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This was some new toy that I had not seen before. "I ordered this over the internet," she said. "I hope that you enjoy this as mush as I do."

Laying aside the harness she took the double dong in her right hand and inserted one head into her pussy. "Um, it's nice, firm but soft and flexible. Feel's just like a big hard cock," She said, as she reached around with her left hand to feel my cock. "Um just alike," she said as I felt her squeeze my shaft and watched her squeeze the shaft of the dildo. She slid her hand up and down the shaft of both, giving me a slow hand job as she seemed to be doing the same to herself. Her right hand slid to the end of the false cock and her fingers played with the head while her left hand did the same to me. Next she took firm hold of the dildo and slowly started to fuck herself with it. "Nice and slow just the way I like it," she said. At this she very slowly stroked my cock up and down with the same rhythm with which she fucked herself.

After several minutes of this she removed her hand from my cock and pulled the rod from her vagina. The cock glistened with her juices. Reversing the dong she inserted the other end into her cunt. Then she unbuckled the strap of the gag and lifted my head with her hand. Her left hand slid down to my balls and gently squeezed them while she lifted my head till my lips met the dildo. "Lick it," she said. "Lick all my juices from it. Lick the shaft the way you like me to lick you."

I smelled her pussy on the dong and wanted to taste her so badly, I lifted my lips to it and licked. She released my head and gripped the dildo with her hand. I tasted her on it and ran my tongue up its length. She moved my head a little to make me lick the sides of the shaft. Then she made me kiss and lick up the underside till she brought the tip to my lips. "Now suck it," she demanded. "Suck all my juices from it. Take it in your mouth and suck it the way you like me to suck you."

The pressure on my balls increased as she made clear what she would do if I didn't do as she wished. I opened my mouth and sucked in the dildo. It felt firm and soft at the same time as she had said. I tasted her juices on the thing but little else. It had no plastic or rubber taste at all. Moving herself back and forth she made me suck up and down the length of her make belief dick. I nearly gagged as the thick shaft filled my mouth.

She held the dildo with one hand, half of it buried in her cunt, half sticking out like a man's cock. Her left hand released my balls and guided my head as she made me suck off her faux cock. "That's right, be my little cockcucker for me," She said. "Don't you love of feel of a big cock in your mouth. Doesn't it feel wonderful to have it fill your mouth with its sensuous firmness. Suck hard on it, use your tongue and cheeks the way I do on your cock. Think about all the things you like me to do when I suck you off. Now's your change to show what a real expert cocksucker can do."

She made me suck on her for minutes. She reminded me of all the things I had asked her to do with her mouth when she went down on me. Then she stopped and slowly pulled the double dick from her cunt, but not from my mouth. She held it there with at least 4" of cock filling my mouth and she picked up the leather harness and attached it to the dong. She pulled the harness behind my head and buckled it tight. I could only moan as this huge double ended cock?gag filled my mouth.

"Do you know what's nice about this dong?" she asked. "Not only does it feel like a real cock, but it comes with two harnesses; one as a gag and one as a strap on. Also I can fix then harnesses anywhere along the length of the shaft. That means I can have 4" in your mouth and 10" for me to play with like now, or make you take in 6" and still have 8" for myself. Or of course use it as a strap on and put six inches in my cunt and fuck you with eight. Do you think you'd like 8" of hard cock in your mouth or your ass?"

I shook my head, which caused to dildo sticking out of my

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