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Confrontation and a Submissive’s Gift?

And YOU, Ronnie, you are a guest in my home. You can't say NO to the first piece of tail that wiggles in front of you"? With that, he gave me a resounding slap on my ass cheeks...not enough to really hurt, but the unexpectedness of it made me jump. I didn't let go of the cock in my mouth.

It was a good thing I knew Tony was just kidding but, for a second, his voice sounded TOO real. Then, I realized what was happening to Ronnie. I almost laughed, except my mouth was still full of cock. His hardon had instantly disappeared, leaving me with a limp piece of meat in my mouth. I held my mouth on him waiting to hear what Tony would do or say next. Ronnie was sputtering a bit, trying to apologize to Tony.

"Tony, when I saw her last night, on the couch, with her legs wide open, her pussy all swollen and wet, I could think of nothing else. I tried to get her out of my mind, but all day long, that is all I could think of. That delicious looking pussy, with the wet tendrils of red hair. God, Tony, I never had a redhead. And tonight, at the club, when she played with my cock and put her leg over mine, I went crazy. Tony, please, NO man could stand up under that kind of pressure. Please...say SOMETHING"!

For what seemed like an eternity, Tony said nothing...then he said just one thing, the same thing he said at the club. "PAYBACK TIME". For a split second, Ronnie held a look of shocked surprise on his face, and then he realized he had been set up. He raised his head to look at my face...if it was possible to grin with a cock in my mouth, he saw it. "You KNEW this was going to happen"! I nodded my head up and down, because Tony had specifically told me NOT to let that cock out of my mouth.

Tony say down next to us on the bed and told us to continue. He wanted to watch. I went back to what I was doing before Tony walked in on us. Ronnie started to get a hardon again. I could sense that Tony was watching. At he same time, he was taking his clothes off.

While waiting for Tony, I was slowly going up and down on Ronnie's cock. I was waiting for Tony's next move. I reached over and felt for Tony's cock. It was already SO hard, I could hardly wait to see what he was going to do. Tony got up from the bed, walked over to the window and pulled down the shade. I had forgotten we were exposed to the outside world through that window.

I felt Tony behind me now. His hands were running over my body and reaching for my tits. Ronnie's hands were clutching my head, trying to get more of his cock into my mouth. With his feet on the floor, he pushed his ass up off the bed. My hands went under his ass cheeks and my fingers dug into his flesh. He was quivering.

I felt Tony reach down and pull harshly on my nipples, bent over on top of me. I could feel his cock, wet at the tip, pressed against my pussy lips. I knew they were swollen as my juices were running down my legs. Tony kept one hand on my back, and with his other hand, guided the head of his cock to my clit, then down to my pussy and to my asshole, and back up. He was driving me crazy with wanting him. Having two cocks at the same mind was blown from the sheer pleasure of the anticipation.

Tony bent his knees slightly and then, with a quick upward lunge, drove his cock deep into my pussy. His sudden entrance lifted me off my feet, impaling me on his prick. My weight pushed me down onto Ronnie's cock. This was not going to be a slow building of passion. Tony was hot and he was hard and he was driving into me.

"You are MY bitch and you are MY slut and you are going to be fucked out of your mind tonight.

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