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Introducing a girl named Mix & her brother Nico.

I only have a high school diploma and for the last two years I worked at a temping agency." She bit into her lip, again.

"Would you leave your lip alone, for god's sake. What did it ever do except sit there and tease me seductively?"

Hope shook her head and gawked at him. He was just too much.

"You can type?"




"Answer the phone?"

Hope rolled her eyes. "No, normally I just let it ring. I mean what if the person on the other end actually wants to talk to me."

"Well at least you have a sense of humor."

"I wasn't being funny." Hope deadpanned.

"You're hired." Gavin said at exactly the same time that the elevator car started moving.

"I'm hired? Really?" Hope asked as she followed Gavin into his office. His legs were longer than hers and she had to walk a little faster to keep up; but damn if she didn't mind being behind him. He had one hellavan ass. He's your boss, idgit, so no looking at his butt. Well maybe one more peek.

"Yup, you're my new assistant." Gavin held the door open for her, smiling down into her sparkling eyes. "I'm not the easiest person to work for. I mood swing enough to make any hormonal woman proud. No offense." He added.

"None taken."

"I'm not a nine to fiver. It's my business and I make my own hours, however, unless your out on errands, I expect to be able to find you here during those times." Then he added, "If I need you, though, outside of those hours I expect you to come." Gavin laughed inwardly at his choice double innuendo, if he had his way he would be putting that to the test.

Hope nodded, "I understand."

"Good. This is your office." It was nothing more than a desk in an outer room. Some well chosen prints of the surrounding city lined the walls but the desk was bare of any personal objects, making Hope assume that his last assistant had all ready removed them.

"I'm through that door," Gavin said, pointing behind her desk to a door. "Down the hall is a conference room, more offices of other people that work for me and a little kitchen area. Dress is casual. Want to have dinner?"

She'd been nodding her head vigorously as he spoke so that the proposal was inevitably excepted with a nod. "Wait, what?"

"To late you already accepted." Gavin smirked, but seeing the distress and slight terror in her eyes made him add, "To celebrate your new job and my new assistant, that way it's tax deductible."

"Oh, um, yes...okay." What's the harm, Hope thought.

Some five hours later, after half a day of trying to figure out what the hell she was doing, Hope knocked shyly on Gavin's door. His gruff "enter" made her hand twitch as it turned the knob. She took a deep breath and poked her head into his office, "I'm all finished up out here, is there anything else you need me to do before I leave?"

Gavin had his head on his desk, fiercely rubbing his forehead back and forth against the mahogany. He had just gotten off the phone with his brother, something that always gave him a headache. No matter how far he tried to distant himself from his family they always seemed to draw him back in. Gavin belonged to one of the five clans of werewolves that lived in the Reno territories. His blood brother, and pack brother, had just called to inform him that a new queen was being promoted and that his presence was mandatory at the ceremony. As much as he had wanted to tell Jake that Lucas, wolf-king, could kiss his ass, he didn't for fear of the repercussions. Lucas had one hell of a temper.

He didn't say anything and the rough way he was abusing his flesh made Hope cringe. "Gavin, what's wrong?" She made her way farther into the office, no longer shy and unsure but distressed. Something in her wanted to comfort the man in front of her, a man she hadn't known for more than a day, but who seemed to tug at her insides.

"Oh, nothing much. Just have to attend a party that I'm not looking forward to at all."

Well that threw Hope for a loop.

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