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Meet Skyler and Duncan.

All Naomi told me was that I was invited to a party. No problem she said, you don't need any and smiled. People started coming in and I got up and walked outside next to the pool. Suddenly, there was Naomi standing there next to me. She said what do you think of my friend? I said what is there to think she is a beautiful lady. Then she said I want you to understand something first about Judy before you start trying to get her in bed. If she likes you then you will be in control of her. Don't give her a reason to dislike you and if the two of you hit it off she will not want you seeing any other women. Just devoting all your time with her. Now can you handle that she asked? Damn, this is like being married then I said. I am not going to rush into anything ok, I will let the ball bounce where it wants to and go from there. Then Naomi told me that Judy wanted me to invite you to the party cause she liked what she saw when she met you.

People were mingling around snacking and drinking. I was outside looking in at them, when all of a sudden someone jumped in the pool and said it is a pool party. They started jumping in the pool with clothes on and everything. The women as well and when they came out one could see everything that they wanted to through the wet clothes. Judy came up to me and asked if I was going to jump in as well. No I replied, not the place nor the time for swimming. She then said ok, we can go swimming after they all leave then if you like how's that? Couldn't wait to see her in a bikini or bathing suit.
Naomi came back outside and said that she was about to leave. I told her jokingly that I had wanted to see her in her bikini go swimming. She said keep on wishing. I looked around and just about everyone had gone. Judy was at the door saying good bye to the last of them. Now I wondered who was going to help her clean up the mess.

Here I am sitting by the pool looking in at Judy thinking what was on her mind. She started walking towards the outside where I was. Reaching around her neck and untying the string that was holding her halter top she let it fall to the floor and kept walking towards me. She said that we are alone now and I am going to take a swim. The moonlight glistening on her breast then she stopped right in front of me and let her shorts fall. There she stood wearing nothing. When I say nothing I mean she didn't have on a stitch, not even panties, thongs or anything. Birthday suit staring right at me and she watched me looking down at her. Then she walks past me and jumps in the pool. Using her index finger beckoning me to come on in. What the heck I said as I undressed down to my underwear and jumped in the pool. Judy swam along side of me and asked why didn't I get fully undressed. It didn't take me long to shed them and the both of us were naked as can be.

Judy came closer to me and pressed her body up against mine. I guess she wanted to see my dick rise in the pool. That it did. She knew what she was doing. Then she disappeared below me and I felt something warm on my hard dick. She was under water sucking on me and playing with my balls. The water felt good and so did her sucking. When she came back up for air she asked me if I like that. Then she asked me if I had ever made love in hot tub or swimming pool. My answer was no. Not knowing that she had a hot tub upstairs. She swam over to the edge and said come with me. We didn't have towels or anything just walked through the house dripping water and when I got upstairs there she sat in the hot tub. Come on in she said as I eased down in the warm tub feeling the soothing sensation.

The only light in the room was from the candles that was spread around the room.

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