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Anyway I like to watch them sometimes, in the evenings when I'm alone."

"Oh Christ Hilary hasn't..."

"Don't be daft, Jim, they are our memories; private and personal to you and me. I just wish there was some way ... But I know that's never going to happen, is it?"

I chose not to go down the road Vivian was hinting at, so I replied. "You've got most of your past back now, Viv, I think you ought to stop thinking about the past; think about getting out with Hilary a bit more and finding your future."

"I will try, Jim, but I must thank you for being so patient with me."

"I'll always be here if you need me Vivian, but we are divorced and there's no going back."

"Well, I'd say that you'd better look to your future as well then, Jim."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I've told you before that I think that Liz is waiting for you to ask her to marry you."

"Both Liz and her sister Anna are dedicated businesswomen Vivian; I doubt either of them will ever get married."

"I wouldn't be so sure, identical twins they might be, but I can see them falling out over you. And what about your Danish friend, you don't seem to have seen much of her lately?"

Who the hell had told Vivian about Semine, I had no idea. I'd thought I'd kept her out of the equation where Vivian was concerned. I had to assume that Katie or Jamie must have mentioned her to Vivian.

"There was a time when Semine and I could have got together, but I don't think that will happen now. She's met up with a local guy over there and I do believe they are getting pretty serious, or so her daughter told me when she was over a few weeks ago."

"You never told me, about her."

"I couldn't see much point Vivian."

"Yeah, I understand your life is your own now."

For some weeks after that Vivian apologised for the pill episode almost every time we saw her; the we, being Liz and I. It was shortly after the same incident that Vivian returned to work part time at the same insurance office where she'd been working before her disastrous holiday.

She seemed to take my advice to look to her future to heart, because she and Hilary started going out together fairly often. Although because the insurance office wasn't very far from my office she did join Liz and I for lunch every so often and, from what I heard, Liz when I was out of the country.

I suppose a year must have almost passed before Katie dropped the first hint that there was a new man in her mother's life. Jamie had finished his education and had moved back home with Vivian and Hilary; but I never saw very much of the lad because he and Frankie were ... Well I suppose they were doing what most engaged couples do. Anyway it wasn't going to be very long before Frances conned the biggest wedding in Christendom out of her still warring - or trying to out do each other - parents.

Anyway Katie had come home for the weekend and on the Saturday morning she had turned up at my place with a questionable looking young man; I believe she'd dragged him along for my inspection. Well what could I say; what father ever finds that his daughter's suitors measure up to the mark? But he seemed a personable enough young man, so I didn't come on all that strong.

But it was while we were eating lunch that Katie mentioned Grif. When I asked who Grif was, poor Katie took on the expression of a rabbit caught in a car's headlights.

After a short period of um's and ah's from Katie that left me smiling, she blurted out that Grif was a friend of her mother's who she'd met for the first time the night before. Actually I believe Katie's trip home had more to do with Grif being presented for Katie's approval than it had the young man who was accompanying Kate, being presented for mine.

"He's very nice, dad, if a little on the shy side. He's quite funny really although I don't think intentionally, never been married and gets all tied up in knots when he tries to say things to women."

"Sounds like a bit of a geek to me." I commented.

"Yeah I supposed you could call him a geek.

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