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A friend from work pays me an unexpected visit.



Time seemed to slow for John as the train lurched into the abyss, his heart pounding as his eyes locked on to Dana's terrified face. This wasn't just a trick of the mind though; he'd activated his psychic speed and was now moving many times faster than the scared teenager. She started to stumble back into the driver's cab as the carriage upended, the train going from horizontal to vertical in a matter of seconds. Using a firm grip on the window ledge beside him, he launched himself down the carriage, letting go of his Quantum rifle as he stretched out his arm to grab her.

The redhead's eyes widened as she fell backwards in slow motion, watching John as he rushed towards her in a blur. He soared down through the now-vertical train to catch the falling girl, grabbing her around the waist and watching her suddenly speed up as soon as she touched him.

"Flight mode!" he shouted at her, landing on the wall at the end of carriage.

Holding his other hand palm-upwards at the side of the falling train, he gathered his will and unleashed a wave of force. The telekinetic surge blasted through the side of the train, ripping the entire wall clear of the carriage. Dana only had a split second to activate her Paragon suit's flight mode, but she obeyed him instantly, enabling her armour's flight capabilities. John felt the distinctive tremor through her suit as she activated the thruster on her back and without pausing, hurled her skyward through the huge hole he'd just made in the carriage.

Dana slowed again the second she left his embrace, her face revealing her shock as she was launched up and out of the train. John squatted down then kicked off from the end wall, activating flight mode himself as he leapt off the metal surface. Aiming for the other two girls in the second carriage with him, he caught his falling Quantum rifle as he flew upwards, aiming an outstretched arm through the shoulder strap and letting it swing around onto his back.

Not taking any chances, he grabbed Rachel and Tashana around the waist as he passed them, the shocked girls having enough presence of mind to keep a firm hold of their guns. They matched his accelerated speed as he caught hold of them, then quickly followed his instruction to activate the flight mode on their suits. He threw them clear of the doomed train, which meant there was just one girl left to save.

When John soared into the last carriage, he found Irillith waiting for him. The retro-thruster on her back already glowing as she turned away from the engine, electricity still coursing around her hands. With his left arm hooked to catch her, he aimed his right at the rear wall, pounding it with a telekinetic blast wave that tore it from the carriage. He grabbed Irillith and the pair of them soared out of the falling train.

The ravaged Trankaran transport dropped at a glacial pace, before the front cab plunged into the molten lake, spraying geysers of lava outwards with the tremendous impact. The remaining two carriages collided together with a booming crash, before the vertical train toppled sideways with the horrific squeal of tearing metal and flopped into the bubbling lava. John felt Irillith tremble in his arms, the Maliri girl having watched the entire crash with wide-eyes. She met his gaze for a second, nodding briefly in gratitude for the timely rescue.

As they sailed through the air, John was able to clearly see the full extent of the damage the bridge had sustained. The Kirrix had given up attempting to hit the fast-moving train, especially with John and the girls sniping any Overseers they could see. Instead, the Overseers further ahead of them had demolished what had once been an impressive example of Trankaran architecture with several missile strikes.

At least fifty metres of the bridge had crumbled into the lava, but only a few hundred metres beyond that rift, John could see their destination.

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