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Man is captured by a group to become their 24/7 sex slave.

He quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled it open before looking at Tara. "Ready?" he said, taunting her a bit.

"I know how bad you want to show it to me," Tara teasingly replied. Paul quickly unbuttoned the button on his jeans and unzipped the fly, spreading the waistband wide. He turned away from her before pushing his jeans and blue briefs down in one smooth motion, wiggling his bare ass at her. Tara was tempted to push him on to his hands and knees right then, but decided to wait. Paul slipped his clothes over his feet and stood to face her. He looked down. She looked down.

Paul's penis was close to erect, at a slight slant away from his body. He (as she already knew from their e-mails) had very closely trimmed pubic hair, and the hair on his shaft and balls was almost non-existent. He had joked about not being nine inches long like "every other guy online" but she was happy to see a healthy six inches of pink springing back at her, and a slightly larger than average thickness to boot. "Nice!" she thought to herself.

Paul knew Tara was admiring his package, and wanted to get to full hardness for her. He began stroking himself, using a strong, steady pace, obviously enjoying himself as he did so. As Tara stepped towards him, Paul took her hand, firmly placing it on his dick. She slowly moved her hand up and down, amazed at how smooth he felt. His cock had all the usual bumps and veins, and a perfectly formed heart-shaped head, but the skin itself was the smoothest she'd ever felt. She started thinking about how good that would feel inside her and quickly got distracted, entranced by Paul's smooth, hard shaft.

Paul's voice broke her out of her reverie. "Will you please strip for me?" Paul asked, "I want to watch you play with yourself before you put on the harness."

At this point, Tara badly wanted to get naked anyway. She stripped off her top, placing most of her breasts on display in the black plunging bra she was wearing underneath. She reached behind herself to unclasp her bra, and slowly pulled each strap over her shoulder, teasing Paul, before lifting the bra up and off, letting her breasts bounce before his eyes.

Paul's eyes widened at the amazing sight before him. Her breasts were large and round, with big hard nipples atop each one. Tara lifted an eyebrow, "Like what you see?" She played with her nipples, rolling and squeezing them, before moving her hands seductively down her sides.

Tara quickly unzipped her flower-print skirt and let it fall to the floor. She began gently rubbing her mound, then used the fingers of her right hand to spread her labia, so Paul could see how wet she was and get a good view of her swollen clit. She rubbed her left hand over and around her clit, grinding it against her pubic bone. Paul moaned at the sight of her playing with herself for him. She moved her hand lower, penetrating herself, first with one finger, than two. She moved her fingers in and out, at first slowly, then gradually faster, trying to find that sweet spot where she could cum.

"Paul." she finally asked, "will you make me cum? It takes me a long time with my own fingers rather than a toy."

"Fuck yes!" he replied and immediately kneeled on the floor, gently pushing her thighs apart and using her skirt as padding for his knees.

Before Tara knew it, Paul's head was deep between her thighs, his nose pushing on her clit, his tongue deep in her pussy. She had a feeling she was wet before, but now she could see her juices coating Paul's face as he licked her for all his worth. His hands, which had been on the inside of her thighs, moved upwards, squeezing her ass cheeks. Paul moved the fingers of his left hand gently against her asshole, stimulating the nerve endings there, and with his right hand quickly shoved two fingers deep in her pussy.

"Oh, fuck!" Tara exclaimed, surprised by Paul's fingers at both orifices.

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