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The teens prepare for university.

She is attractive for her age but not as sexy as you are. She tells me her name is Carol. The waiter comes over, and I buy a round of drinks for the two of us. We watch you and David on the dance floor. You are slow dancing with our new friend and smile at me as he grinds himself against you.

A little while later he has his hands behind you holding your ass, and you wink at me. We have really enjoyed our drinks this evening, I think. Luckily we are taking an Uber home.

I make pleasant conversation with Carol. They are from the Buckhead area just north of Atlanta. David is on a business trip, but she has taken a couple "sick days" off to do some shopping. Carol is a high school English teacher. David is an executive from a large regional bank.

You finish your dance and join us back at the table. "Did you have a nice time?" I ask.

You smile, "Of course. David is a wonderful dancer."

We chat for a while and finish our drinks. David asks us if we would like to join them for a nightcap. They are staying in the hotel across the street.

We both have to work tomorrow. "Would you like too?" I ask you.

You respond, "It's totally up to you."

I reply back to David, "OK, but we can't stay long. We both have to be at work early tomorrow."

We walk with them across the street to their hotel. We take the elevator to the top floor. They are in a suite. It is huge and nicely appointed. Your bank bailout dollars at work, I think to myself.

Carol excuses herself and heads into the adjoining room. She is a bit wobbly from the wine she has been drinking.

David goes to a box on the table and removes a bottle of wine, and says "I got this from a vendor today. We might as well drink it, so I don't have to carry it back on the plane."

David pours four glasses of wine, and we continue to talk. I mindlessly begin caressing your leg. I notice that he is watching your legs the entire time.

Carol re-enters the room. She is in a blue silk robe. "I hope you don't mind. That dress was hot, and my shoes were killing me."

"Not at all," you reply.

She sits across from us with her husband. Her legs are crossed, and she reaches for the wine glass in front of her. He robe loosens enough for us to see her tiny breasts. As she leans back on the couch, her legs spread apart and the belt holding her blue robe loosens, she reveals her shaved pink pussy lips.

You whisper into my ear, "You like that, don't you?"

I whisper back, "Of course. I love pussy. You know that."

You bite my ear, "Yes, I certainly know that!" as you reach over to my pants to feel my ever-hardening cock.

Carol notices your action, and to not be outdone, strokes the growing bulge in her husband's pants. David closes his eyes and says in a loud whisper, "Darling, keep that up, and we will have to give these folks a show."

Carol smiles at us and then leans over to kiss her husband deeply with her tongue. We watch as she unbuckles his belt and slowly unzips his pants and pulls them down slightly. He is wearing boxers, and he is very erect already. Impressive after all we have had to drink this evening. We continue to watch as she pulls both his pants and boxers off so that his cock stands vertically like a flagpole. She rubs it with her hand, up and down as he sighs and smiles; his eyes are still shut. Carol is looking at us, or maybe just you.

She moves her long blond hair back so we can see her face as she leans over to suck her husband's cock. She is looking right at us.

I unzip my pants and pull my cock free. You pump it slowly as we continue to watch the couple across from us. David now takes his hand and placing it on Carol's ass to pull her robe up, and begins to finger her pussy from behind.

You are captivated. So am I.

I unbutton your blouse and slip it off your shoulders. I then undo your bra. You let both articles fall off your shoulders behind you. I lean over and begin to suck on your nipples; biting them lightly with my teeth. You moan.

Carol has now taken David's

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