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Jacqueline and Leah talk.

After teasing myself for what seemed like an achingly long time, I climbed on top of the folded pillow and ground myself on the soft fabric. Thrusting my hips up and down on it I tried to think of Isak and then of just a stranger but it was you who kept coming to me. First when I closed my eyes I saw your face, then it was your hands as they closed over my breasts and finally your cock as it slowly slipped inside of me. I came then, fucking the pillow and thinking of you.

I slipped back into my robe then and hoped to get some sleep, but in just a few minutes I heard the loudspeakers blaring the call to prayer. Moving to the window I couldn't help but enjoy the sight and sound at that time. Soon the strange chants ended but I remained at the window and watched the sun rise over the unique buildings.

At breakfast Isak was polite, but very quiet. He is hurt because when he offered to turn down my bed yesterday I didn't climb in with him. It was tempting but somehow I just couldn't do it again, even after forcing myself to remember the sight of you and my sister, I just didn't want to do it with him again. To be honest I'm even feeling guilty about being with him the first time.

From the patio here on the roof of the hotel I can see an immense suspension bridge stretching over a river here. I understand that on the other side of the bridge I'll still be in Istanbul, but it will be on the continent of Asia, not Europe. Just beneath the bridge is a tiny island where the entire land area of the island is covered with a three story building.

This building is built of stone and if it were larger it would resemble one of the many castles in the area. Instead, with the rounded, red roof and the tiny spires it looks like a doll house, or a doll castle, if you will. Before Isak started his brooding over my rejection of his advances he told me a story of this doll castle.

It seems that many years ago one of the wealthy landowners in the area had a very beautiful daughter, so beautiful that he worried day and night over her virtue. Apparently he had to travel a lot in his business and since he was unable to bring his daughter with him, he feared that someone might break in and ravage her. Of course, I imagine he probably also worried about the young woman escaping her father's overbearing ways and simply going out and getting in trouble on her own.

Anyway, it was important that his daughter remain chaste since he had a number of inquiries from other wealthy noblemen about the possibility of marrying her and any one of these marriages would automatically be a very profitable merger too. In order to keep his daughter safe, he bought the tiny island and built the building where his daughter and a few female attendants would live. The wealthy father had several boats that ran back and forth to the island carrying provisions, messages and female friends to visit.

The currents around the small island were treacherous and the father kept lookouts at his home on the mainland watching for any boat traffic in the area, so when he finalized a negotiation for her hand in marriage he was confident she was chaste and ready for marriage. It was only when she stepped on the dock after the short boat ride from the island that the father and the prospective husband saw the size of her stomach.

Although the daughter's fianc__ was a religious man he did not believe there was a second immaculate conception so the wedding plans were immediately scrapped. Her father lamented the financial loss but quickly figured out a solution to his daughters surprising pregnancy. He quickly got his advisors together and then advertised a contest, with a huge cash prize.

The contest was a rather simple one, the contestants would start along the shore and the first to safely swim to the island would win the prize and at the same time be forced into marriage to his pregnant daughter.

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