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Matt's mother lets him in on a very special tradition.

It felt so damn good that I couldn't say a thing. As she felt the big uncut head of my cock swell in her mouth, she pushed it out of her mouth. Just holding it in her hand, she got an impish thought. She pointed it at the flowers on the dresser clear across the room. As I closed my eyes and moaned, she felt the huge cock swell even larger. She felt a wave of pressure work its way down the thick shaft and then the bottlecap sized slit shot with frightening power. The cum and sperm sprayed out reached the flowers, ten feet away, and knocked them over. It also knocked over all of her care products and knocked her overnight bag onto the floor. My last and most powerful blast hit the 35 inch color TV on its swivel stand, moving the TV a few inches by the sheer force of my virile explosion.

When the attending nurse came in, before we could lift a finger to clean up, she asked what all this goo was.

I was about to think of something when Jane just blurted out the truth:

Jane: "That's my brother's jizz. To be honest, I was giving him a crank job and it just got out of hand."

Eloise, LPN: "You, you're telling me your brother reached that dresser from ten feet away? Excuse me, miss, but no one has that kind of firepower."

Jane looked at me. She asked: "Well, are you going to take that? Show the lady your hidden assets. It's okay, it was my idea. I'm kind of tied down by this baby inside me, so I want you to feel free."

I shrugged, stood up, showing my still hard ten inch cock. The nurse gasped and ignored the patient (Jane) while making her way to me. She caressed my broad shoulders and bulging biceps. She was wearing one of those weird green wrap around uniforms. It only took four buttons and that thing was off. As my sister looked on rapturously, I proceeded to bend that nurse over the hospital bed tray table and fuck her doggie style. My sister almost got off herself, she was so into seeing this. My rough, uncut cock made the nurse cry so loud that my sis handed her a pillow so she could shriek into it. Finally, I had all I could stand and fired a colossal gusher of potent seed deep inside that nurse's receptive, unprotected, and incredibly fertile womb. She was a complete stranger, yet I had done my best to get her pregnant. How primitive of me. The nurse found her composure after fifteen minutes.

Eloise (LPN)[looking at my sister]: "Is that baby his? I mean, he shoots so damn MUCH seed. Don't tell anyone, but this is my most fertile day. I went off the pill for my husband, and we were going to spend this, our anniversary, trying to make a baby. We had tried for three years now. Woman's intuition, but I can just FEEL it...I'm pregnant with your brother's baby." [She came up to me, tugged on my full head of hair, checked out my broad shoulders, and squeezed my powerful biceps. This was not a woman having a good time; it was a thoughtful medical professional judging my genetic fitness before deciding whether to carry the baby to term and give birth.]

Eloise (LPN)[looking at my sister]: "There is no way; no way I am going to abort this baby. If your hunk of a brother got me pregnant, I will gladly give birth." [She staggered out of our room after all the 'festivities'. She actually snuck into a room that was closed for renovation, plopped herself down on the bed and used the power option to elevate her legs (to assist impregnation.) Later that night, she conceived. While having an argument with her impotent, bald, flabby husband, my alpha male sperm alighted on her ovum (three of them) and the fertilized egg attached itself to the wall getting her pregnant. When the test turned blue some three weeks later, she called me, overjoyed at the revelation as was I. She re-assured me that it was her decision and that she would convince her wimp husband that he had done the deed. He did buy the lie, so I went back six more times, leaving that pretty nurse with five children of mine that her impotent wimp husband thought were his.

Jane gave birth to a baby girl, and there were no complications.

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