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His nose enjoyed her smell, his tongue her taste, and his eyes her beauty. Though he was pleasuring her, Cahill intended to enjoy every second of it, even if that meant making her suffer. Even if she begged and pleaded.

Which she did.

A lot.

But her pleas fell on deaf ears. Cahill could not get enough of his mother's beautiful pussy, and he refused to rush things.

When she burst into climax earlier than he'd anticipated, he just pretended not to notice and kept right on going. His mother squirmed wildly, trying to escape the onslaught. But he held her in place, knowing that she would be glad that he did.

His tongue flicked back and forth against her large clitoris and his fingers applied steady pulsating pressure against her G-spot, testing the limits of her senses. Just as he thought he might push things too far, he eased up. His fingers left the spongy area above her opening and swept her womb gently. His tongue moved slowly, lightly, up and down her labia, avoiding the deep red love button. When he felt her Libido settle down a little, he dialed things back up to ten, even though her body was still sending signals that it was overstimulated.

"Oh, oh, fuck, Kay," his mother grunted. Soon enough, though, she lost the ability to form coherent words. Indistinct sounds escaped her throat. "Mmmph, ungh, mmm," she whimpered and moaned as he ran his tongue in circles around her clit.

When at last he allowed his mother the release she craved, she opened up as she had never before. He was almost wiped away by the tidal wave of energy she unleashed.


To Cahill, it seemed that no more than a few hours had gone by since he'd first arrived. But every hour in Faerie was nearly a full day in the Dreaming, so it perhaps shouldn't have surprised him to learn that his younger sister had visited the Shadow Faerie four times while his mother threw him a private welcoming party.

Shortly after his mother had finally dropped the barrier that separated them from the rest of Faerie, Oona had come to her older sister with an idea to address the problem. To inform Caronwyn that the recent trend of Brittany slipping further and further away from them, after having seemed not long ago to be on the verge of waking up, continued unabated.
Apparently, his younger sister had met a guy in the Dreaming, and ever since, had shown less interest in the unnaturally sexy beings that populated her dreams. Had found it harder to believe that they were her true family.

His mother listened patiently. Their best bet at this point, she opined, was to wait until Brittany's new relationship lost that new relationship charm. Only once her ordinary life began to feel less dreamy would Brittany be likely to awaken from it.

But Cahill sensed that she was only saying what she thought she should think. That his mother didn't have the patience to go through with Brittany what she had with him. She needed to believe that she wouldn't have to, that her sister had come up a brilliant idea that would utterly convince the girl of the truth. Even if there was no basis for such a belief.

He didn't really blame her. The prospect of seeing Clan Walker made whole again must have cast a powerful spell over its matriarch. And his aunt's idea wasn't any crazier than anything they'd done with him.

Of course, those hadn't worked either. But Cahill chose not to point that out.

Not only wouldn't his mother have wanted to hear what he had to say, but he had his own selfish reason for wanting her to order the rest of the clan to play along. The others might not appreciate being forced to act out with yet another of Oona's little dramas, but Cahill looked forward to seeing one from the other side. And the idea of performing a naughty version of Alice in Wonderland was just so deliciously perverse.

Apparently, Brittany had a fondness for Disney movies that she ought to have outgrown years ago.

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