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A low moan escaped from Agent X as having again woken from his uneasy sleep, he watched Macy drag her immaculately manicured nails along her taut thighs, inching closer to her steaming labia with each second. Macy's body twitched and her low moan joined his as her fingers made their first contact with the damp flesh between her legs.

"Oh god," she gasped as her fingers traveled along her nether lips and deftly spread them open, exposing her quivering clit to its impending assault. Her fingers deftly began to strum a sensual rhythm on the hardening slick nub. Macy's thighs quivered erotically as her fingers slowly slipped in and out of her dripping hole. A long low moan slipped from her mouth as Agent X, now fully awake, gasped with lust, his cock already throbbing with desire. Macy quickly smiled, then moaned again as her fingers hit that familiar rhythm that would soon bring her to orgasm. Her fingers were alternating between plunging into her hot moist pussy and strumming quickly across her throbbing clit. Agent X sobbed in frustration as his cock twitched and his swollen balls began to ache. Hearing his gasps, spurred Macy on to greater orgasmic heights and all too quickly her body was wracked with spasms as she groaned through her climax. As Macy slowly came down from her orgasm, she stood on quivering legs and slowly sauntered over to Agent X's bound and trembling form. His eyes drank in her swaying hips and firm quivering breasts as she moved closer to him. Reaching his bedside, Macy leaned over him, her firm erect nipples begging to be sucked and licked.

"I can see you liked my little show," Macy whispered as her hand snaked down to caress Agent X's throbbing shaft lightly.

"Too bad you can't enjoy one of your own," she smiled as her hand left his hard on bobbing and twitching against his stomach. His hips jerked involuntarily, searching desperately for any sensation as his eyes focused on her sweet swaying breasts. Macy settled back behind her desk as Agent X drifted back into his erotic dream filled sleep.

As morning dawned, Bianca arrived to assist Macy with preparing Agent X for his day. Looking down at his restrained form, she knew that a shower was the first order of the day and smiled to herself knowing just how much fun showering with Macy could be.

"Good morning sexy," chimed Macy as she greeted Bianca with a deep passionate kiss.

"Good morning yourself," said Bianca as she responded to Macy's kiss.

"How's our friend doing?" she asked, noticing that Agent X was stirring at the sound of their voices.

"He seemed to have a restless night," answered Macy in mock concern. "But I bet a nice hot shower will perk him right up."

Bianca lightly grazed her fingernails across Agent X's nipples, causing him to groan as he hardened quickly at her sensual touch. Bianca laughed softly at his response before slipping the restraining device onto his erect cock. Macy and Bianca quickly released Agent X from his bed and in no time had him standing before them, wrists handcuffed and quickly led him through another series of halls into what was obviously a bathroom. Standing him before one of the urinals, Bianca held his throbbing half hard penis in her warm hand.

"Well?" Bianca asked as she looked up at Agent X.

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