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Was this just another one of their cruel pranks?

... cute. He stroked them, they felt soft to the touch... he found himself wishing there had been a full body mirror inside the stall where he would be able to see himself.

He shook his head. Something wasn't right, this was not like him. He would throw them away right there right now, the idea that someone on the office could find out about them was simply unthinkable, there was nothing else to do but get rid of them even if it meant spending the rest of the day sans underwear.

As he brusquely leaned forward to lower them he once again felt a twinge of pain in his ass. His hand touched his backside and found to his horror the second surprise of the day.

"What the fuck...?"

Something plastic was sticking out of his ass. The outline was round, and it appeared to be the base to a thinner trunk that went inside his anus. It wasn't hard to imagine that inside him the rest of the object was thicker, making it a lot harder for him to move it past his tight and sore hole.

And sore it was. How could he have not noticed something like this?? It was simply impossible to ignore a butt plug in one's ass, god damn, what the fuck had something like that doing in his asshole, in his FUCKING ASSHOLE!!

Panic was starting to overcome him. With his right hand he grabbed the base of the invading object and pulled forcefully, but this only caused more pain for him. His asshole had never been touched, not a single soul on earth had ever dared to put a finger close to it (and no-one ever would!) and now this object, which had somehow found itself in him, was unable to come out. Simply put, his hole was too tight.

He took to his task for the next couple of minutes, but stopped dead when he heard the door of the bathroom open. In absolute stillness he held his position, bent forward with both hands on the object invading his ass; the steps came closer until he was able to see black shiny shoes under the stalls, stopping on the neighbor urinals. Ziiip.

Raul held his breath and shut his eyes tightly while the sounds of a stream of liquid hitting water filled the bathroom. He felt as if any sound he made would alert his neighbor of the situation he was currently in; he knew the idea was ridiculous, it's not like he would be able to see him through the walls, but that's how he felt anyway. Get out of here, get out of here...

The stream came to stop until only a few drops remained. Once again the sound of a zipper was heard, followed by a single step. But the second one didn't come immediately, as Raul hoped, and a burst of laughter took its place.

"HAHAHA!! Hey, man, nice panties. You got 'em from your girlfriend, you girls the same size?" HAHAH!"

Raul's face felt hot and he closed his eyes more tightly. He knew that voice, it was Carlos, but it appeared Carlos did not recognize him or he would've called him by his name. But how could he have noticed...? He found the answer to his question when he opened his eyes and saw the pink panties pooled at his ankles, over his pants. Why hadn't he removed them when he had a chance?

As soon as Carlos left the room, Raul pulled the panties and his pants up. He was still being sodomized by the foreign object, he still wore that feminine underwear, but it was fine, it was just a couple of hours and he would get to go home and remove them, it wasn't so bad. He opened the door of the bathroom stall and saw his reflection on the bathroom mirror. What was he thinking? What was wrong with him that he thought he could spend the rest of the day on the office like this?

It's OK, it's just a couple of hours.... A couple of hours! Why would he have to spend a single minute more...? But it's easier, he just had to let it happen.... wrong... it was wrong... no, it's OK, it's OK. The ideas came and went, but the one pushing him towards inaction was gaining terrain in the battle of his mind. It was easier, he just needed to relax and let it happen...

His head hurt as much as his (not-so) virgin hole.

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