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Daughters friend provides needed relief.

Ashley fought to break the hold and get the hell upstairs, but it was no use. During the struggle, she lost her grip on the blanket and it fell to the ground. "Oh baby you're just full of surprises tonight," hissed her mother, admiring Ashley in her black nightie.

Casey reached her hands out and traced her fingers down the front of the silk nightie, grazing over Ashley's breasts. Ashley took a step back and screamed, "Don't fucking touch me!" Her mother simply laughed like an evil witch, then slapped her hard across the face, then grabbed her firmly by the throat. Ashley's hands instinctively shot up to her mothers to try to loosen her grip. "That's no way to talk to your mother you ungrateful bitch," scorned Casey. "Now you listen and you listen good. You'll do exactly what I say or I swear to God I'm going to beat the shit out of you. Understand?" Ashley nodded quickly.. anything to get some air. Casey released her throat, then gave her daughter time to inhale in some oxygen.

Casey walked around Ashley, taking in every inch of her beauty, then settled in behind her. She slipped the left strap of her nightie off of Ashley's shoulder, then the right, allowing it to fall to the ground in a small silky pile. How sexy her daughter was dressed in that teddy and body stocking seemed to turn Casey on even more, if that was even humanly possible. "Mmmmmmmmm, baby. I love nylon." As she slowly slid her hand up her daughter's thigh, she continued, "The feel, the look, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, sooooooo sexy."

She snuggled in tight against her daughter, pressing against Ashley's ass, and slid her hands around to her stomach, then slowly up her body. The higher her hands got, the quicker Ashley's breathing got. Casey licked up Ashley's neck until her mouth was right next to her daughter's ear, as her hands slid up higher. "Baby, your heart is pounding," she whispered as her hands slid up over her daughter's firm young breasts. To the soft music, she slowly started grinding against Ashley, molding herself to her daughter's figure. Ashley was trying desperately to block out the sound and feel of her mother sliding back and forth against her ass. "Mmmmmmm, you get me so hot," she moaned, as her hands firmly massaged Ashley's breasts. She pinched her nipples with her thumbs and index fingers while her palms cupped the bottom of her heaving tits. Ashley couldn't block everything out any longer, and tears began to flow. Through her sobbing, she pleaded, "Please, mom. Please just let me go." She then slowly turned in her mother's arms so she was facing her, their tits pressed together. She begged again, "Please mom?" Casey released her hands from behind Ashley's back, and that gave her the opportunity she needed. She punched her mom as hard as she could, which knocked her back onto the couch, then she ran upstairs to her room where she searched for anything to keep that lockless door shut.

The punch didn't even seem to effect Casey, and soon she found her way up the stairs.

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