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He never imagined this could happen.

I grabbed a mini skirt and halter top and put that in the bag as well. I also grabbed a couple of t-shirts and shorts that Aaron had left over at my place. I enjoy wearing his stuff when he isn't around. I put this stuff in the bag.

Next I went over and grabbed a couple of dildos and butt plugs as well as my anal beads. I grabbed my favorite 8 inch vibrator and then put my makeup and hair stuff as well as my shower stuff. I put the pink and black cup less bra on and the matching g-string I took as second to admire the nice shave job I did on my pussy. I put on the rest of my outfit and then grabbed the bag and my keys and drove to the supermarket. I picked up 3 bottles of wine for us and some chicken and vegetables. I got back into the city and over to Joy's place by 7:30.

I rang the doorbell and waiting until she opened the door. She let me in and I noticed that she was still dressed in her work clothes. She took the groceries and wine from me as I dropped my bag at the foot of the stairs. I joined her in the kitchen and gave her a nice kiss on the lips.

"How was your day Cassandra." Joy asked me as she poured me a glass of wine.

"It was great, I got a promotion." I told her as I reached for the glass of wine that she had just poured me.

"Ohhh thats wonderful we are going to have to celebrate." Joy said.

"I love this outfit, did you get this morning at Ann Taylor Loft?"

"Yes I did and I also hooked up with the woman that works there in the fitting room." I told her.

"You are such a little slut Cassandra, Was I not enough for you last night and this morning." She said with a smile.

"You definitely were it just that the situation came up and I took advantage of it." I told her. Then I told her about what happened with Alice and told her that she would have to go there and visit Alice one day.

I started making dinner for us and within half and hour we were sitting at the table eating and talking out our workdays and my promotion.

"So Cassandra how do you want to celebrate this promotion?" she asked me as we were clearing off the table.

"Well I would like to celebrate it with the two people that have give me great pleasure and many orgasms over the past 48 hours." She looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. I got my cell out of my purse and started typing out a text.
"What are you doing Cassandra?" Joy asked me as she was washing the dishes.

"I'm sending a text to Aaron for him to come over here, I'm in the mood for a 3 some." I said with a smile on my face. The smile on her face grew as the idea clicked in her head. I told Aaron to come over to your house. Within two minutes Aaron texted me back asking why. I texted him back and told him to come over, because he was going to have a better time over here then with his friends. Aaron texted me back to say he would be there in 20 minutes.

"Well Joy you are in luck because you get to have me for the weekend and you get to have Aaron as long as he feels like fucking both of us." I took another sip of my wine and walked over to her and kissed her on the lips. I put my glass of wine down and then took off my sweater to reveal my pink and black cup less bra. She smiled and nodded her head in approval as she stared at my breasts. I then unzipped me pants as I kissed her again on the lips. I stepped out of me heels and kicked the pants aside. I put my heels back on and took a step back from her and then I twirled around in a circle modeling my sexy lingerie for her.

"Very nice Cassandra, I love the outfit." She said.

"I think I am going to change into something just as sexy" She said as she put her glass of wine down and headed toward the living room.

"Shall I take your bag up to my room" She yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

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