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I told him she wasn't dating anyone now, but I was always surprised why you never asked her out. I explained she mentioned him with some regularity after ball games, as she thought he was nice looking.

I didn't want to overdo the affection Lisa had for Tommy, so I changed the subject and asked about his two sisters that were nineteen now. Tommy mentioned they always hoped you'd ask them out too, but I guess we guys just can't read the subtle signals they send. I was intrigued with Jean and Joan, but they were also pretty small, and though now I was recognizing size isn't so important, when I was in school bigger was always better.

I didn't know some of the guys talked about what they saw when they showered after gym class or football games, but my sister told me one of her girlfriends seemed to know everything about the athletes.

When Lisa brought lunch, she asked if she could join us, and I could see how Tommy was excited about the possibility of getting a date with her. Lisa was never a touchy feely person around me, but on several occasions, she put her hand on Tommy's arm as she talked. Before he left, he mentioned he was home until January 5th and he wondered if he could take Lisa to a movie and out to dinner. I could see the deal was made, and I was confident Lisa would share the news from their first date.

Lisa took some time saying goodbye to Tommy when they walked downstairs together, and I was pretty sure Lisa initiated a little kiss when she thanked him for asking her out. Then, I heard her say, "Tommy, it was really good of you to come to visit with my brother. I wish some others would come too, as he gets bored up in his room alone."

As she opened the door, James heard her ask if his sisters might come see me some time because Lisa said she knew I liked visitors and mentioned Joan and Jean sometimes. Lisa said, "James' still has a few days to mend, and if I'm home it'll be good to see you. If I'm gone, just tell your sisters to walk in and head to the room at the top of the stairs."

Tommy said, "Jean is out of town this week, but I'll bet Joan will come if I tell her James needs some attention. I know both of my sisters liked him quite a lot."


The following afternoon I heard a soft knock on the front door and when no one answered, I heard some soft footsteps coming up the stairway. I knew it was likely Joan, and I knew she was involved with more than one man when she was a senior in high school. I decided to feint sleep and allow my sheet to be partially removed from my groin, which displayed the head of my flaccid penis. I admittedly was pretty proud of my physique and I was certain that Joan was familiar with a penis.

I had my head turned away from the open door with my back flat on the bed, but a small mirror showed me the doorway without obstructions, and as Joan entered my room my flaccid penis was in her direct line of sight. Clearly, it was obvious where her eyes focused, and after what seemed like two or three minutes I felt her raise my sheet to my waist and then say, "Good afternoon, James. Tommy told me you had an accident and I thought I'd pay you a visit."

I quickly turned my head and jumped a bit, and then yanked the sheet up from my body to cover my chest, leaving my entire lower body naked in front of a very attractive young woman I barely knew. I think she thought it was an accident because I'd practiced the movement several times, and I was sure it looked authentic.

"Oh, my God," I stammered, "I'm so sorry; I guess you startled me, Joan." I yanked the sheet so hard it was all resting near my neck and shoulders, and as I fumbled trying to cover myself, I found it was not easy to straighten and return to its original position.

"Here, James, let me help straighten the sheet. We're all adults here, and I'll never tell if you never tell," Joan laughed. "It's really my fault for busting in here like a bull in a china closet.

I quipped, "That sounds a little like: 'What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas.

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