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Heroic duo of a white mother and her asian step-son.

Suddenly relying on him seemed like a very bad idea. I didn't know if I could be here like this and still keep control of myself. I was going to let something slip and destroy all the ease we had created.

I didn't have time to get rid of my erection in a good way, and I wanted to get back to Matt now that we were making progress on a friendship. That was too important right now for anything else to get in the way, and I was just going to have to keep telling myself that. I splashed a little cold water on little Aaron in the hope it would keep him under control for the time being, and then went back to the living room to spend the most pleasant evening I had had in a long time with my new friend. We laughed at silly movies and it was just comfortable all night, and any time I had other thoughts I concentrated on why we were in this situation in the first place and that stopped them.

It was quite late when our director rang, and I felt bad for wishing that we wouldn't have to go back to work just yet so I could revel in having Matt all to myself, no matter what the reasons for wanting that were. I put him on speaker so we could both talk and listen.

"How are you doing?"

"Okay. It was the people outside my flat that really freaked me out. I'm not happy about any of this, but the least they could do is leave me alone."

"I've had quite a few calls asking for you. I haven't told them where you are, and frankly I think it's worth you keeping a low profile until this blows over. I'm not worried about the play, I just think you need some time. I've also torn your agent a new hole for doing this in the first place."

"My ex-agent. I fired him."

"Glad to hear it. If it weren't that it would drag everything out for you I'd sue him too."

"I'd rather forget about it."

"Fair enough. Anyhow, we've had rehearsals without you two today, and for starters I wanted to say that everyone sends their best wishes, and no-one thinks any different of you, okay?"

"I appreciate that." Didn't know if I believed it, but it was still a nice thing to say.

"We are going to keep at the group rehearsals for the rest of this week. If it's okay with you and Matt, I reckon the best thing is for you to do the same there. Most of your scenes are with him anyway, and then next Monday we'll run through the whole thing all together, before the writer comes on Tuesday. Have you got a script there?"

Matt confirmed he did. Private rehearsals with him for the rest of the week sounded fantastic. Including the one thing we had not rehearsed so far, the kiss. Would it be good or bad that we were alone for that? As much as I had hated the dancing part, the kissing bit was seeming increasingly like a good idea.

"That's it then guys. I'll see you Monday. Any problems, give me a call."

We went to bed not long after that, separately of course, although I was acutely aware that Matt was only in the next room. I was still scared about what would happen about the newspaper article, but I was also unable to stop thinking about what was happening and what I wanted. It had taken about three days for me to stop seeing the negative in Matt, because he had shown me everything else he had in him. If it weren't for the emotional trauma I had been through I'd probably be yet another of the guys throwing myself at his feet and begging for more. And yet I knew that wasn't going to work, and I wasn't sure that anything would. Could he let anyone in to his life even further than he already had?

I couldn't stop myself from stroking my cock as I thought about the day I had spent with him.

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