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A mother craves her daughter's boyfriend.

Nessa was already very wet, so I didn't need to ease myself into her snatch, tight as it was. Plus, I wanted to push in hard and fast, to cause her hanging breasts to lurch forward toward Sabrina. Nessa gave out a delighted squeal after that and then began to speak to my wife, her pace often interrupted by the consistent pounding behind her.

"Remember me, Mrs. Hewett? Vanessa Smithfield. Mmm, oo!" she elated when I spanked her ass. "You used to tell me to cover up more, that my shirts were too 'revealing,'" she scoffed. "Well Mr. Harper never seemed to mind. In fact, he loved seeing my fat tits on display. In the middle of class, whenever he would turn to address the students, his eyes would always first land on my big, creamy, jugs. Mmm, ever since our first night together, he's loved to play with my huge tits, haven't you, Mr. Harper?"

"I sure have, Vanessa," I agreed with Nessa, but kept staring at Sabrina while I fucked her and my student. "What can I say? I love large breasts. The kind I can spend an entire can of whipped cream covering and then a whole afternoon cleaning off with my mouth, just before I slide myself between them. Love feeling them wrapped around my cock until only my head sticks out of the cleavage, and then just thrust up and down until I can cover them in more white cream."

"Hehe, you sure do, Mr. Harper! Say, did you ever do any of that stuff with Mrs. Hewett?" Nessa asked.

"Sure didn't. How could I? Her breasts were just too small." I said cruelly. I made sure to demonstrate their size even further for Sabrina by reaching forward to grab one of Nessa's swinging breasts, showing how much it overflowed from my hand, and how sensitive her nipples were when I pinched them. With my hand on her belly, and the other on her shoulder, I pulled Nessa up to a standing position, so Sabrina could watch the blonde's breasts bounce up and down. I kept one hand flat against her pelvic bone, and let the other reach across one breast to grab the other, pressing into her tit flesh to remind my wife just how big her assets were compared to hers. When Sabrina shed her first tear from the sight, Nessa came, hard. Before I could do the same, she scrambled to her knees so I could finish on her shelf. Nessa really loved to have cum on her breasts. While I recovered, Nessa stood in front of Sabrina and rubbed my seed against her breasts before sucking every last drop off her fingers.

Having proven just how much I preferred Nessa to her, Val stepped up to also prove how much better she was than Sabrina. She approached with confident strides, whipping her hands down at an angle to either side, purple steam rising from the middle of her palms. Her perverted bridesmaid outfit broke apart into tiny violet embers that disappeared before they could reach above her head. With her final step, the last bit of clothing magically vanished and Val stood before Sabrina with hands on her wide hips, legs spread, letting her take in all the fabulous art and piercings that adorned her fantastically fit body.

Not wanting Sabrina to miss out on Val's favorite feature, the athletic Latina spun on her heel before I got too close, and planted her feet back down in the same stance, just with her back to my bound wife. Demonstrating her strength and flexibility, Val bent down at the waist, keeping her legs straight and thrusting her perfect rear toward the brunette. When her green eyes came level with her prize, she took half of my cock into her mouth in a single dip. She let it rest on her swirling tongue, playing her tongue stud against what lay in her mouth. Hands reached back go slide up her thighs a short way to her ass, gripping it and spanking herself, letting Mrs. Hewett see how firm and tight it was, before pulling her cheeks open and showing her where I would be entering next.

Letting me out with a pop, Val spun back around to her original position and, like Nessa, planted her hands on the wall near Sabrina's head.

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