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She & Jim teach cousin Jenna how to please a cock.


If she means it, she doesn't seem to be doing much to stop him. I listen to my wife gurgling on about him not flooding her cunt with his goo while apparently thrusting back onto his cock, long moans coming out of them both.

"I'm sorry," he sobs, those words telling me exactly what's happening. "I'm coming," he adds, confirming the awful truth.

"Me too," Moira whines, her voice high-pitched and squealing. "For God's sake, don't stop fucking. I don't care if you fuck a baby in there, just keep on shoving me full of that cock."

I couldn't help but let out a sob of my own, spunk splashing against the cubicle wall.

The boy gasps out, "Shit, what was that? There's someone in here with us," he adds, fear hissing from him.

My wife says nothing at all in response, just lets out a moan as her orgasm cools.

Fuck," the boy mutters when the door to their cubicle creaks open. "Where are you going?" he asks.

Again, there's no response from my wife, and a few seconds later I hear the shuck of the main door.

When I get back to the table after wiping myself clean and washing my hands, no sound at all coming from where he's hiding away, Moira looks at me as cool as you like. "Finish your steak, dear," she tells me.

And, like the good boy I am, I do as I'm told, knowing I won't say a word about the other man's cum she's carrying inside her when we get home.

Before the Holiday:

"I've been looking at porn," Monica breathes.

There's no need to ask what kind. I know my wife's tastes.

"Have you?" I say with a chuckle.

Her eyes shine with inner excitement as she sucks on her lower lip and gives me the innocent look, which still works despite her being forty-nine years old.

Monica nods and says, "Yes."

To which I reply, while trying to ignore her bare breasts, "And I suppose you've been wanking?"

She sighs, boobs doing that little jiggle which always raises my cock. "With my biggest, blackest dildo," she purrs. Monica's eyes tease me while she hefts her big tits and teases teats that are long and thick with arousal. "I'm creamy," she adds, head canted to one side, looking at me.

"And horny?"

Monica's cheeks balloon as she blows out a lungful of air, need cracking her tone when she replies. "So fucking horny ... I want you to fuck me."

I play along with her game, although I'm already hard and yearning to sink into my wife up to my balls. "Show me what you were doing," I growl, resisting the urge to yank out my cock and start tugging.

"I can't do that!" Monica says, eyes going wide as she pretends to be appalled at the suggestion.

"But I want to see it. I want to watch."

"Really?" she asks on a low moan as she squirms around and slips a hand down between her legs.

I make a comment about the geometrically precise triangle down there. "You've trimmed your bush; it looks gorgeous like that."

Monica glances down, thrusting her pelvis forward, chin on chest as she examines herself. She splays her labia, holding the meaty petals apart, the oversized nub of her clit catching my focus.

"I really am so fucking horny," my wife breathes, diddling her bean.

"Then show me what you were doing." I tell her again, "I want to watch," because I know that's what she wants me to say.

"You do?" she replies, big eyes fixed on my face while feigning reluctance.

"Play the game, too," I say to my wife. "Make it dirty. Coming home to you like this has given me a raging hard-on. I'm in the mood for it as filthy as you can make it, Monica. It's the holiday soon..."

"I know," Monica breathes, gulping down on whatever it is she's feeling. "I can't wait."

And I know she can't wait, that's the reason she met me at the door stark naked. That's why she's been looking at smut and fucking herself with one of her dildos.

"You go and get started," I tell her. "I'll come upstairs in a second or two."

I watch her buttocks tremble as she hip-sways away, desire for my wife bubbling up.

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