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When Ruth invited me in for coffee after dropping her off, I accepted, not quite knowing what might happen. As we sat in the kitchen talking, she came and sat on my lap and it seemed quite natural to start kissing as if we had been dating for weeks. Being unsure when her Mother would be home, nothing much happened beyond me slipping my hand inside her blouse and discovering Ruth's tits were much plumper than they appeared. I had to leave and as I stood up, Ruth shot out her hand to give my hardening cock a playful squeeze. At that moment it was as if she was letting me know she had me hooked.

The following week, as I dropped her of, she complained that her evening would be boring and asked if I was doing anything later. I had purposefully not made any plans to see my fianc__ that night as I had hoped Ruth might want to continue where we had left off the previous week. I rushed home, showered and had a quick bite to eat before returning to pick her up. Ruth looked completely different, she had changed into a tight fitting pair of white jeans and a stretch top that really showed off her very nice curves and her makeup and hair was a complete transformation from the work image. I was really appreciating what a stunner she could be and maybe why Steve was prepared endure his humiliation.

We went to a country Pub for a couple of drinks. Ruth was fun to talk with and I quite enjoyed the admiring looks she was getting from the other guys.

She wanted to be sure to be back home before 10.30pm when Steve arrived, so we decided to leave and drove to a secluded country park. All the way there, Ruth had her hand on my crotch, gently massaging me to erection. Once we were parked, she wasted no time in leaning over and releasing my cock and giving me a wonderful blow job. I don't know why, but I remember being surprised at how good she was. Just before I was about to shoot my load, I pulled her head back and told her to move to the back seat. There I quickly removed her jeans and g string, pushed up her top to expose those lovely heavy breasts and moved in between her legs and slid my eager cock into her wet cunt.

And so began a regular weekly ritual.

On occasion, I could not help but notice love bites on Ruth's tits, obvious signs that she was active outside of our relationship. I assumed it was Steve, after all they still lived together, and I really had no right to ask. The more I thought about it the more it excited me to think what a slut Ruth was. I also wondered if she had Steve fuck her used pussy when he came home from college. Again, the thought of her being so wanton made me more intrigued with her.

My relationship with my fianc__e ended, she wanted to finalize wedding plans. I wanted to take another job opportunity that had some risk. I also found myself being pulled closer to Ruth and the excitement she brought me. Ruth in turn finally got tired of playing Steve for a fool and kicked him out.

A few months later, Ruth and I moved into a flat together. This gave us plenty of time together for pillow talk. On one such occasion Ruth brought up the topic of cuckolding, a term I was not familiar with. She gave the example of how she had not been able to completely end a relationship with a former boyfriend when she met Steve. Steve was very persistent to date her and so was her former boyfriend. She found herself in these overlapping relationships, each time she met the former boyfriend to clear the air and move on, he persuaded her to let him fuck her, something she found hard to resist. To make things worse, Steve was so desperate to have her; he did not want to object too much in case she decided to stay with the old boyfriend. She did finally make the break with the former boyfriend but not before she became aware of Steve's acceptance of being a cuckold.

I had been listening intently and not noticed how hard my cock had become until Ruth reached over and placed her hand there, gave me a knowing smile and ask

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