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A female scientist starts having transformation episodes.

"Wow, you're a *big* girl down there, if you know what I mean," Love remarked as she took the dick out of her mouth.

"Yeah, I know."

"Well, I think I can handle you though. Don't worry. You won't hurt me, and everything will be OK, alright?" Love posed with a smile and a gentle giggle.

"OK. Just lemme know if I'm hurting you."

Love then quickly took 4 inches of cock back into her mouth, slobbering and moaning contentedly. She took the time to work her tongue around the huge dick and change the pressure she was sucking at as she worked her mouth up and down.

"Yeah...that feels so g-good...please don't stop...don't hurt me like that," said Marilyn, nearly brought to tears by the sensations she felt. She leaned heavily against the counter as she laid her head back, closed her eyes, and tried to cope with the sensations shooting from her cock. She reached under her shirt and started to paw at her breasts as she felt that warm, wet, tight mouth bring her to a full erection and slip another two inches inside, caressing every inch with care. She felt hands stroking the rest of her cock outside of the mouth, and she opened her eyes and looked down to see Love working her mouth with lust-filled eyes and a smiling mouth. Marilyn stroked her hair in loving appreciation with one hand as she felt the strokes on her cock get longer and longer and deeper and deeper. When she felt a pair of hands grab onto the base of her cock as another two inches were sunk down Love's throat, her hands went limp, not thinking that someone could make her feel this good. Too lost in her sensations to cum, she reached up her hands and brushed them by a pair of huge tits attached to the woman sucking her off. While one hand continue up to grab and maul at her own breast, the other lingered down there, reached in the tube dress and started rubbing on a breasts, feeling the hard nipple and bumpy areola. Just then, her hand went limp as she felt one very powerful suck that would have made her cum if she didn't lose herself in the feeling in the first place.

Love then grabbed on tight to the three inches of the massive member not exposed, then slipped the rest out of her throat. She took a deep breath, now being able to breathe clearly without a dick in her mouth, and said coquettishly, "so, you wanna play some more, huh?"

"Yeah, I think I'd like that."

"Why don't we switch places? I'd like to just lay back and have my nipples bit and my pussy eaten. Besides, if you do a good job, I have some fun for us," she said breathlessly with a wink and an incandescent smile.

Marilyn practically jumped off the counter and made room for her new friend, who immediately jumped up and sat on the counter. She then turned and faced her to hug her tight and kiss her hard, their tongues dueling in each other's mouth. She grinded her chest against her friends, then disengaged so that her hands could fully explore the large mammaries in front of her. As she roughly mauled them through the dress, she felt Love press her chest against her hands, her tits oozing out between the fingers. Marilyn then grabbed the part of the dress over her breasts and pulled it down to her waist, exposing what she was checking out before. The boobs were very large, as expected, with a slight sag to them, topped with milk chocolate areola, bumpy all around, and erect half-inch nipples.

"Mmm...looks like someone stuck chocolate kisses on your chest," Marilyn said to her new lover.

"Well, chocolate kisses just begged to be sucked and bit, right?"


"Well suck on them for me, baby," she said with a smile. "Bite my nipples."

Marilyn then took Love's left breast in her hand and tentatively kissed at a nipple.

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