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Sales manager gives a lift to a young receptionist.

Her breasts were smaller than most, she knew, but she took a special pride in them. They were delicately shaped like teardrops with soft pink nipples. They were very sensitive and erected too easily. Now they poked up in evidence of her arousal.

He was more resilient than she expected. Slinking over to him, she stood by his side looking up at him. As she placed her soft palm beneath his balls, his eyes slowly closed and he leaned his head back.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" she whispered, kissing his large, round shoulder. His mouth opened and he inhaled a short breath. Already she could feel his cock tremble in her hand. It was heaven as she wrapped her hand around his shaft and gently stroked him up and down. Her hand was soft and warm. Soon he was openly panting from her ministrations.

"You like that, don't you?"

He only nodded and grunted in the affirmative.

"Well then tell me you like it."

It was pure bliss. The warmth began in his balls and soon his felt his entire length consumed in it. His cock spasmed and throbbed from her touch. It wouldn't be long until he came, he knew. He wanted to last longer, keep it in. He wished it could last forever. "I...I...I..."

"Tell me." Her voice became sterner now. No longer the gentle nature it was moments ago, it had returned to its common, straightforward tone. He could only exhale loudly.

Feigning irritation she released him. The furrow on his brow was enough to show his disappointment. He pouted, as if a child and turned to look down at her. She no longer held his gaze, instead examining his body. One hand on his lower chest, the other on his back, she ran her touch down his skin. She stopped as her right rested on his smooth firm ass. With her left hand turned, she grazed the length of his cock with the back of her hand. He stood motionless as she did so and remained that way until she gently gripped the sack of his balls in her hand. Slowly she kneaded his balls, pleased with their texture. Strangely free of hair, they were larger than she was used to and seemed fuller than any others she had encountered. She always felt emotional about a man's balls. They seemed to belie a man's vulnerability. So small and silly looking, it made her chuckle the way a man is so proud of his cock yet ignores, and even hides, his tender round balls. For that reason alone she felt closer to them. On lovers she spent more time with them, paying them extra attention when she found herself between a man's legs sucking him. When she spent the night with a man she would always wake as he slept, crawl beneath the covers and examine them closely without his knowledge. She'd stroke them lovingly, kiss and lick them, even talk to the quietly. She shared a special closeness with a man's balls that he will never know.

With his balls she ran them back and forth between her fingers. He seemed to enjoy that and moaned so she increased her touch from not-so-gently to getting-too-rough. He began to suck in air, as if in pain and put his arm over her shoulder, trying to tug her off. This only made her clench. She warned him that any time he touched her she would do something he didn't like. All that happened today is what she wanted. If he didn't accept that he could walk out the door right now. Without his clothes.

She stood unmoving, her balls tender in her fist, and awaited his response. He only sighed and nodded acceptance. He looks sad, Melissa thought, this might be tougher than I expected. She felt a quick pull of sympathy for the boy but steeled herself for what she knew must be done.

Her fingers pressed between his tightened cheeks and, finding the tight ring of his asshole, gently massaged it.

"There, there now. Be a good boy and just let me take over. Do as I say and you'll be happy. Otherwise you won't like the results."

His breath caught in his throat with these words.

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