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RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region.

She is watching Traci intently with the observant eyes of a scientist.

Traci's body grows warmer under Karla's gaze. There is a deep yearning growing in her gut for this sexy older woman standing almost naked watching her. She feels uncomfortable being dressed before her. Traci has never been with another woman, but she wants to seduce this one.

"Is this the Formula 96?" she thinks to herself, and then says to Karla, "I think it's working, sweetheart. My pussy is on fire. I have to get out of these clothes."

Without saying another word, Traci begins to hum a stripper's song as she slowly and seductively removes one piece of clothing after another. She drops them carelessly to the floor and kicks off her shoes as she sways provocatively to the music, moving closer to the woman she desires.

Karla watches transfixed as this lovely 5'6" cherub dances closer to her in sexy bra and thong panties. Gone is the detachment of the scientist, as Karla's eyes begin to cloud over with passion for this young woman. She has seen many women naked in the locker room and even watched some girl-on-girl action in adult videos Bill brings home now and then. But this is the first time she has been in a room alone with another woman who has sex on her mind. God help her, she wants this sexy young girl. She wants to do all the kinky wild woman-to-woman things she has seen in Bill's videos.

Traci steps right in front of Karla, raises her arms straight up, looks deeply into Karla's eyes, and purrs, "Karla, dearest, will you take off my bra and panties for me? I'm shaking too much."

Karla shrugs her lab coat to the floor and with trembling hands reaches behind Traci to release her swelling breasts from her confining bra. Karla catches her breath as Traci's perfect young breasts are exposed as her bra falls to the floor. Without checking the tag in her bra, Karla knows these are perfect 36C breasts that are almost touching her own 36Ds.

Karla kneels in front of Traci and gently removes her thong, tracing her hands sensuously down the backs of her thighs, bringing a gasp from Traci. Karla breathes deeply of the musk of Traci's overheated vagina and then stands. Gently she pulls Traci to her, breast to breast, and kisses her deeply. Karla's nipples are rubbing Traci's. Both harden and become very sensitive, sending shivers through their naked bodies. Without breaking their tongue lock, Karla slowly traces her hands up Traci's arm, over her smooth shoulders, and down her lightly muscled back to her firm buttocks.

Traci responds by gripping Karla's beautiful firm ass and drawing her closer. Karla returns the favor and they stand grinding their groins together. Karla feels her labia and clitoris engorging again with the blood of raging lust. Traci, too, feels her pussy swelling as it joins with Karla's in a wanton woman-to-woman dance. Clitoris finds clitoris. They stand grinding, clutching, and moaning as waves of pleasure wash over them.

Traci breaks their soul kiss finally, looks deeply into Karla's eyes, and sighs shakily, " Karla this is wonderful, but I have to lay down before I fall down."

Karla leads Traci to the couch and spreads her out, devouring her ripe young body with hungry eyes. Traci is soaked with the perspiration of passion. Karla runs her hand up the inside of Traci's thigh, stopping just short of her soaked pussy. She licks her fingers and finds what she suspected--Traci's sweat is sweet. K96 does marvelous things to a woman.

Traci wants more of their intimate embrace. She clutches Karla's head and moves it to the seat of her passion. Karla obliges by straddling Traci "69" style and lowers her own dripping cunt to Traci's eager mouth before burying her tongue deep in the folds of Traci's sweet young pussy. The slurping, smacking, and groans that follow would be comical if it weren't so erotic.

Both women are so overcharged with lust that their joining is almost desperate.

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