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I should have known better.

After basking in your power over this girl for a few seconds you look at me and smile. You tell Mia to pull my pants the rest of the way off, she does slowly makings sure not to do more then what she was told. After my pants are off you ask me to sit on the edge of the bed and lay back. Once I'm laid back looking at the ceiling I hear you say to Mia "slut go suck his cock." After a moment, I feel her lips wrap around the head of my dick and I sigh of satisfaction. She slowly works her half way down my dick before going back up, once she reaches the top she goes right back down all the way to the base this time. She starts working towards a good pace before the words "lick his balls slut." brake the sound of her sucking. She lets my cock slip out of her mouth and starts rolling my balls around with her tongue. Once she has my balls covered with her saliva I hear you say "now tongue his ass hole slut!"

There's a moment of hesitation from Mia before the sound of your crop on her skin echoes in the room. She slowly runs her tongue down from my balls to my ass causing me to moan. She rolls her tongue around my ass hole multiple times before she goes right across it. It feels so good my head is spinning, I pick my head up and look at you, your rubbing your clit with the end of your crop. I can see how much you're enjoying having your own slut to command.

My head is swimming watching rub your clit while this girl is licking my ass. Finally, you take your crop off your clit and smack her ass with it and sternly say that's enough slut, she whimpers from the pain and sits back on her feet. You motion for me to move from the bed, as I do you tell her to lay on the bed face up and close her eyes. Once your slut does what she's told you come over and kiss me very hard and move towards were her head is on the bed and take off your thong. With your heals still on you climb on the bed and straddle her head. With a quick motion of your hand you smack her thigh with your crop and say to her "now you're going to make me come." as you lower your now dripping pussy to her lips. She starts running her tongue up and down your pussy lips before wrapping it around your clit.

You moan and say "you dirty little slut you've eaten a pussy before to be this good." As I stand off to the side watching you ride this girls face I can't help but stroke my cock slowly. I see your eyes roll back in your head as you start to shudder with your first orgasm. You tell her to stop but stay seated right where you are, so every drop from your pussy lands right on her face. You look over at me and I can tell what your wanting me to do so I slip down and slid my face up to her pussy. She is so wet there is almost a puddle under her.

I push my tongue out and run it directly across her throbbing clit, it causes her to gasp so you take weight of your legs dropping your pussy down on to her mouth again. You say to her "let see how well you can focus." as I take her clit between my lips and roll it around. I roll her clit back and forth up and down making her moan. Your crop finds the side of her thigh as you tell her to concentrate. She drives her tongue into your pussy and licks with all she can.

I draw back just a bit and start licking her pussy lips up and down. Before pushing them apart and going up between them till I find her clit again. After a few seconds of me rolling her clit around, I hear your crop meet her skin once more but this time she moans as she flinches. I can sense her getting close so I start working her clit harder, your crop comes down once more but when it finds its target her legs lock around my head as the wave of a big orgasm comes over her.

With her legs tight around my head I can feel her twitching with every wave crashing over her.

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