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Caitlin has a fun surprise for Kiera.

Kimmie crumpled against the shower wall, her face pressing against it and water streaming over her convulsing body.

Just when Kimmie thought she may pass out, the intensity of her climax began to fade, and she felt her cousin's fingers slip out of her openings. She shivered against the wall, her ass sticking out obscenely as she struggled to recover enough strength to stand upright again.

Once the fog began to clear in Kimmie's rattled mind, she began to hear voices coming from behind her. She pressed her hands to the wall, pushing herself up slowly and turned her head to see who was speaking.

She saw Bree standing where she had been, directly behind her, but now Paige had joined them, and was giggling with and fondling her big sister. The two girls seemed oblivious to their cousin's presence for the moment, and started kissing tenderly as their hands roamed over each other's dripping bodies.

Paige eventually pulled back and smiled at her cousin. "Come here, Kimmie." she said. She wrapped the younger girl in her arms. Kimmie was already trembling, eager for more love making, and her lips melded eagerly with her cousin's.

"Excuse me, girls, but I think I should have a turn with Kimberly now, don't you?"

The three girls turned to see Lilian standing outside the shower door, wearing nothing but a thin silk robe. She slipped it over her shoulders, revealing her naked body, and a large strap on dildo fastened to her hips.

Kimmie's eyes bulged when she saw the large toy pointing up at her. Her aunt climbed into the shower, and her cousins stepped aside.

"Aunty Lil... It's so... big!" Kimmie breathed, staring at the rubber phallus bobbing between her aunt's legs.

"Can you manage it, Dear?" Lilian asked.

Kimmie nodded slowly, her eyes still fixated on the rigid device. Her aunt stepped forward, scooping the girl up in her arms and kissing her passionately.

Kimmie groaned, returning the kiss with enthusiasm. Her aunt was so sexy, and she loved how the older woman took control. She was pushed back against the shower wall again, her lips still glued to Lilian's.

The strap on rubbed enticingly against Kimmie's stomach as the two women made out. Her pussy dripped with arousal, anticipating the toy's invasion. She wrapped her arms around Lilian's neck, pulling her harder into their kiss.

Spurred on by her niece's eagerness, Lilian reached under the girl's thighs, grabbing her ass and lifting her off the ground. Kimmie squealed excitedly, and wrapped her legs around Lilian's waist. She felt the head of her aunt's shaft pressing into her wet pussy, and groaned as she felt herself being lowered onto the thick phallus.

Paige and Breanna were too absorbed in each other to pay much attention to their mother and cousin. Leaning against the opposite wall of the shower, the girls were kissing hungrily, their bodies plastered against each other.

Bree once again had the bottle of body wash, and was squirting the liquid liberally over their slippery bodies. The girls giggled into each other's lips, soaping each other thoroughly with their eager hands.

Their skin slipped and slid as they rubbed against each other, the soap coating their excited flesh. They struggled to grip each other's soapy asses, their fingers slipping in the frictionless suds.

Paige brought her hand between her sister's thighs, cupping her juicy pussy in her palm. The older girl groaned, pressing herself down against Paige's exploring fingers.

"Fuck, Sis... You know just how to touch me..." she breathed, before plunging her tongue back into Paige's steamy lips. She ground herself down as her sister fingered her oozing pussy.

Lilian now had her niece fully impaled on her rubber cock, and was working the girl up and down the rigid shaft. Kimmie whimpered into her aunt's mouth as she felt herself being stretched over the thick dildo.

Pussy juice coated the strap on as it slid in and out of Kimmie's cunt. She undulated her hips desperately, pushing herself down harder as her aunt thrusted deeper.

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