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Making Friends at Lake Como.

There was something restless and depressed just below her consciousness. You are aware that over a period of time many of my ladies begin to confide in me. Susan was no exception, although I'm afraid that I did have to urge her along just a little.

Two weeks ago when she initially complained of a headache I offered to make her one of my special cups of tea ... and I did make her a very special cup of tea. It was getting late in the day and the Tea Room patrons were drifting out and heading toward their homes. I wanted to talk to Susan alone and this was the perfect time, so when I made her tea, I added a pinch of one of my special herbs to relax her just a bit. After two cups of tea, Susan was feeling much better and began to confide in me.

She spoke of her disappointment in her intimate married life. She adored Andrew but he simply wasn't the lover she had anticipated and longed for. Although it was obvious that Andrew likewise adored his wife, he was less than attentive outside the bedroom. And once in the bedroom, he was unimaginative and their lovemaking was over far too quickly.

I empathized with Susan and told her that some men change over time. Perhaps her Andrew would, too.

The very next day I arranged to bump into Andrew at the bank. He vaguely recognized me and I initiated a conversation. He was easily manipulated and before long, I had him buying me a drink in a cozy spot down the street. I chose a table in the corner and slid in making sure the slit on my skirt rose to mid-thigh. As he slid in the booth across from me, I took off my jacket, feigning summer discomfort. I watched out of the corner of my eye as he surveyed my shear blouse and the camisole I wore under it. If he was to be a candidate for instruction, I had to first be sure he was interested in me physically. I only sipped on a nice Chablis while he enjoyed two bourbon on the rocks.

After his first drink, it was easy to play into his ego, flirt, smile and touch his hand ever so lightly. As he warmed to my gestures, I continued talking to him about how lonely it could be for a woman all alone in this world. I knew that by this time he would begin to think about us together. So I explained how a discreet and mutually satisfying tryst could be arranged if he would like. I explained about my commissions and he was a little shocked at first. With just a bit more conversation and the palm of my hand just above his knee he was intrigued.

We set up an appointment for tonight at 7:00. He will drive himself, park in the rear and I will welcome him personally. Under no circumstances should there to be any sign of you. I have given Agnes the evening off. You will find a plate of cold cuts, cheese, fruit and bread already made for you in the kitchen. I must go now and prepare myself for my guest tonight. Please meet me here again at 6:30."

And with that, she left the office. I don't think it ever occurred to her that I may have something to say or a question to ask. I wandered off to the kitchen, found the plate, and poured myself a generous portion of Maker's Mark Scotch. As I sat at the kitchen table and more played with my food than ate it. I didn't know how to anticipate the coming evening or what my role would be.

I did manage to eat about half of the light supper and made my way to my room. After showering and shaving, I put on fresh clothes. I just decided to bide my time once again and trust that Rose would make things known to me as I needed to know them.

At 6:30 I entered her office and found her already there.

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