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Why do good girls like bad boys?

He said to her "open your mouth". He then forced His cock inside her welcoming lips, and she sucked, long and hard on His cock. He undid the ropes and freed her hands and her ankles and told her to kneel and to wait for Him. As she moved, He then changed His mind, and laid upon the bed and tugged at the leash. His cock was erect and hard and pointing towards the heavens. He ordered her to climb on top, and to ride His cock, to let His cunt feel His cock.

She got on top, and she pressed directly down, and took His cock in His cunt and she slowly raised herself gently above to the edge and then forced herself back down. With every up movement it was slow and tender and with every down movement it was forceful and hard.

Master's cock was extended, and erect and was filling His slut's cunt. He pulled the chain around her nipples to bring her to the point of orgasm. She let out a cry in delight. His balls they ached with pure excitement knowing that His wells of stored up cum were due to explode. He was sweated on the brow, and she was dripping her sweat and He yelled at her "harder slut, ride Master's cock harder!!" He yanked the nipple chain. His blood was rushing, His heart was racing, and He sternly told her "I haven't you to cum you slut!" Your not cuming, until Master tells you to cum, you withhold! I haven't finished using you, and My cunt is going to be sore!"

She rode Master's cock, and she rode harder than before, she withheld the cum that was ready to cum onto her Master's cock. She held it tight. For she knew, that if she released without His command, there would be trouble. The trouble would be deep. She knew she would be denied if she came without Master's order.

Master had a wry smile across His lips. His eyes were in seventh heaven, His cock penetrated His cunt, His slut was on the edge and she was ready to cum. Master said to her "Beg Me slut, beg Me NOW!" She yelled "Master can Your slut please cum now and make her cum fill Your cock? Pleaseeeeee." Master's replied "Cum now for Master, NOW!!!!!!!" On command there was a volcanic reaction as He shot His cum into His cunt and as her juices combined with His, she poured warm, sticky salty juices over Master's cock. She laid there, and she was panting, as she reached new heights of begging Master.

He looked at her and yanked the leash and pulled His slut onto Him. He wrapped His arms around and said "My precious rose, you did extraordinarily well, Master is very pleased". She kissed His neck, her tender lips touched His lips. She whispered "Master, this girl thanks You by allowing her to serve, by being used by You, for the joint needs. This girl is very pleased that she was allowed to be used and to serve the One that she loves". Master held His precious rose in His arms, knowing indeed that the gift that she gave Him and continues to give Him, is the gift of her being. He smiles a very wicked smile and said "girl, clean Master's cock now". She slid down the bed and laid between His crutch, picked up His cock between her hands, and placed Master's cock in her mouth, and licked the joint cum and licked it clean and returned to Master and gave Him a kiss on the lips and said "Master, You are now clean".

Master looked at her and said "My precious rose, you have done extremely well, and now it is your turn to thank Master". She got off the bed and knelt beside Him and lowered her eyes, and said "Master, this girl thanks You".

Master told the girl to get on all fours, that He had not finished with her. He inserted His extended cock into her arse for her arse was His arse after all, for she was His to be used, and to be used hard.

Master gently took His finger and felt His cunt, He massaged her clit, He examined her legs and saw the trickling juices drop down.

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