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Ashyr explores the city and has some awkward conversations.

"Now, slip out of the skirt, baby," he said. Again, Roseybabe responded to his command without hesitation. With her backside facing the camera, she unzipped the skirt and wiggled herself out of it until it was on the floor. Her nice, round ass was exposed to the camera. She was wearing a tiny black thong.

"Oh, baby. Yes. Turn around. Yeah, you look so fine in black," said the still unseen man. "Mmmm.....mmmmm.....cute ass.....fuck yeah....mmmmm... Now, face the camera and unbutton the blouse. And when the music starts, I want you to start dancing, OK?"

Once again Roseybabe complied with the request. She went from top to bottom, slowly undoing each button until her chest was exposed to the camera.

"Mmmmmm.....nice tits....yeah. Now I want you to dance," the man said.

At that moment, I heard a knock on my office door. It startled me, but I quickly regained myself to pause the clip and to see who it was. Gerry, who was my boss in the company until I transferred to another department, was looking through the glass next to the door. I waved him in.

"Hey, a group of us are going to Cherrie's for lunch," said Gerry. referring to the local stripclub that serves noontime lunch buffets for businessmen. "You need to get out of the office and come with us."

"Naw," I replied. "I'm trying to catch up on all this damn paperwork. I'll get a bite later. Thanks, anyway."

"Yeah, right," Gerry said, "I bet you're looking at porn again." We laughed. He's worked with me too long to know what I like to do during my downtime at the office. "Must be hot stuff you're watching. E-mail the link when you get a chance."

I managed a laugh as Gerry closed the door and departed. I really didn't want to stand up when Gerry was there. He would've seen the raging hardon I had in my slacks. My cock was thick with excitement as I viewed my wife being told by some faceless man to undress for the camera. Was this the man who reached out to pull her bikini top to expose her bare nipples in the first videoclip?

It was lunchtime, and my stomach was grumbling for food. However, I couldn't pull myself away from this clip just yet. I had to watch the rest.

I clicked the start button, and the video picked up where I stopped it - Roseybabe was about to dance again.

The song "Kiss" by Prince began playing as Roseybabe started grooving her body for the camera. She loves Prince's music, and she epecially enjoys dancing to it. This was a perfect song to dance to, clocking in at 3 minutes, 46 seconds. Just like her first videoclip, she shook her body to the beat of music, sometimes turning her back to the camera, reaching for the back of the couch and spreading her legs to shake her thonged buttocks for all to see. Roseybabe grabbed a pillow on the other end of the couch and placed it underneath her cunt to grind, rocking on it to simulate a good fucking she is wanting at that moment. Turning back to face the camera, she peeled back her unbuttoned blouse to first squeeze her excited nipples before giving each one teasing licks with her tounge. She then took her right hand, reached into her thong and laid back on the couch to finger fuck herself, driving two and sometimes three fingers into her wet pussy. Her eyes were closed and mouth was open, she repeadily pumped her fingers into her cunt until it brought her to orgasm.

I've seen her dance to "Kiss" before, but not in this manner. I was excited yet jealous that some other man convinced her to do it When Prince speaks the final "kiss" and the music fades out, Roseybabe sits up and smiles for the camera.

"Oh, that was great," the man said, his voice appreciative of what he had just filmed. "I loved it how you sucked your nipples and used your tounge on them. You were smoking hot, Rosey. Don't you think so?"

"Yes, she was better than I expected," replied a second offcamera male voice.

What? Someone else was watching her dance? I was rubbing my cock with my right hand after seeing my sexy wife dancing when the second voice caught me off guard.

"You ready for a real man's cock, Ros

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