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Know what?"

"All hell broke loose after - after you left. I did forget about you. Everybody did for a little while. But it doesn't mean I don't care for you. It's just -"

"Enough, what happened?'

"After, afterwards, Bobby and I danced for a little while. I know I shouldn't have, but I was so damned pissed at you. I - I know you don't - fight. But...God this makes me sound like I'm 13, but I was hurt that you didn't at least take a swing at Bobby. If he'd put down you, I'd have been all over you loving and comforting you. I wanted to. You're my husband, but you walked away.

"So yeah, I was pissed. I danced with him. And you know Bobby, he was drinking. So after a few minutes he went off to pee. Knowing Bobby I figured he'd either go to the lake or behind one of the cabins.

"I got to talking with some people and didn't think anything more about Bobby for awhile. After about a half-hour I started to wonder where he'd gone. I wasn't worried about you because you usually wander off and we don't reconnect until later in the evening.

"Then I heard a scream and everybody started running toward the lake. People were crowded around someone lying on the ground. I tried to get closer and then I realized it was Bobby. It was terrible. His face was covered with blood. One eye was swelling shut. They told me his arm was broken and he had some fingers broken as well.

"Dave and some of the others were talking to him and I heard them say somebody had to call the Sheriff. Three biker types had gotten in Bobby's face, saying stuff about the old fart party messing up their party. When they got to arguing, all three of them started in on Bobby. He said a few of them would be limping and hurting for awhile, but there were too many of them.

"Everything got hectic then. We called rescue for Bobby and the Sheriff's Office sent three cruisers and they were checking the park for see if the bikers were still there or if anybody else was there and then after awhile people started checking to make sure that everybody was accounted for."

I took in what she had told me and an obvious question occurred to me.

"Still, it took you three hours total and some time after you knew there were some bad bikers wandering the park to wonder where your beloved husband went? I repeat. I must really rank high on your list of important people."

She bit her lip and wouldn't look at me. It dawned on me.

"You weren't at the park, were you? You want with Bobby to the hospital. You had to hold his hand, didn't you?"

She finally looked at me.

'He was beat up so damned bad, Lyle. He was hurting and he asked me if I would ride with him. I couldn't say -"

"-No-, could you. That seems to be a pattern developing here. You just can't say no to Bobby."

"Don't do this, Lyle. It was a decent, human thing to do. If you weren't so mad at me, you'd know that."

"Of course, he was an old friend. An old friend you used to fuck before I came along. You had to be there for him in his time of need. You did fuck him back then, didn't you?"

She looked down at the floor, shook her head and then met my eyes again.

"Yes, Lyle. You knew that. We were serious back then and I wasn't any little girl. We used to fuck. Does that make you feel better. And before you ask, he was good. Very good. Does that make me a slut? How about you? I know damn well you weren't a virgin when we married. Should I be jealous of every woman you were ever with before me?"

"No. That was then. This is now."

"Yeah. He asked me to ride with him and I did. I held his hand, the one that they hadn't broken the fingers on. There was a ER tech in there with us and there were people around us every second we were in the ER in Palatka where they were patching him up. Nothing happened, Lyle, and even if we were alone, messing with me was the last thing on his mind. You have nothing to be jealous of."

"Did I say I was jealous."

"You don't have to.

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