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She had no intention of sharing Gabrielle, not anytime soon anyway.

Xena entered her tent swiftly, her eyes sweeping the room for Gabrielle. "There you are," she said, walking slowly over to where the young woman stood. She wondered if her slave was frightened. If she was, Gabrielle wasn't showing it.

Only her breathing gave her away. It was irregular as though her heart must be pounding a mile a minute in her small chest.

"Hello, little one," Xena spoke, her voice sultry. "That little garment looks very beautiful on you... I like it, very much."

Xena glittering blue eyes took in Gabrielle's beauty in the tiny garment,

remembering earlier when her fingers and slipped into Gabrielle's innocent body.

Gabrielle had felt tight, wet, and hot, and she wanted to touch her once again.

"Gabrielle, you do know what is going to happen tonight, do you not? I'm going to take you, so you are completely and totally mine..." Xena explained as she cornered Gabrielle at the back of the tent. "I want to make this as pleasant for you as possible. You aren't going to fight me, are you?"

Gabby swallowed," Yes," she whispered," I know." She wasn't a fool; she knew very well what this woman intended to do. It however didn't mean that she was any less scared or terrified. She didn't want this to happen, yet she remembered Santrina's words about not fighting. Maybe it would be best to just to get it over with?

"N-No, I won't fight," she answered, her voice tiny.

Xena was a little surprised. She expected more of a fight from her sweet little captive, or maybe she had even WANTED one. Xena finally got her wits about her and ordered Gabrielle to go lie down on her robes. In the back of the tent were some sheer drapes where Xena's bed lay. The pallet itself was made up of many soft furs and silken coverlets. "I'll be right there," Xena said, as she turned to get ready for "bed."

Xena's own breathing was a bit ragged as she prepared to go to her robes, but it wasn't from fear. It was from anticipation and excitement of the night to come. She took off her clothing, dropping all of it to the floor. She then stood in her leathers which clung to her flesh like a second skin. Wearing nothing but her knee-high boots and leathers, Xena pulled back the drapes surrounding her robes. She carried a candle in hand, but save for that, the tent was bathed in darkness.

Gabby waited paitently right where she was instructed to; but fear gripped at her stomach. A sickening fear. Why did it have to be like this? She knew the good Xena, not this overbearing one. Gabrielle had really never understood how or why the cruelty was there or where it came from within such a beautiful woman.

Xena set the candle down in a sconce nearby as she stood over her bed,

looking down at Gabrielle. Her little slave was behaving nicely and lying on Xena's robes, looking sexy and sweet all at once. Xena's eyes flashed with sapphire light, thinking of making hot, passionate love to her innocent young slave.

"Gabrielle, I ask all my slaves to remove my leathers and my boots for bed.

Come closer, little one," Xena urged. "I promise not to hurt you, if you are good..."

"And I don't bite, not that hard anyway," Xena chuckled.

Gabby moved carefully and went to Xena to undress her and to remove the leathers and boots, carefully. If she just listened she wouldn't get hurt and maybe she could find out how to get to the good Xena. It wouldn't be that difficult, right? She did as Xena requested and removed all clothing articles from her body.

Xena stood over Gabrielle now, entirely naked. Looking at the young woman kneeling there, Xena's eyes flashed. "Now lie back down on the robes now. I want to teach you how to please me," Xena said softly.

Xena knelt down then on the makeshift pallet, looking into Gabrielle's lovely green eyes. Slowly her hand reached out and caressed Gabrielle's soft cheek,

brushing the long blond hair back from Gabrielle's face. "How old are you,

little one?" Xena wanted to know.

Gabrielle had lay back against the furs and then looked up

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