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You can't deny your feelings forever.


"Don't you worry. It will be more than enough to handle your lil ass. That much I can promise you."

Kashira knew she should speak up for herself and tell these men the truth. But at this point, would it really matter? Judging from the pole slowly forming in Randy's tight blue and fluorescent orange work pants, she doubted that her objections would make much of a difference. So she decided to play along and go with the flow...

"Looky here," Randy suddenly jerked her by the hair. "Look what I found broke down on the side of the highway."

"Ouch," Kashira winced. These white boys may be under the impression that all black women wear weaves, but where she came from, she was au natural. So this prick needed to ease up.

"My hair you asshole," Kashira slapped Randy hard across his handsome face.

"Bitch!!!" Randy returned the slap, knocking Kashira to the straw littered barn floor.

"Looks like we got us a live one today," a leather clad stud licked his lips. "I love when they fucking fight."

The man speaking was Donahue. Like all the men present, he stood at least 6'1 and reminded you of a WWE wrestler. Donahue had dirty blonde hair and very dominate blue eyes. That was saying nothing of his TWELVE INCH DICK...but give it time and Kashira would know all about that.

"I'm not-...agggg...agggg..." Kashira gagged as Randy removed his THIRTEEN INCH pipe and crammed a good seven inches down her throat.

"Fuck yeah," Donahue laughed. "That's how you shut that fucking whore up. Hey, catch."

Donahue tossed a cattle rope to his friend and instructed him to loop it around the back of her head and pull backwards while using a foot on the back to keep Randy standing still.

"What about you?" Lance ( the youngest one of the bunch, at 27 years old) began to pull backwards on the rope.

"Dis," Randy adopted a fake black accent and stomped down on the back of Kashiras head. "I want to see the imprint of his fucking dick pulsating from inside of the whores throat."

"O god yes," Randy lewdly licked his lips, before rolling his eyes dramatically and tossing his head back on his shoulders. "Eat dat fucking dick you lil bitch...ughh, fuck."

Loud gurgles bounced off the barns walls as Donahue stomped on her head like he was revving up an engine. Globs of spit and throat slime oozed under Randy's balls and seeped into his asscrack, all before forming millions of tentacles and seeping to the ground.

"Whore must be traveling on an empty stomach," Randy teased. "By now she should've-"

"...-Raggggggggg," Kashiras stomach began to reverse itself, as the white sausage was forcibly crammed down her tight throat.

Kashira beat on Randy's thighs, but with Lance yanking down on the rope and Donahue using his full body weight to hold her head down, there was no where to go.

"Rnnn-nnn," Kashira began to panic and attempted to stand up.

"Let her up," Randy smiled, as he observed the panicked look in her eyes.







"Tell you?"

THWACK THWACK, Donahue reigned massive swats over her chocolate titties, pinching them when he said his last word and waited for her to respond.

"Oww... that... that there is no safe word. That once the game begins, I just have to deal with it."

"Like a what?"

"A dick sucking, piece of shit whore."

"Then where should your fucking throat be?" spoke the fourth man Kyle, who had spiked jet black hair and green eyes.

"Stuffed down over his dick...oornngggggggggg-" Kashira willingly grabbed Randy's ass and pulled up until her nose flattened into his pubic hairs.

"Grrrrr-fuck," Randy held the tip of his tongue on his top lip. "Got damn dis bitch sucks a mean dick. Fuck!!!"

As Kashira listened to the man grunt and groan, she was surprised to feel Kyle lay under her and yank her daisy dukes and panties down in one mighty lunge. He then slid under her pussy like a mechanic under the hood of a car as he jammed his tongue deep inside of her pussy.

"Mmmmm," he instantly began to slurp away. "Mmmmm."

Kashira instinctively began to ride the white studs face a

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