a soft moan as she buried my cock deep inside of her.

She leaned down on me and I saw that Lucas was still sitting down getting undressed. He was very similar in build to me, maybe an inch shorter, but still over six feet tall. He was blonde, tan, clean shaven, and very fit. He was staring intensely at his wife's pussy as she rocked back and forth on my cock.

I looked over at my wife.

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