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Sissy brought out by Stepmother.

This pushed my wife's dress higher and Lindsey finished it off by pushing it up around her waist.

I moved over to sit on the arm of the couch to get a better angle for what was about to happen next.

Lindsey ran her hands up Anne's inner thigh until she reached the juncture between her legs, then with two fingers on each side of her slit she spread my wife's pussy open.

Lindsey looked at the camera and said, "Leonard, your wife has a beautiful little cunt," then she licked her lips before continuing. "Mmmm... I bet it taste delicious too."

Lindsey leaned forward and her tongue ran the length of Anne's slit, when she reached the clitoris, she stopped to nibble and flick at it a few times.

"Oh, yeah, Lindsey, lick me baby, lick me," Anne moaned. With one hand, she began fumbling with Marcus' shorts trying to undo them and get them off. She growled in frustration when she couldn't manage to get to his naked cock.

Marcus laughed at her eagerness, and asked, "Would you like some help with that, hon?"

Anne grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him to her, their lips met and her tongue plowed into his mouth. It was a short, but intense kiss and when she pulled away slightly, she growled, "Strip, get them off... get them off now!"

As Marcus stood up to follow Anne's instructions, Anne placed both her hands on the back of Lindsey's head and pulled her closer to her cunt. Anne was panting and moaning as she ground her wet pussy against the other woman's licking and thrusting tongue. She never took her eyes off Marcus though, wanting to watch as every inch of skin on her big black stud was exposed.

Marcus didn't disappoint either as he took his time undressing, exposing his wash board abs and large pecks. He hesitated when his hand reached his belt. He was enjoying watching his fianc__ eat out my wife's pussy and loved seeing the building hunger that was radiating from Anne's eyes. Finally, he undid the belt, button and zipper of his shorts. The base of his shaft was revealed as the shorts came down, but then hung up and he had to push them past the massive head of his long hard cock. His large dick sprang upwards as his shorts pooled at his feet and he stepped out.

I didn't know whose gasp was louder, mine or Anne's. It was the largest piece of man meat I had ever seen, even catching a glimpse through the leg of his shorts hadn't prepared me for the sheer size of his massive cock. It stood out from his body a good eleven inches and was as thick as a grown man's wrist, with the head a bit bigger. It was truly an impressive sight that even I couldn't help drooling a bit over.

"Oh... my... God." Anne gasped as she stared at his bobbing hunk of cockmeat. She licked her lips and I swear she was salivating as she reached out and took hold of his dick - which she couldn't wrap her hand completely around - and pulled him onto the couch towards her.

I kept the camera on the action panning back and forth between Lindsey's face buried in my wife's pussy and then back to Anne who was licking up and down Marcus' shaft and head. I didn't think there would be much chance of Anne truly sucking on that monster, but my girl is always full of surprises. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and slowly began to pusher her mouth onto his cock.

Watching all of this unfold, I couldn't take it any longer. My own cock was straining to tightly against my shorts, I had to get them off. Too my credit, I was able to do so without the camera jerking too much. when my cock found freedom, it was like instant relief and I slowly stroked myself as I watched the action.

Lindsey was looking up as she continued to lick and suck Anne's twat. Her eyes were huge though as she watched in amazement as Anne slowly slid her lips over the head of Marcus' big black penis.

I had to wonder if that was something tiny Lindsey was ever able to accomplish. For that matter, how was she even able to take her fianc__s cock in her pussy without being split in two.

I was in awe as well as I watched the two of them.

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