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Did he force her?"

"No he didn't force her. If he had I would have probably killed the son-of-a-bitch. He had that damn stud in his tongue. Britney loves oral, more than anyone I've ever seen. I knew her fricken panties got wet as soon as she saw it, but I never... I...I still can't believe it, Bruce. I saw it with my own eyes and I still can't fucking believe it."

"I'm sorry my friend, I'm truly sorry. She did have quite a lot to drink."

"That's no excuse, Bruce. She wasn't that drunk, she was sober enough to be enjoying herself."

"Maybe he slipped something into her drink, you know, like a date rape drug or something."

I hadn't even thought of anything like that. I sure wouldn't have put it past the scum-bag, but how would I know? And...

"Why would he bring a date rape drug to a cookout? I mean, he had his girl there. You yourself said she was a little fox. No, I don't buy it, Bruce. I wish I did but it just doesn't make sense. The first thing Britney did after seeing that stud in his tongue was ask me to get one too. I blew it off of course, but I think she was more serious than I thought. No, the booze probably played a part, but I think she just had to know what it felt like. She probably made some comment and he, being the sleazebag he is, saw his chance and pounced on it."

Bruce had nothing to say to that so we sat in silence for another few minutes before he spoke again.

"When I saw you leave I sent Cathy over to the house to check on Britney, I hope that's alright."

"Yeah, I don't care. She was on the floor in the garage, crying when I left."

"Do you know what you're going to do?"

"Not a clue," I told him. "I'm still not thinking straight yet." I had to take a deep breath. "Damn it, Bruce, I just can't believe she'd do something like this. What the hell was she thinking? She knows damn well I won't stand for anything like that; trust, loyalty, that's what makes a marriage, when it's lost the marriage is over, she knows that as well as I do."

"Taylor, look you said yourself you're not thinking clearly right now. Don't go making any decisions yet. I know this is bad but it's nothing that can't be fixed. Take some time, listen to her side of the story, maybe go for counseling, I'm sure you guys can work things out."

"Yeah? I wouldn't be so sure," I grumbled.

Again we sat nursing our beers in silence for a while until Bruce convinced me to go home. When we walked in I could see through the living room and into the kitchen. Cathy and Britney were sitting at the table with a couple of coffee cups in front of them. My fallen wife was facing our way and looked up when she heard us. She was a mess, her eyes were red and puffy from crying, her cheeks were stained from the tears, and her whole face looked swollen.

It had been four hours since I caught them together, I thought I was over my rage but seeing her again brought it right back to the surface. I still couldn't talk to her, not yet.

"I'm going upstairs and take a shower," I told Bruce. "Maybe I can wash some of this anger off."

"Okay, old buddy, I'll stay down here with the girls, but..." he hesitated. "Look man, you've got to talk to her. You two are to good together to let this break you up, don't let that happen, please."

"Bruce right now I don't know what's going to happen. I'm not promising anything."

I went up to our bedroom and closed the door. I wouldn't normally do that. I wasn't afraid of Cathy or Bruce coming up, they'd never do that knowing I was taking a shower, it was a way of still closing myself off from Britney. I didn't want her up there while I was getting undressed. Of course it was mostly symbolic. All she had to do was open the damn thing if she wanted to come in. I thought about that as I sat on the bed to take my socks off. She was my wife and I didn't want her in the room as I undressed. I think that's when I realized just how much trouble our marriage was really in.

For the first time since seeing them together, I felt something besides anger.

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