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Things heat up between Andi & her big brother.

I don't own this place, so I'm not going to install whole house air. The truth is, I get my air conditioning in a baggie."

"A baggie?"

"Yeah...weed. Smoke some weed and you won't feel the heat. It'll dry you up. Makes me relax, and everything is more comfortable."


"That's not something I do here on the porch. The neighbors are straight and they'll call the law on me. The Grove City cops are ass holes, but I figure that inside my house - I make more money that any cop here makes - I can do what I want. But not outside, and not this close to kids at a pool."

"Makes sense. Not around the kids."

"I also take my clothes off. There's nothing more relaxing than sitting around nude with my friends, smoking weed, listening to music, drinking's a comfortable life."

Right then I was at a crossroad. I didn't know where this was leading. If he asked me in, ok, but he hadn't asked me in. Hadn't made any type of sexual overture at all, and his conversation was more recital than flirtatious. Then I realized that he was stoned. Stoned on pot. He had his "Rainy Day Woman" and he could care less about a sexual adventure with a young girl on a bicycle. I finished my first beer, and Mike opened a second for me. That day, it was still pretty hot out.

"Are you married?" I asked.

"Not yet. I have a regular girlfriend, but it's tough when you work nights. She works days. Weekends, you'll find us together. Say...why don't you stop back on Saturday afternoon...she'll be here...we can party a little...we'll get you primed for your Saturday night date."

I wished I had a Saturday night date. More probably, I'd end up cruising the bars, listening to rock bands, and drinking beer with my friends. I thanked Mike for his hospitality, I got back on my bike, and I rode home, wondering what it would be like the next time I saw him.

On Saturday afternoon, I told my mother that I was riding to the pool, but of course that didn't happen. After leaning my bike against his porch, I rapped on Mike's door, and I waited. No one answered. I knocked one more time, and I turned to leave. Then the door opened.


A long legged blonde was standing in the doorway wearing a short bathrobe. She was barefoot, about 5'7, a pretty face, thin. I was in my bikini top with my shortest pair of cutoffs, and suddenly speechless.

"Hi...I'm a Mike here? He asked me to come by, and...."

"Sure. Come on in. Mike told me that someone - you must be Sheryl - might stop by to relax with us. We were down in his basement room, could barely hear your knock. Oh, sorry, I'm Sandy."

"Nice to meet you," I said.

"Follow me."

Without further exchange of words, Sandy led me down the basement stairs, toward a room that was closed. She tapped a code tap on the door, opened it, and led me in. My first glance caught two leather loveseat couches, facing each other and spaced by a coffee table. My second glance found a TV with a VCR, huge plants that I now know were marijuana, grow bulbs, electrical cords, and Mike, sitting away at the far end of the room, talking on a cordless phone. When I turned around, Sandy had taken her bathrobe off, and she was laying it across the loveseat. She was completely nude. Sandy had the figure that I always wanted to have, she was so attractive and so nude that, at first, she made me uncomfortable. I tried not to stare.

"Sit down, Sheryl. Relax. I'll get you a beer. Get down with us."

I could hear Mike's telephone conversation from across the room.

"She's here," he said. "She just showed up. Yeah, the young blond I was telling you about. I invited her over to party with us, and she's accepted my invitation. Ok. See you later."

Mike clicked off the phone and walked my way. For the first time, I saw that he was also nude. It had only been three months since I lost my virginity, and as he approached me, with his penis hanging there for me to see, I squirmed a bit. What had I gotten myself into...

Sandy came back through the door with a half dozen fresh Molsens.

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