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Your body shook like you were possessed!

Paige: Yeah... but you owed me. You know, I have never swallowed before. Ever. You owed me.

Brandt: I know and I'm flattered. Was that a one-time deal, then?

Paige: We'll see. You had me turned on.

Brandt: Was it awful? To swallow, I mean?

Paige: It's a mental thing, I think. I don't know why I have such a hang up over it, but it doesn't taste great either.

Brandt: Then why did you do it?

Paige: I don't know. I was so into what you were doing, it was so risky, so taboo, and then you made this sound that was as if I was giving you the greatest pleasure ever and something in my mind flipped. At that moment, despite how I feel about it, it was the only thing I wanted to do. I didn't just want it, I needed it and craved it and felt some reward circuit in my brain fire when you came and I took it. I felt powerful and sexy and, honestly, a bit slutty.

Brandt: God. You make it so hard to work when you talk like that.

Paige: Stop. I have to work.

Brandt: Fine. When can I see you again?

Paige: Go back to work! (Ha ha)

Brandt: Fine. Bye.

And the window went cold. And I was hard, again. He hadn't fucked her as I dreamt, but instead had gotten her off with some dildo or vibrator. What kind of toy had Brandt found that could make her shake as if demon possessed? No wonder she was so smiley and happy last night when I got home. Fucking Brandt! He got her to swallow and now he found a toy that made her come and quiver like an angel from hell. I hated him even as I envied him. Nothing else transpired for the day.

But that night, a Thursday night, Paige was oozing with affection the moment I walked through the door. Even as we had dinner, her eyes were glowing with want and as I showered an hour later, she joined me to tease me as I washed up, and then aggressively made her desires known further when she curled up next to me on the sofa wearing only a thong. She kissed me differently tonight, although I couldn't explain exactly how or what made it feel different. Her body slithered against mine and when I put my hand between her legs she was already oozing with desire. We made love for a long time, taking turns on top as she came three times, once grinding against my length and then two more times in reverse cowgirl, her fingers aiding the moment as she rode me deep and slow. When she turned around to allow me my turn, I climbed between her legs as she laid back and I entered her with deliberate slowness, feeling the wet warmth that lingered from her climaxes. She kissed me as I found my rhythm then bent her head to suck on my nipple. She knew I liked this, it was a trigger for me, but tonight she sucked harder than normal, then bit me gently. It was electric, sending a sensation from my chest to my balls at light speed and I groaned in mild pain. Paige liked this reaction and she bit me again, just a bit harder, and I came immediately.

As I emptied myself inside her I wanted to pull my nipple away from her clenching teeth but something about that warm pain coursing around my chest held me captive until my balls were empty and I could only fall on top of her. We were both slick with sweat and panting, Paige apparently pleased with herself.

"That worked better than I expected," she said as I recovered on top of her. "Did it hurt?"

"Yeah, a bit. But it was electric."

"Did it hurt too much?"

"No, not exactly. If you had done that any other time, it would have really stung. But when you did it right then, it was like an instant orgasm!"


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