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Didn't you, Dear?"

"Yes Sir." The brunette's voice sounded behind her; the woman who held her face in such a rigid pose. In her struggles, Jen hadn't even realized that they were the ones holding her.

"Your actions tonight have proven to me that you don't want to be my bound slave. That you want to be something more ... shall we say ... primal. I can accept that, even if I don't like it."

He leaned in, his brown eyes locking on her with a raptor's stare.

"So we will put you in there, and we shall see what you become."

With that, he took a great handful of her curls and dragged her forward. The two slutslaves released her almost immediately, and with one shove Ethan thrust her across the threshold.

Jen stumbled and fell, onto a floor that was padded.

She turned with a wail to see the door close behind her, Ethan's stare piercing her right until the final sliver of light disappeared as the chamber was sealed.

Hands reached for her in the darkness.

Jen awoke, much later. Her body ached and her mind felt full of ashes. Though she opened her eyes, she could see nothing.

Nor could she move. She'd been bound, hand and foot, her voluptuous form stretched to its limits and then lashed to a St. Andrew's cross.

It was warm in the darkness, and still. The simple silence of it all was in its own way very loud.

She licked her lips, uncertain of what she was supposed to do now.

Images came rushing back to her, and she shuddered at the thought of them. Had those things really happened?

Had they really done such things to her?

Had Ethan knowingly given her to him?

She tried to clear her throat, but found it very dry. Jen licked her lips, trying to clear the taste from her mouth.

Time had no meaning for her. She could have been on the cross for a day or an hour. It was anyone's guess.

Jen didn't even know how long it had been before she'd blacked out. The sheer intensity of what had happened to her had robbed her of perspective; it all appeared to have happened at once.

Strangely, though, she wasn't all that scared by what had happened, now that she was able to take the time to reflect on it.

Her nipples throbbed suddenly, as if parts of her body were coming back to life on their own. She looked down seeking the source of her pain, but could, of course, see nothing. Still, they ached, and carried a weight to them that she'd never felt before.

Had she been pierced?

A sense of horror swept through her.

Piercing, for all its charms on others, was never something she'd thought of for herself.

But now, hanging there in the darkness, unable to move, trying to intuit the state of her own body by sheer willpower alone, her mind began to conclude that perhaps she had been, that perhaps Ethan had let her be so marked.

Jen didn't know what to think at this realization.

He must have known. He'd told her in no uncertain terms that this room was reserved for the willful and the recalcitrant, so he must have known exactly what that program of rehabilitation would have entailed.

But the idea that he would let them do that to her.

She wanted to be angry, she wanted to cry out that it was all so unfair.

But she couldn't.

She was too weary. Every part of her was sore and it seemed even to take energy she didn't have just to hang there in the darkness.

Besides, in her heart, she knew she'd wronged him.

She'd broken the contract.

Tears ran down her cheeks as she let her head fall, losing herself in the stillness to escape the remorse she felt.

It wasn't long before she sank back into darkness.

Sometime later, she didn't know when, Jen woke to the touch of soft hands, washing her face with a cool, damp cloth. She knew at once that this was a woman; the faint scent of lavender told her as much.

She licked her lips hungrily, seeking to quench the terrible thirst that gripped her, and, after a moment was rewarded with the taste of wine against her lips. Just a few drops at first, but then, as she could take more, Jen was given all she could drink.

In her depleted state, she felt the eff

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