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Tina talks to Rick and her protective walls.

do you know why I'm with you?"

Marlyn said "because you like my Mom's cooking?"

I laughed and said "I do like her cooking but that isn't the reason, try again."

Marlyn scrunched up her forehead as she thought about it and finally said "Because I'm your little slut!"

I said "sure that is part of it but what does that mean to you?"

Marlyn said "you can use any one of my holes any time you want."

I asked "Is that all?"

Marlyn said "I know Jasmine will be a slut and beg you to fuck her nasty holes too but I will do anything you ask."

I finally spelled it out as I could see Marlyn was about to have a full blown anxiety attack. I'm not good with expressing my emotions even though Marlyn is the love of my life. The males in my family don't admit when we are sick or in pain and crying was not encouraged to say the least. So I said to Marlyn in a moment of truth "ask me anything you want."

Marlyn actually seemed like she was waiting for the question "tell me why you like my body so much."

I said "OK, let's start with your teeny little feet. I really like the way you walk on my back after I've had a long day. I like how you make me feel useful as you warm them on my body. I like your tiny ankles as I lift them up and put them over my shoulders when I fuck your naughty little pussy. I love the curves on your leg which literally made my dick stand at attention when I saw them bare for the first time. I love how they feel wrapped around me when we sleep and how they feel when you wrap them around my back and pull me tight into your pussy. I love your little bubble butt. I love staring at it as you lie facing down on the bed and your sexy little buns stick up. I still remember the first time you asked me to fuck your ass I knew you wanted to try everything and would give every bit of yourself to me. I love your pretty little pussy. I love how wet it gets and I love when you get drunk and sit on my face without worrying if you are being to forward.

"I love how it milks my cock after I've cum in you and I'm too tired to move. I love your little tummy and how happy it makes you when I rub it if you've had too much to eat which you never do. I love your little titties. I love how you shove them into my mouth to warm them and to make them feel better. I love how hard you shove them into my face, the more I suck the harder you push and how wet it makes your pussy when I do that. I love the soft curves of your shoulders and petite arms. I like how soft your hands are and how big they make my cock look when you are jerking on it. I like how you ask me to open jars because the lids are too big for your tiny hands. I love how you put them in my hands and make me feel like the luckiest guy in the world. I love your soft delicate neck and how good it feels to kiss it. I love your big cheeks and happy smile that goes to your eyes. I never get tired of you looking me in the eyes as you suck my cock I love kissing your forehead and the top of your head."

I said "But all of those things are just small parts of the picture. I love you. I love that you are my little slut because it is YOU that is MY little slut. YOU completely give yourself to me just as I give myself to you. I love the way you jump for the door when I come home like a little puppy. I swear if you had a tail, you'd wag it so hard you'd break something. I love the look in your eyes as you tuck me in at night even though you know I'll just pull back the covers two seconds later. I love how you are always happy to get me food from the kitchen even though I'm not asking you to do so. I love how you clean for me. Sure I could hire a maid but it wouldn't be the same as you doing it for me. I don't want some other girl running to meet me at the door, I don't want another girl fussing over me, I don't want another girl kissing me when she wakes up at night. You make me feel so special in everything you do! So even if we couldn't have sex, I'd still love you."

Marlyn slammed her face into my cheek to give me a big kiss but she still wasn't completely rational yet.

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