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A wife has the best of both worlds, her husband and his boss.

This time Emma drew the highest card, and in a state of increasing excitement chose Kaley as her target.

"I dare Kaley to suck Romulo's cock for five minutes straight."

"Fucking hell! Nice one honey!" Katy loved it as Kaley feigned embarrassment and put the back of her hand to her forehead.

"Oh Emma, you devil! Alright, I'll do it. Oh Romulo my dear." She cooed.

The man gulped as his hostess undid his belt and tugged the zip on his fly all the way down. Her right hand slipped inside the tight fitting trousers and grabbed his rock hard cock. As the surprised waiter looked on aghast she pulled his shorts down and his eight inch prick stood to attention.

"Nice cock honey."

The naked Kaley took his twitching organ into her mouth and sucked on it greedily. He tasted hot and musky as she swiped her tongue up and down the meaty shaft. Katy looked on and kept an eye on her watch, counting down five minutes. He raised his shirt further up his body and she saw that the six footer was in fact quite fit with short brown hair and a sturdy build.

"Three minutes to go."

Kaley slowly stroked the mans member and looked directly into his dark and brooding eyes, her excitement combined with the alcohol made her dizzy with lust. She scratched his bared belly from left to right lightly then rammed her mouth down on his boner again for a solid minute of lewd sucking. As she did so she made loud moans that sent strong vibrations through his entire length. Then she gave a final big wet kiss on his bell end and sat up straight, tits heaving.

"How did I do?"

"Just in time."

"Right, now I dare myself to suck Romulo." Announced Emma.

"But we didn't draw any cards yet." Argued Katy.

"Screw that," said the delicate English Rose. "I want a piece of that cock!"

She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and stepped out of them. Kaley eyed her delightful smoothly shaven Mons pubis and felt her own pussy ooze. Alberto by this time had fished his own hard on out of his trousers and held it up as if offering it up. Katy was light headed at this point in the proceedings and joined Kaley by Alberto's feet.

"Now what do we have here."

The hung waiter felt four eyes and two pairs of hands on him as both Katy and Kaley licked up and down his generous length. Katy felt her thong dampen as she grabbed him by the root and teased the fat, swollen crown with her extended tongue. He ripped his vest and shirt off to reveal a fine muscled torso and strong biceps.

"Suck it lady." Blurted Romulo as he bent and cupped the back of Emma's head.

Emma was on her knees, her pretty face in his groin as she let his wet stalk into her hot little mouth. Her pink tongue flicked and swirled around the flared tip and a line of her saliva ran down to his balls. She felt a welcome tingling between her upper thighs as she pumped her slender hand on his shaft, then she flattened her tongue and slapped it with his cock several times.

"Team work." Said Kaley as she and Katy each rolled their pursed lips up both sides of Alberto's prick.

"Fuck me! Go easy, Miss Kaley!"

The two of them let their tongues meet in the middle, both women purring as their lips slid together. The tv actress was forcing her mouth all the way down his whole cock as Katy sucked his hairless balls one by one. As she bathed his soft sack with playful sucks her pussy drooled fluids down her thigh.

"I got to fuck this guy!" She announced. Romulo had gathered up Emma's fine hair in his hand and was banging his stiff prick into her mouth. Tears ran out of the corners of her eyes as he face fucked the diminutive girl and she tried her best not to gag. Although sober her head swam and her pulse raced as she placed her hands on his chiselled thighs, the aroma of his maleness in her nostrils.

"Come on baby and fuck my pussy."

Katy Perry leaned on the poker table, her lithe pins spread out, her high heeled Italian shoes dug in firmly, her wet pussy peeking out.

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