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Brother and sister find love while rooming together.

He has great lips, and is a very good kisser. It was the sweetest kiss I think I had ever experienced, and he is 20th guy I've slept with. I've had my fair share, and his kiss made me feel so warm and safe. I could feel his hands begin to roam my body as my hands began to roam his.

I felt a little apprehensive so I pushed him away a little. I realized how bitchy that must have seen so I pulled him in to begin kissing again as I lay on his right arm and his left hand began exploring me. My nipples were immediately erect with his first stroke, and I was extremely wet.

I couldn't help but moan softly into his mouth as he kissed me and I felt him fondle my tits. I wanted his cock in my mouth, so I started rubbing his cock through his pants and I pulled away from our kiss. I looked at him and stared into his blue eyes as I began to undo his pants. I hate belts, but he was wearing one, such a nuisance. He seemed a bit surprised but went along with it.

Pulling his pants down, I teasingly played with his cock over his boxers, and then I slowly took it out. It was, NO LIE, massive. Almost 9 inches, I would guess, I'm not embellishing (it STILL hurts when we have sex). It truly is massive and I looked at it greedily. It was so beautiful and smooth, with a soft pink head, I wanted it in me so bad, but I had to prove my game. I take pride in my dick sucking abilities, because I personally think I am amazing. He has been with 27 women, me his 27th, and he still admits that I give some of the best head he has ever received.

I licked it just to get a taste. I tongued the head of his cock to taste the pre-cum and it was sweet. I smiled up at him and I started to go to work. I licked the length of his cock with my soft pink tongue and then in one quick movement took the entirety of his cock into my mouth. I tried hard to make him moan aloud, because I think that is hot. I started sucking his cock faster and faster while using my tongue in a circular motion. My left hand was fondling his balls while my right hand beated away at this cock in unison with my mouth. I would occasionally look up to see if he was enjoying it, and he had his eyes closed; he was breathing heavily.

It was so hot to see CJ enjoy my dick sucking abilities. I loved his cock, I wanted him to start bucking his hips but he seemed tame. I kept going faster and faster for about 10 minutes and I just wanted to taste his cum, then all of a sudden I felt him grab me by the shoulders and push me over onto my back. He stroked my hair softly and smiled at me then started working on my tits. Teasing and nibbling on them while his hand moved to my smooth shaved pussy. I was so wet, and I had a feeling he wasn't surprised at how wet I was.

CJ moved his head slowly down my body to my pussy where I could feel his warm breath and he kissed the insides of my thighs, and then attacked my clit with his tongue. He ate my pussy soooo good. I could not stop moaning, but I knew I had to be quiet. Worried he tried to "shh..." me, but he knows better now. I got even louder as his tongue and fingers moved faster. OOhhh.... Fuck.... CJ... Yes... baby fucking suck my pussy! I kept moaning into a pillow, it was amazing... my breathing was heavy and all I wanted was to feel his massive cock inside me. He ate pussy well, but how did he fuck? I needed to know.

I told him to put on a condom and just fuck me as hard as he could.

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