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Jemma fulfills her part of the deal.

I try to strain and watch to verify my suspicion but it is just too difficult to tell. I decide to try to call you, knowing you would enjoy hearing me describe what I think I am seeing. Unfortunately, your cell phone goes straight to voicemail. Damn, I think. You probably turned the phone off when we said goodnight, not thinking I might call back.

I notice a beach chair that is a little closer and get up the nerve to move to it. I think that I can look as if I am just moving closer to the water and not to the couple on the beach. As I do so, the couple does not even appear to notice I am closer. After just a few moments, the man rolls over and pulls the woman on top of him. She is plainly riding his cock. There is no mistaking that position. Just watching them makes my pussy very wet.

How I would love to have you here with me on the beach, riding your cock that way. How I wish I could have gotten you on the phone to tell you about it. I am not even attempting to make it seem like I am watching the beach anymore. My eyes are glued to the couple. I can see her head thrown back and her hips move hard and fast on the man below her. The sound of the waves and wind do not allow me to hear them fuck and I really want to. I can see his hands reach up and feel crossed her entire body and watch her hands cover his as they grab her breasts.

I can't stand not hearing anymore and I know that you would encourage me to move closer if you were on the phone. I decide that not only do I want to see better, but that you will be turned on by hearing that I moved up even closer to this couple when I tell you what happened. So, I do so. I move up even closer.

Oh the details I can see now. I can tell she is blonde and he is dark haired. I can see that her legs are spread wide and his hand is rubbing her clit as she fucks him. I can see him grab her hips and fuck up into her periodically. I realize that my hand is slipped under my skirt and my pussy is very wet between my fingers.

Without really realizing it, I move even closer. The couple continues without even showing that they feel me close. That turns me on even more so. The fact that they are so into one another that an intruder is just not in their field of view is amazing.

My nipples are so hard beneath my dress. My pussy throbbing and soaking wet. The two of them stop for a moment. They appear to be taking a break to prolong the orgasm. I imagine the feel of his hard thick cock just slid into her pussy and slide fingers in mine with that thought. They start to move again and I begin to move closer.

I am now only about 8 to 10 feet from the couple. The two of them are looking toward the water rather than the shore. I wonder if that is why they haven't seen me so close but I am so turned on that I don't bother to ponder it too long. I inch myself even closer.

As I lessen the gap between myself and this fucking pair, the woman turns my way and I am sure she looks like a friend of mine. I wouldn't have noticed, but I wanted to see the look of pleasure on her face so badly, I was looking there when she turned toward me. Strangely enough, she turns away not shocked by my closeness at all.

I stop and stand there a bit puzzled. I think had I been caught in this circumstance, I would have done something when I saw an intruder so close. Just as I begin to push the concern out of my head, the man turns to look at me. His eyes meet mine and I am paralyzed for a moment. He smiles at me, a very familiar smile; one which pulls me to him even closer.

He never stops the woman from riding him, or from the moaning/talking that I can hear the closer I get. That turns me on so much. I realize that I am just steps away from the couple when it finally dawns on me why I am so drawn to this man. I walk right over to the couple and stand over them for a moment. Drinking in every single thing in this scene.

The beach, the breeze, the beautiful blonde riding a nice hard cock.

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