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Jessica is strapped to a table and disciplined.

It occurred to me between bites of brie that if I had misjudged her, I wouldn't have long to regret it. Also on the bright side, I wasn't wearing my shoes or a bra so at least I'd die comfortably.

"Bolton C-35's." She leaned back and unbuttoned her jacket. The twin holsters on her hips were tailored compact semi-automatics. She pulled the clips to release the holsters and set them on the table. "What about your clutch?"

"Veniti compact. It's about the only damn thing that will fit. Would you like a bite?"

She picked a few morsels from the plate while I opened the champagne. On the monitor Julian popped in time with the cork. "My god, does he ever stop?"

"You have no idea. I once saw him fuck his way through a cheerleader squad."

"You're kidding, when?" She said taking the flute I handed her.

"Three months ago. On Thebes. We were there for the Planix Gaming event. He finished fourth."

"And as a victory dance he made you watch?"

"Sort of. He knew I was there, that's for sure. He was disqualified for not showing up. He was on the sixth cheerleader when the announcement came in that he was dropped to fourth place. He didn't seem too phased by it." I answered and sat down on the bed again.

"He is handsome in that spoiled rich kind of way."

"He's an ass. The problem is that he knows it and doesn't care." I took a long pull on the glass and let the liquid magic do its work. In an hour, Julian would be out cold. Until then, the blonde and brunette were going to get him up for a final round. They had just recovered enough to return to the bedroom when we heard a knock at the door. Both of us stiffened and turned our eyes to the camera watching the hall. Waiting outside was a tall man wearing a hotel uniform that was almost the same as Conner's, but it certainly didn't fit the same. Where the busboy was fitted to look unassuming and built for service, the masseuse looked slow and powerful. He wasn't a bodybuilder, but fit enough to look like he spent at least a few hours a week in the hotel gym. He had a cart with a table strapped to it behind him.

"Oh, it's Allistor. I forgot that Derek was on vacation." Her posture stiffened up a bit but tried not to make it obvious.

I finished my glass and poured another before opening the door. "Hi Allistor, come on in." He looked a little taken aback and covered for it by smiling sweetly. I felt a shiver run through me but I blamed it on the ice-cold champagne. When he managed to clear the door and set his cart near the closet, he took in the room. When his eyes met with hers, he smiled again but a bit more broadly.

"Ah, Kat, I should have known you'd be here. Who's your friend?" He asked nodding to me.

"My name's Morgan." I said and took another sip from my flute. I saw her do the same. There was a certain familiarity between the two of them that bordered on cute. He got busy setting up his table and plugged in his cart. Within a minute, the towels were warming and the faintest smell of lavender started to fill the room. I checked the monitors again and saw the light from the bedroom flicker in time to Julian's missionary thrusts.
When I looked back, the table was ready and Allistor was applying a thin sheen of oil to his hands. And Kat seemed to have lost the top two buttons of her blouse. Her generous cleavage was glowing under the lights from the monitors. Damn, she had an awesome pair of tits, but I wasn't about to be outdone. I walked over to the edge of the table and shouldered out of my robe, giving them both a full view of my ass. It also hid the crisscross of scars along my thighs and stomach. I stood there long enough to knock back the champagne and then lay face down on the table. The towels under me were warm and even softer than the ones from the bathroom. There was a respectful moment of silence that I loved, and then I felt Allistor's hands touch me.

He was slow, gentle, and all business.

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