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A student learns her psych class is an Easy A.

I focus my gaze on the fabric shadow caused by the ridge of its swollen head, knowing that this most sensitive region will soon be caressed and what that means.

Another reason that briefs are great for this is the portal on the front, designed for urination but I don't know anybody who uses it, it being easier to simply stretch the elastic band underneath to pee. I use it for these sessions though. It takes some doing, given the size and position of my cock and my desire to tease it some more by withholding my hand. I stretch the portal away from my body and open it. Now I get my first glimpse of the purple glory of that swelling head, shiny with taut expectation. The veined throbbing shaft. And the coarse black hairs that surround it like nourishing underbrush. It's always a very exciting moment to me, this initial glimpse, still darkened somewhat by the shadow of the underwear still surrounding it.

And ohhhh, the smell of my manhood that now envelops my senses, as if an intentional strategy for the cock to take control of what happens next: solipsistic semi-intellectual admiration giving way to carnal animal desire and a quick stroke-off. It almost succeeds. But the human animal has remarkable powers of reflection and I maintain enough composure to slip the cock through the portal with minimal friction. Now the surprisingly tight portal squeezes the base of my cock almost like a cock ring causing even more expansion. Now the cock is fully illuminated and I'm in complete thrall of the feedback loop mentioned before and the cock and my delight grow to new heights as I admire it. Still no manipulation, my slow languid hip thrusts and sphincter tightening causes the attitude of my erect penis to show me a new angle. The cock throbs and twitches with expectation.

A clear drop of glistening pre-come has been oozing forth throughout this presentation, and its slow drip down the head and onto the floor leaving a viscous trace back to its source forces me to prepare for closer inspection. I remove the briefs and position some cushions on the floor directly in front of the mirror, so I may sit with feet on the wall astride the edges of the mirror, back against a pile of immovable cushions. I'm now able to reach and see both my anal opening as well as my raging erection from its underside.

My face is much closer to my cock now, its scent is now stronger. It looks even larger from this closer perspective. How I wish I could suck on it. But I can taste my pre-come, it fulfills an oral need but only faintly tastes like the scent I eagerly breathe in. I also choose this time to begin some tentative manipulation of the cleft on the underside of the head. I'm instantly rewarded with waves of pleasure that not unexpectedly exceed the high levels achieved so far without my hand. Thus, another feedback loop beginning where the sight of the tip of my index finger slowly moving up and down the cleft seems to direct the next motion as well as the tempo quite involuntarily.

Moving my feet away from the wall and putting them sole-to-sole with my legs in the air seems to complete another nervous pathway that unbelievably heightens the feeling as the blood flow to the midsection is simultaneously increased. Can it swell even bigger? It seems so as my neck crooks to raise my head to survey the whole scene both in the mirror and in front of it. I increase my level of sexual abandon now by beginning to trace around my anal opening with the other index finger. How does this taste? Also like sex. My hips begin to thrust involuntarily as I simultaneously caress these most central zones of erotic bliss.

I reach for the short, rather slender latex penetration device. Only a light lubrication is necessary. As it slips in, a sense of the other takes hold, this delight in penetration. Can this be an approximation? The thought seems attractive. I don't need to thrust it in and out, the feeling of being filled is enough, combined with my still insistent finger contact around the rim.

I realize it wo

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