German High Quality XXX

Anne & George continue their voyage of sexual liberation.

I had a tight black dress and a black cocktail dress and they slutty looking black tube dress. I decided on the tight spaghetti strapped dress that hugged my hips and showed some cleavage.

I was scared and nervous as I started to walk to the door. The doorman smiled and said hello. I walked in, surveyed the room, and walked over to Jackie.

"You made it, you look amazing, my girls might be jealous tonight." Jackie comments.

I smiled and blushed. She ran me thru procedures, rules, and the register.

"You got it and if you need any help ask the bartender or me." She said.

" If you feel uncomfortable, or a guy touches you inappropriately or wants to tip you like one of the strippers, tell me or the bouncer and they will take care of it." She added.

"Nervous." She also said.

"Very nervous and scared." I said.

I started my shift and it was not that crowded so it allowed me to get my feet wet and take away the nervous feeling I had. The crowd picked up and I was bouncing from one side of the room to the other. Guys were pigs and making rude comments and suggestions. They handed my their numbers. I took them and threw them away with the rest of the trash. A few incidents annoyed me; a guy grabbed me, pushed me onto his lap, and wanted to talk. The bouncer quickly took care of him. A few guys grabbed my ass and the same results.

"It happens when its this late at night and all the alcohol they have in them." The bouncer said.

I smiled and thanked him for the good work. I finished my shift and was exhausted. My feet were killing me and back hurt.

"Did you have fun tonight." Jackie asks as she rubbed my shoulders.

"It was fun, a few incidents but that's expected." I replied.

"You like the sexual innuendos, don't ya." She joked.

"A few guys were impressed at your quick wit and come backs to their advances." She added.

I smiled and laughed

"Someone gotta get them excited to see your lovely ladies on stage." I joked back.

I counted my tips and was impressed that I did not spill a drink on anyone and did not screw up the register too bad. I handed all my credit card slips to Jackie and began to count my tips. I made a nice chunk of change for a nights work. I sat and talked to some of the girls there when Jackie came up and handed me an envelope.

"Here's your pay and tips from the credit cards also, so care to join us at breakfast." Jackie says.

"Sure, let me use the ladies room first." I replied.

I walked into the bathroom and did my thing. This girl named Eva walked into the bathroom. She was a striking beauty; she had platinum blond hair, blue eyes, a sweet innocent looking face and great body.
"Aren't guys pigs?" She asked.

"I saw that one guy pull you into his lap." She added.

"It happens, some are nice." I said.

She leaned on the counter top. She was flirting with me. I was shocked.

"Are you joining us for breakfast?" I asked.

"No, I have to get my girl from my sister before she leaves for work." She replied

" old is she, got any pictures?" I asked.

"In my purse, I will show you." Eva commented.

We walked out and chatted for a little while. She showed her pictures of her angel. She handed me her number and address.

"When I'm not working, I get kind of lonely and need some adult conversation, so feel free to call me." Eva said.

She hugged me good-bye and left. We went to breakfast and I paid for everyone. It was the least I could do for how nice they have been to me. I made it home, crawled into bed and fell asleep.

It was a beautiful day out, I made my way over to Mr.

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