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She had me on a hidden camera!

"Been with another man I mean?"

Walt's hand reached over and took my limp dick between his index finger and his thumb, pulling on it.

I tried to say no, that I hadn't, but my voice wouldn't work so I just shook my head no. Walt seemed shocked at this and stopped what he was doing.

"I'm sorry Timmy," Walt said. "I thought you... do you want me to stop?"

I looked at Walt and shook my head no. Walt smiled and bent over my dick, taking the flaccid tube into his mouth and began to suck on it slowly. The warm moistness energized me immediately as my dick found its way into a mouth for the first time.

Walt had my cock in his mouth right down to the base, and he was sucking furiously on it without moving his lips up and down, probably because there wasn't much to go up and down on. Soon I felt my cock begin to get hard under Walt's urging, and he began to slide his lips up and down my dick while he squeezed my nuts.

I felt myself begin to reach orgasm, but Walt eased up until the sensation went away. This happened several times, as he took me to the brink and then eased up on me. He would squeeze me in a certain way, and the just about-to-cum feeling would fade, only to return a moment later.

Time and time I would be on the verge of cumming and then be brought back down. Walt was playing me like an instrument, and it was driving me crazy. I was arching my back high, trying to get him to finish me off, and the frustration level was incredible.

Finally, when Walt had sensed I could not take any more, he began sucking my dick hard and fast. This time, Walt didn't stop. I felt my dick erupt into Walt's eager mouth, and he kept sucking and swallowing until I ran out of seed. Even then, my dick kept spasming for a while in Walt's mouth, until he finally released my shrunken and withered dick.

I looked at the ceiling, drenched with sweat and exhausted from the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. About then I realized that I still had Walt's cock in my fist, and he smiled when I pulled on his still fully engorged weapon.

"That's alright Timmy," Walt said. "You don't need to do anything that you don't want to."

4. I guess I must want to.

That was what I said as I got up on my knees next to Walt, who rolled over on his back when he heard what I had said. In front of me was a naked senior citizen, one with an erection. Walt's cock was laying back on his stomach when I gingerly picked it up with my trembling hand. I put my thumb and ring finger around the base of it and began jerking him of much like I would do myself. After I realized that his cock was way too long for that method because it made it flop around too much, I took him in my fist and began pumping it.

"Here Timmy, try some of this," Walt said as he handed me a bottle of lotion.

I squirted some in my palm and went back to pumping Walt's cock. Walt leaned back into his pillow and sighed, idly squeezing his nipples as he watched me. I enjoyed watching the foreskin slide up and down the head of Walt's dick as I jacked him off, and after a time Walt reached down and skinned it back down.

"Feels a little too good," Walt said with a smile. "I want to enjoy this. You've never done this with other boys?"

"No," I croaked. "I'd be way too embarrassed to let anybody see me naked. On account of my dick, I mean."

"Why on earth would you feel that way?" Walt said as he grabbed the lotion and squirted some on his fingers.

"It's so little," I said while stating the obvious.

"Don't be silly, you have a very nice cock," Walt said. "They come in all sizes and as long as they work they're wonderful. You've just had two orgasms in less than an hour and I'll bet you've got plenty more left inside you too."

As he said that, Walt reached behind me and grabbed my balls, kneading them with his oiled hand. His hand went up and found my dick, which was in the process of coming back to life again.

"See, I told you," Walt crowed. "Now me, I'm lucky if I can have one orgasm these days."

"Am I

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