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Two sisters entertain a guest.

She whistled as well before making a put out snort. One had to assume that Locke had to be with her because of it. He fought the constant losing battle to keep her in line.

Eddie groaned and his head rested against Pi's again as he smiled in an annoyed way. Well hell, that put a damper on his plans. He pecked her lower lip lightly before whispering. "Do you think if we're quiet they'll go away?

"Are you down here, Ms. Baker?" It was Locke that spoke up this time, confirming that he was around as well. The siblings could be heard moving along the central walkway at a slow pace, trying to find her.

A pretty pout preceded a frustrated sigh from Pi. Her leg slid down off of Eddie's rump before she gave him a small push. It wasn't that she wanted him to move away, nor was she ashamed of their affection for one another. It just wasn't appropriate at the moment, though a large part of her considered going on with the fucking anyway so folks would know Eddie was hers... but he wasn't. Her dark brows pressed together in consternation. "Probably not. Here fix your fly and try and look presentable."

Eddie, of course, mistook her look for one of disappointment. It was what he felt deep down inside too. He nodded and tried to will his boner to go away as he pulled here and there to try and get his clothes back on straight. In the meantime, Pi took a step to the side and forced the hem of her skirt back down into place before deftly sealing back up her shirt. A few long lines of liquid desire had made it out of her panties, though, and stained the top of her stockings. Hopefully the smell wasn't too strong. She tried to ignore the knot of need that bunched up in her stomach, as well as drown any thoughts of ownership. Why did Belle have to come along and ruin everything?

"Foo." The demoness stroked her nails along her lover's jaw as she stepped around him and peeked around the corner. Her soft mouth formed a tight O in its shape and she looked over the top of her steamed up glasses at the aristocratic pair.

It was Ivy that spotted first and waved so hard it sent her whole body wiggling. As usual she stood out in stark juxtaposition to her brother. While Locke had a prim and pressed white shirt with a suit jacket and jeans that looked like they'd never been worn, Ivy was in one word punk. She had baggy trousers that pooled over the top of her shoes to the point where only some of the while soles could be seen, and the pants were black and green checkmarks. She had a few chains hanging from a thick leather belt into one of the pockets. Her short blonde hair was spiked up and slicked back at the same time and she wore a sleeveless t-shirt depicting some entity made out of spaghetti noodles, meatballs and cartoonish eyes. Pi was sure she'd met something that looked closed to it at some point.

"Eloise! There you are." Ivy bounced in pleasure and took a few extra steps to get to her first.

Locke, on the other hand, simply shook his head and looked skyward after rolling his handsome eyes. The smirk he had was worn in a heroic manner that fit his usual demeanor. He strolled after his sister, taking a look now and again down the stacks as he passed them. He was certainly more guarded than his sister, but the world took all kinds.

When Ivy offered an enthusiastic hug Pi gracious accepted and gave the little bundle of energy a firm squeeze. She didn't dislike the quick and 'accidental' brush of the woman's hand against the side of her backside either. It was nice to be desirable and really it wasn't like Eddie had any right to be offended. The sedate hooligan sniffed slightly as she pulled away and shivered when she gleaned the edge of feminine arousal in the air. It started up her own engines, though in that instant she noticed Eddie standing back a few paces and instantly sulked.

"Oh, hello there." Ivy offered in a hollow way.

The tone caught Eddie off guard and he coughed into his hand.

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