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She snatched it up and held it at her side.

"Captain Dekker, freighter Barnabas."

"First Officer Arela, freighter Barnabas."

"Crewman Lulu, freighter Barnabas."

Yarona's expression was blank after the formalities had been observed. The long moment stretched into a minute. Dekker felt his teeth itching and sweat dripping down to the small of his back. Arela looked as if she was about to explode if she contained her nerves for a moment longer. Lulu could have been switched off, she was so silent and still.

The commander uncoiled like a striking snake and walked over to the kneeling Lulu. She pressed her scourge up against the fuckbot's breasts. Yarona had tied tiny bits of ceramic or bone onto the whip's knots, the better to tear flesh with. For thousands of years, Capital military officers had used their scourges to intimidate and subjugate everyone from a nearby village on their home planet to entire worlds. They didn't believe in fixing what wasn't broken.

"Nice fuckbot," Yarona commented. "Is it functional?"

"Yes, ma'am. I invite you to try her for yourself." Dekker replied.

They had warned Lulu that it would probably come to that, but they were all relieved when Yarona shook her head.

"It's crude. Good work for the Barrens but we've got better. My men might relish a change of pace, however."

"They are also welcome." Dekker said. He was beginning to be annoyed that Yarona was stripping Lulu of her gender with her words.

"After we've had a look around, perhaps." Yarona reached down to cup one of Lulu's tits, taking it in her palm and idly squeezing. "Our ship's whore is out of commission and laporizers aren't enough. My men want someone to fuck and they deserve the best. This...crewmember of yours isn't the best."

Dekker knew what she meant by "out of commission." The Capital sailors had been careless with their whore and injured him or her. If they weren't careful one of them could take their place.

"Respectfully, ma'am," One of the helmeted soldiers spoke up. "Morale is low. A woman like this one would restore it."

Yarona glanced over her shoulder with a smirk. She even threatened to smile.

"Let's see some of that eagerness when it comes to duty, sailor. Inspection protocol. Go."

The three sailors spread out over the ship, leaving their officer alone with Dekker, Lulu and Arela. Turning back to them, Yarona's smirk vanished.

"You'll have the excuse them. Stuck way the hell out here has made them antsy. Shall we sit?" The commander indicated their living area and it's table.

Dekker glanced at his wife briefly. "Of course. Can we get you anything, commander?"

There were sounds of containers opening and items spilling. The sailors were doing their work fast, it seemed.

"You have nothing I need. Come, Captain, sit next to me."

It wasn't an invitation. Dekker squeezed in between his wife and the Capital officer, shifting to be closer to the former. Unperturbed, Yarona scooted closer to him, not concerned with the awkward looks that were passing between husband and wife.

"What was your last port?" She wanted to know.

"Washo, the base. Arela here is a fine pilot. We heard there was work flying shuttles."

Washo was a nearby Capital occupied world. It was the safest thing to say.

"And your destination?"

"There was no work there. We're headed to Jugash."

It was exactly what would they be expected to do after leaving Washo.

"Ship is clear, ma'am." One of the sailors said.

"I'm sure." Yarona said. "Thank you, sailor. Standby."

The Capital commander smiled at them, but there was nothing behind it.

"Does your offer of hospitality still stand?"

"Of course," Dekker said, but he was uneasy.

"Thank you." The brunette crossed her arms. "My men will take your fuckbot. Sailors, take your prize."

The sailors sprang into action like they'd been waiting for the order all day. One forcefully held back Lulu's arms as the other began unbuckling their uniform pants.

"There is no need

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