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Julie's hospitality to a younger man leads to...

It must have also been turning her on. I suddenly noticed her hand caressing my thigh with her finger tips. I thought it might have just been from her dancing, but she never removed them-I wasn't sure of her intentions, but being very adventurous at that point...and a little intoxicated, I also began caressing her thigh and buttocks. After about a minute of this, she suddenly turned to face me. I tried to move my hand away in fright, but she looked right into my eyes, moved my hand right back under her skirt, then opened her lips and placed them over mine. I closed my eyes, unable to believe what was happening, and allowed her to dart her tongue between my lips. I moved my hand over her panties and placed my palm right over her pussy. They did not cling at all, so I easily slipped my fingers between the cloth and her skin and found her pubic curls moist and her lips very wet. She broke the kiss and closed her eyes, pressing even closer into me. A look of contentment came over her, encouraging me to go farther. It was at that moment that I remembered we were in a crowd of people, but no one had yet to notice. I looked back into her face and moved my fingers farther inside her panties, sliding a finger between her moist lips, and began rubbing furiously.

After only a moment of this, it became clear that there was a man's hand placed on my right buttock-it wasn't moving, but it wasn't going away. I didn't object, but I didn't dare turn around to see who it was in fear of scaring him off, but tightened my buttocks to let him know I was enjoying it. He must have gotten my signal and began caressing my ass through the leather material. My fingers were rubbing hard against the other girl's clit and I sensed she was very near her first orgasm. I rubbed even harder and pressed back against the strange hand rubbing my ass. The girl tried her best to suppress any screams, biting her lips and I felt her hips become very tense and pressing very hard against my hand. Her orgasm lasted about 15 seconds before she finally subsided. I started to pull my hand away, but her eyes opening wide and her thighs squeezing tightly around my fingers, looked at me and whispered "again". She placed one free hand on my hips and pulled me closer, putting her lips to mine again. We french kissed very passionately for a couple minutes, my fingers still lying still on her very wet cunt.

I don't think she was even aware of what was happening behind me at all. The strange hand had now slipped up under my skirt finding my naked buttocks, maybe not aware that I was wearing a thong, I didn't care, if only I could coax him to explore my now wet pussy with his long thick fingers. The hand squeezed each of my cheeks then caressed between my thighs and up against my mound. He rubbed hard against the material of my thong, causing me to grind hard against him, encouraging him to go all the way. I couldn't believe what was happening to me right here in that crowded lounge and no one else was at all aware of our situation.

The girl in front of me parted our kiss, closed her eyes and nuzzled her face in my neck. I started rubbing her again as before, this time sliding my fingers up and down between her lips. The hand behind me had finally ventured underneath my panties, and found my engorged clit and pressed against it, gently sliding a finger slowly over my by-now very soaking box. His incessant rubbing was bringing me very close to orgasm very quickly. Usually, this kind of thing builds up on me gradually, but I was going to cum in only seconds. I pressed my hand hard inside the girls panties and froze, trembling and grasping tightly around the girls hips as I came with such a force I had not felt in a long time, squeezing his fingers between my thighs. He knew I was cumming now and pressed hard against me, letting me calm down before relaxing his grip on me.

The hand moved away suddenly and I thought he had finished.

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